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Great, steep hike. Our hike measured 4.3 miles round trip. Beware the stickers that will puncture your clothes and dig themselves into you skin. Spent an hour pulling them out with tweezers. But the gorgeous views made it worth it.

21 hours ago

The trail is a hard hill trail. Great views and fantastic wild life and information along the trail.

Good workout but way better for mountain biking. Watch out for the dirt bikers and oil-dalions who take their guns out there to shoot. Seen a police chase out there because some dalions were shooting towards a busy street. No wildlife when I went. It is an okay quick get away from Bakersfield stress.

Not bad. Steep, boring start but a nice little loop on the back side.

1 day ago

Parking across the salmon colored house is a good idea and just follow the bike trail for under 1/5 of a mile and you will find the trail to the falls. The waterfalls are a nice and peaceful sight.

3 days ago

Great place to catch the sunrise.

3 days ago

Great training or exercise hike. It does get busy, but the more the merrier. The view of Tucson from the top is amazing.

Easy and not so long Trail
Beautiful day on december
Superb trees and cristal water

4 days ago

Great hike, waterfall, view of the river nearly the entire time. There's a small path off to the right, coming in, maybe a quarter or half of the way in, and it leads to a great view on some large rocks. You have to duck a little to walk through the path. Hope you find it.

4 days ago

Shapes of big rocks are very unique.

The view at the end was worth the hike! Coming back down can be a little challenging to the joints for those that aren’t expert hikers. Watch for snakes and Mt.Lions if you’re hiking away from the trails in other places close to the main trail towards the falls.

one of my favorites! never disappoints. water makes it such a gorgeous trail. good for summer (if appropriately prepared with water, hat, and sunscreen!!) or winter.

Just a little strenuous and good views. Usually not too crowded.

This is a great, short hike. It loses a star, however, because it’s too convenient and often crowded.

Loved the trail. New to the hiking scene in Tucson but could completed this trail in 3ish hours. Like all the other reviews said, keep going till you see a sign that says this is the end of the trail ! All the sweat is worth it ;)

The waterfall was so beautiful and peaceful! Definitely going to come back :)

Really nice. At some high points you can see the bay (or coast?). We took the Skyline Trail most of the way up then crossed over to Lake Maria road on way down since it was pretty steep and slippery on way up. Going down was easy on the road.

6 days ago

Quick, but steep- a good workout you can do in about an hour or so. I always go at night for the (almost!) 360 city lights scenery. Around this time of year (early winter, late fall) there’s a lot of people around 5-7 pm even though it’ll be pitch dark.

The hike was beautiful. I brought my dog and there were tons of ticks on him. This is definitely an intermediate hike. The way back was a bit of a challenge since it’s mostly uphill but the views made it worth it.

7 days ago

Some really nice moments on this trail. Starts with a climb that tops out quickly with some great views all around before heading into the canyon. Shady section near the springs with huge old cottonwoods is really beautiful. Overall, though, as other reviewers have noted, it felt like there wasn't really a destination, just a point where hiking over the rocks has worn you out and you decide to turn around. Feet took a beating on this one, even with boots...very rocky.

7 days ago

Great trail on the Northeast side of Tucson, ascending up into Pima Canyon. The trail was very narrow at times as trees, grass and vegetation grow onto the trail (yes, trees!)

Didn’t see much wildlife although I know there is a lot around. Beautiful day, mid 60’s and bright sunshine. Trail was heavily travelled, we saw lots of people.

This was an intense hike! Gorgeous views! I’m assuming hiking sticks are suggested to alleviate some of the leg strain. Don’t discount the altitude gain, I was certainly very winded on the way up by mile 2. Keep all trails map handy, met a few others who’d wandered off trail like we had. In total, our out and back was 10.8miles :) very easy to keep walking and miss the actual trail. Took us less than half the time to go back down-which I didn’t find difficult. Trail is rocky and overgrown. I suggest sleeves/gloves, pants or socks. I slid my hand on a few cactus. Bring tweezers!

8 days ago

Great place for hiking, biking etc. Highly recommend to those who want a good hike within San Jose without commuting.

One of the better hikes in the bay area. Great views, isolation, wildlife, moderate hiking.

Very challenging hike but the view at the top is worth it.

hey Sean, you didn't mess up on the recording, that's where u slid down the peak after that ice ledge gave out.. 1 mile airtime lol

I loved the trail. The drive up to the trailhead provides an easy and direct way to get there.. (It’s also beautiful) ..

The parking lot is very large and provides trash bins if you need them. The trail is very easy to follow, wide at the beginning but narrows to a single file trail the further back you go. I would recommend going counterclockwise in the trail. I wanted to get a perspective view of the town of Las Cruces, so I took a very narrow, rocky and steep trail up to a point that I could climb up further and take some photos. Well worth it but could be treacherous on the way down if you aren’t in good physical shape or have had injuries.

Would recommend to bring lots of water as I went on a relatively cooler day (20C) and was still hot. Thankfully, I had plenty of water.

I would also recommend to go early in the morning. I got there at about 07:30 and didn’t see a soul from the time I got there until the time I left. It was very quiet with the occasional passing of a bird. Wear long pants if it’s cool, lots of stuff to poke and scrape you!

I highly recommend this relatively easy hike for anybody, views are exceptional! (And free!!)

Great place to getting some trail running in. Sort of narrow in some parts and people like to ride their horses in the area so be careful.

Beautiful trail run. Starts and ends on paved road and middle section is off road trails. I sort of jog/ walked it with a day pack in 2.5 hours, with little stopping. Some steep hills and moderate terrain, but overall a beautiful trail with a variety of scenery and terrain. Don’t underestimate or go unprepared because it’s a long and tough 9 miles.

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