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mountain biking
17 days ago

Great place for a family bike ride, well maintained and little people.

Fantastic trails, will be back to ride here again!

25 days ago

Thinking back to June when REI had an event here to help repair the trail. There is so much damage from horses & just unkept areas. There are no blazes & in some areas it's hard to see where it connects. There are some arrows painted on the pavement to direct you in a couple of spots. There were just to many places that the entrance you had to duck down to walk through the next 2 miles or so. You had to walk out in the open, over paved areas & grassy fields all unmarked. there are a lot of hills & muddy area where you have to straddle each side of the dirt to walk through. All of these things made for not a good hike.

This is a great trail with many fun spots and lovely trees. It is not well marked. We had to use GPS with the app to find our way and that wasn't always correct. I wouldn't go if it has rained in the last three days as there are many muddy trails in shady areas. We went many days after a rain and we had to straddle some parts. There are many places along the route with water for refilling bottles.

1 month ago

Love the tail.

on Two Towers

off road driving
1 month ago

Great Jeep trail for enjoying Colorado scenery. Trails are not rock crawl worthy by any means, but there are a few challenging spots. This was a weekday trek with very light ATV traffic, but based on the trail ruts this is probably a high traffic area on the weekends considering its proximity to CO Springs. 2014 JKU Oscar Mike 2-1/2” lift, ran 25 psi and in 4 low for bit just to keep the speed down and ease for the steeper grades. Nice old structures to experience on one part. Nice Forest Service trail map board and maps for the taking if they didn’t run out. Recommend stand alone GPS unit as cell service is spotty at best. I used a Tom Tom which had all trails properly identified. Overall awesome trail for moderate off-roading and great scenery.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Loved it. Nice prairie scenery. Very flat, which I like for biking. Great for a little family adventure. We started at the Goddard park. It has an awesome splash pad.

Agree with previous comments regarding how horse traffic has ruined the trails for runners and hikers. Very narrow paths and lots of uphill/downhill trench straddling due to muddy conditions. Only saw 3 others besides our group yesterday and no horses. If you tire, there isn’t any place to rest. I’ll be back, though when the weather is cooler.

Trail Condition:
A few muddy spots, and fallen trees

Equestrians destroying the paths, not well marked trails during road crossings, damn connection trail is marked with No Trespassing sign.

Overall it was a fun trail. Not as hard as most people make it sound but for Kansas its a good trail. My favorite section was the uphill grade on the west side of the dam.

Did the whole 8+ mile hike. The trail is trashed by the horse traffic. I mean dung and destroyed sections of the trail. That's a pretty big deal considering that the width of the trail is tiny. On first time hiking I saw close to a dozen horse riders that made me to believe that this is not for human/dog traffic. Plus, no scenery what so ever and I'm never coming back.

2 months ago

Very easy and pleasant trail. I would give five stars if there were trash bins at least occasionally to place waste in. Very clean despite the lack of them though!

Could be a fabulous trail for a good day hike, but horse traffic when the trail is wet has done a lot of damage. If it has rained in the past few days the trail is almost impassable with mud due to damage from horse traffic. Trail could also use some signage at several locations to keep hikers on course.

This trail is also used by horses. Hoof markings were not too bad through this trail. Make sure to spray for ticks. Went in 90 degree weather, plenty of shade through out. Open areas and covered tree areas. Where there is no trail the grass is lightly mowed. Markers are orange for one trail, blue for the other.

An amazing trek! These trails will really make you enjoy the wilderness. Plenty of creeks and seasonal streams, the meadows are breath taking, and the peaks are inspiring. Though we only saw 1, these trails are frequented by deer and elk, as evidenced by the tracks that we followed almost the entire way. The only signs of civilization come once you hit the 4x4 roads and some of the camp sites attached to them. It was peaceful, it was tough, it was worth every step!

We walked the roads around the lake (the trails were pretty muddy). The hills were a good challenge and the scenery was peaceful!

4 months ago

Good smooth well maintained concrete path. Got a path that leads down to the river and you can enjoy some of the sandy river bank. Great for dogs.

Nice trail. It was quiet and peaceful and not so far from my home.

Fairly challenging with LOTS of hills. Good workout on a pretty, wooded trail.

Decent little park with some good photo opportunities. I drove over an hour to get here and you pay a $5 entry fee so I didn’t feel it was quite worth it. However it was completely dead and I ran into no one for 3 hours which is nice for me because I like to let my dogs run around and go crazy.

We just came back from a two mile walk around this very nice 9 mile loop! This is easily the biggest body of water in the area, and the trails are so easy. Everything is clearly marked, and we even saw a runner with his dog at the start of the Boy Scout trail :-)

This is a very trafficked area, so don't expect a lot of privacy. We went on a Sunday at noon hoping to beat crowds and only saw a few friendly people. The further you go away from the mass of trails (and just follow the lake loop) the less people you see--but this is February. I couldn't imagine a quiet space in June or July.

This is still a great place to enjoy the water and beautiful trees!

I thought the orange trail was a great trail. It was easy and ended up being a 6 mile loop, beginning to end. It was very, very well marked. It had a few water crossings and other water features like a pond and view of Melvern Lake. It had quite a few interesting photo ops, too. I went during the winter so vegetation and bugs were not an issue. There are quite a few open spaces so a windy day might be a challenge if your not used to the windy prairie life. There were lots of Read Tail Hawks soaring looking for dinner! Loved it and will be back to go the 10 mile blue trail soon!

off road driving
7 months ago

This is an awesome trail! I have a 2017 stock Jeep Unlimited Wrangler. The trail was not an issue. The top was closed for the winter but it was a fantastic drive with amazing views.

great trail with hills

off road driving
9 months ago

the gate was closed and this was still one of the best views i've ever seen. we were there at sunset and it was unbelievable. couple fun obstacles to mess around on if you choose to do so, totally avoidable if not. if you'd like to see a video of the run i have one up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!


Lots of mountain bikes some are rude, no animal life saw only a crow. Nothing has been done to bring back trees since the 1996 fire. Poorly maintained by the state. If want to hike you better go somewhere else.

We started at the Four Mile trail head.
We hiked about 7 miles total taking Salt Creek Trail. We saw a clearing in the trees to a beautiful view of what we believe was Marmot peak then turned around. That much of the trail took us a little less than 4 hours but if we had more time we would have liked to go to the top of Buffalo Peaks.
We went on Labor Day weekend and the leaves were already beginning to make their fall color changes... for the colors alone I'd go again!!! It's very wooded trees everyone very cool on a summer day, lots of shade and not steep at all!

11 months ago

Well maintained trail with nice views.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Enjoyed the trail

mountain biking
Monday, July 31, 2017

First timer, not well marked but s great loop!

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