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Nice walk. Mostly flat & paved. Very peaceful! Easy workout. Nice views from the dam. I saw a couple deer last time I was there ❤️

Too many mountain bikers flying through narrow trail areas! Not great! The first mile is paved & wide but the deeper u go the more crazy it gets, especially when mountain bikers come at u without warning. Not all of them. Some have bells which I appreciate but some just come down around a blind curve & it’s up to u to get out of the way or else! There are curvy narrow parts of the trail that seem extremely dangerous with all of that going on. I saw some people with kids & I thought... “No Way!”

Gorgeous views the whole time. Would recommend counter clockwise

It's very shady and easy for all types of hikers, all ages. ❤

Hiked this trail today 12/23/18. Very easy and beautiful with light traffic with friendly and courteous mountain bikers and trail runners. Tried my best not to get my feet wet but no luck ha! The waterfall way flowing pretty good at the dam.

It was a really good hike, loved it. beautiful scenery

1 month ago

Super chill loop around Lake Hollywood. The fencing around the lake are not appealing but the views when you get to the bridge are nice. Cool to see the Hollywood sign with a lake in front of it. As easy as it gets so fun to take anyone along.

this was a relatively easy hike not a lot of elevation change and some interesting structures on the way up there and we came to Brown Mountain Dam and there was still quite a bit of water saw a couple of salamanders also overall a nice hike

Turned on Weldon Way and parked on the side of the road about a mile away from the Michael Antonovich sign next to a shooting range. Not sure if it was legal but no one gave me trouble. It had just rained so it was pretty muddy so beware and be careful! I would say the first 3 miles is relatively kid friendly if they are familiar with incline. I saw bike and dog tracks in the mud so I’m sure they frequent this trail often. It was my first time doing this trail and I would definitely go again! Great views.

on Lake Hollywood Trail

2 months ago

Very ugly view. All you are looking at for the most part is barb wire....not inspiring. If you want to walk on sand and stare at barb wire in direct heat, this trail is for you.

This is a very nice, easy hike with picturesque scenery. Don't be discouraged by the stretch of paved road leading to a more natural, multi-terrain trail featuring sand, decomposed granite, dirt, rocks, boulders, California coastal vegetation and many easy stream crossings along the length of the hike to the USFS dam. There is a nearly unnoticeable incline to the dam. AllTrails reports an 8.2 mi round-trip hike to the dam and back, but my GPS recorded 4.8 mi to the dam (9.6 mi total), with short excursions off the trail for pictures and to allow the dog to play in the stream). The trail forks off several times and offers picnic areas and a couple walk-in campgrounds. There is a small parking lot adjacent to a residential neighborhood that was full at 6:30AM, but street parking in the neighborhood appears to be allowed, at least on weekends. Very shaded early in the morning with longer stretches of open sun late morning heading back to the trailhead. There were very few hikers and bikers early in the morning. Heading back, around 9:00AM, the number of trail users probably tripled--bikers, hikers, runners, USFS on horseback.

I loved it! Very calm a relaxing!!

2 months ago

Nice hike with friends. Saw a couple deer and a few turtles

The Ferndell loop was a great start to a great day of hiking! Got to see different wildlife and little streams. Great for kids, pets, etc. and you might even spot a celebrity along the way!

3 months ago

Nice long trail, would rate this one as moderate not hard. The parking is free unless you pass the stop sign (be sure to fully stop or you’ll get ticketed) and it’s a brief uphill walk to the trailhead. The initial portion is fairly easy with some incline. The trail the takes you down through a Topanga Canyon neighborhood (just a few houses) which is interesting (saw an abandoned car on the trail). Once you get through the neighborhood, the incline begins on a fire road and is steady for about a mile and a half. You can then continue on for just a bit to relax/detour at Eagle Rock at the top. From there we took the descent into Garapito trail which is further down in the canyon and mostly covered. It’s a single track and well maintained. Our group got stung by wasps which hurt like a mother, must’ve hit a nest or something. Watch for poison oak, we passed it a few places on the Garapito. The trail will dump you out into a fire road where you then continue on an incline up towards the parking lot. I drank about 2 liters. Part of the trail is exposed so be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen. Took us about 4.5 hours with a 15 min break and clocked in a little over 9 miles. Great views, long hike but fun!


Creds- Have AllTrails Pro so know on correct path, mileage and time at any point (GPS excellent).

Free designated parking at trailhead.

Started at 11:am since temps now cooler (less than 80F). Went counter clockwise. Trail starts to go into canyon with 2 miles, so don’t be fooled by Trail names such as ‘road’ on map. ~85% on trails (not fire roads or neighborhoods). The neighborhood walk portion was less than 1 mi and was a house here and there-few houses are really away from civilization.

There was one slightly steep section going down, but walkable. Uphill on way back not significant- recommend going counter clockwise. Breeze entire route. Lots of shaded areas but definitely need hat and 2 liters of water.

Entire trail great condition. Never had to sit / use hands going down or up. Never had to duck under trees. Lots of views. Lots of dead/ dried out flora- from drought? Fauna - family of quails, lizards, 1 small garden snake. Saw ~8 hikers.

Great hike!

3 months ago

Definitely a walking trail that has many turns anf will make you want to sprint to see what’s at the end of the path. You can see the Hollywood sign, but unfortunately the trail doesn’t lead to it.

Basically a flat walk on a paved utility road. But - pretty mountain and lake scenery, nice vibe. Good walk for single females wanting to be safe, there are plenty of people around, including park rangers. There is an additional trail to the east that branches off near the southern end of the lake and goes up to Mulholland Drive if you want more of a workout.

One of the first hikes I’ve done in L.A. Love the observatory so this easy hike is a given. At night you get the full E.T. View from near the top. At the bottom during the day you can stop at Trails cafe. Great spot to take visitors from out of town.

A good workout. Some nice views, but a large portion of the hike is in the canyons and among the brush with no vistas. The last few miles are punishing in the summer heat—seemingly airless ravines followed by an uphill march up a roasting hot fire road. Bring a lot of water and a wide brimmed hat.

Easy hike with good incline. Love this hike up to the observatory for sunset

Not too exciting, other than being close to the Hollywood sign.

Came early in the middle of the week and was able to find parking pretty easily on Ferndell. Beginning of the hike was nicely shaded, but the majority of the trail up to Griffith Observatory was not. Pretty much a steady incline up to the top, but great views from the observatory and bathrooms at the top! Was a breeze to go back down the hill. Able to see the Hollywood sign and on nice days able to see downtown LA.

Beautiful views, and I saw at least 5 different bird species, but I don't appreciate how brief and crowded the hike is. Getting to the observatory at the top is a treat, though.

5 months ago

This is good of you want to try out your bike ( your kids) or do. A run in a close but safe area :) and it’s off to other trials but this is a gated trails it’s still a nice hike they have restrooms half way /threw along with water (nice picture backgrounds on the bridge ;) of LA when leaving depends if you got out going upwards you go right under the Hollywood sign / good hiking area too (

Was a great hike they have these little water creek spots that the kids (toddlers) will love turtles frogs and birds so they won’t get bord , comforts of pine smells :)

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