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Only made it to Mills Lake, but it was beautiful. The weather can still be incredibly cold in the morning, but warms up significantly during the day. The trail conditions were a little sketchy at parts if you're not wearing crampons or snowshoes, but it's doable. Just prepare to sink into some soft spots. Especially once you get to the higher elevations.

Only went as far as Mills Lake, but we hope to go farther next time. This hike is amazing. We saw bighorn sheep on the mountaintops above us, so don't forget to look up while you're there.

I got to the trailhead about 11am on a Monday (04/16) and only crossed paths with a handful of people. I loved that the trail offered areas of dense tree coverage, enormous boulders and rock walls, and views of the creek from above and at ground level. There were only a few icy spots left.
*I used this app to pull up directions on Google Maps however it directed me to turn too soon at a place where there was no actual turn. So, if you use google maps drive past where it tells you to make the final turn, go right at the fork and you'll find the sign for the parking lot on your right about .5 mile from where Google told you to turn.*

Hiked yesterday. Packed snow and ice along the trail, but was able to do it in just hiking boots. Trail is pretty poorly marked so you definitely have to pay attention. Some scrambling toward the end of the trail. Views at the top are GORGEOUS!

One of our favorites, and doesn't require having to go through the national park to get to the trail head. Loved the scramble at the top, and the windy views are worth it. Would not recommend this trail of you have small children that do not like scrambling.

6 days ago

My wife and I just moved to Colorado and are trying to embrace the outdoor culture. We weren't huge hikers back on the East coast. However I have loved every hike I have taken in Colorado because of the grandeur of the mountains. Kruger Rock was no exception! What a fantastic hike with amazing views! It wasn't too difficult but was challenging enough to give us a workout. The only downside was the icy and slushy areas at this time of year that made one a little hesitant on certain parts. However we made it and it was well worth it. My wife didn't do the rock scramble at the end bc she was too tired but I did and I'm glad I did! Our dog loved it and loved all the smells! I would do it again but maybe once the snow is so gone. Do it!

9 days ago

Beautiful trail!

11 days ago

4/9- beautiful hike. Still some snow and ice in areas. We put on spikes after about a quarter mile and only needed them in some spots but were glad to have them! An easy walk through the woods. Mostly flat. The river goes along side the trail the whole way. The forest reminded me of hikes I’ve done in the PNW. A very peaceful setting. Saw lots of moose and bear tracks.

This is not a "bang for your buck" kind of hike, like the big name hikes out of the main RMNP east entrance. I ran into several tourists near the entrance who seemed disappointed with the hike. Instead this is a hike for solitude and being in the wilderness. Really nice water features along the hike and pristine woodland. If you need some peace and quiet then this is your hike.

We clocked 8.25 miles accounting for the extra 2 miles (1 each way) due to the winter parking lot as well as some wandering around the falls. we had snowshoes but never used them, however I suggest having them right now just in case. The waterfalls will be a lot more exciting in a month or so.

15 days ago

This is a wonderful hike. It is easy to find and offers amazing views from the summit.

I started from the Long's Peak Ranger Station parking lot. It is easily accessible from Highway 7. The road were plowed, paved and easily accessible.

We started later in the day, around 1 pm. That was probably a mistake because the snow was a bit messy and slushy due to the warm weather. The trail to Long's Peak and Chasm Lake was fairly busy, we saw 5 groups going in both directions over the first half mile. We saw only one group on the trail once we turned North toward the Cone. This was a nice surprise to see the trail nearly empty.

The trail is well packed and easy to hike in micro spikes. Snowshoes were not necessary. The snow was not very deep and potholing was not an issue. The initial 2 miles of the hike are rolling hills with relatively little elevation gain. It was a very laid back hike. The final 1.2 miles is where the majority of the elevation gain comes from. Once you cross Storm Pass Trail you are on the final .7 miles of ascent. The snow is very sloppy here and you could see areas where people slid 5 to 6 feet through the slush. The trail is very steep here and very slick. Also, follow the cairns. I got a little lost because a set of foot prints that looked like the trail lead to a dead end. I used my GPS to find my way back to the trail.

It may be getting to be a little late in the snow season to attempt this trail. Know if you are comfortable hiking on steep slick terrain. The snow is beginning to melt and there were small trails of melted water that made the trail even messier. There were marks in the snow from what looked like falls by other hikers. The descent was difficult and I did fall one time, though I was not hurt.

The view is one of the best in Colorado because you can see the entire continental divide as it winds through Rocky Mountain National Park. It is pretty amazing and humbling. Long's Peak is definitely the highlight of the view, but the whole thing is pretty amazing.

on Estes Cone Trail

15 days ago

Memorial Day weekend 2017. Icy in spots toward the top, slippery in spots. Nice view of Longs Peak from the summit.

It's certainly pretty, but this has to be one of the worst marked Trails I've ever seen. I got lost multiple times. I don't even know if I ever made it to the job. Very frustrating.

19 days ago

Great hike to do with my 10yr old son. Great views of Estes Park!

Fun hike with my son! Need spikes when coming down towards the top because it is slushy and snow packed in areas.

Trailhead parking is on the road. The trail gets hard to find a out .8 miles in. Nice overall hike, a few spots on the way up would have been nice to have micro spikes. By 10am the snow was starting to melt and it created some challenges coming down without solid footing.

20 days ago

Lovely, easy hike 3/31/18. No need for snow spikes; slushy and icy just a bit. Nice opens views throughout the hike. Beautiful views at the top.

Nice quiet trail with great views at the top. Snowshoes not needed as the trail was almost all packed snow, but I was very happy I brought my micro spikes. There were some rogue snowshoe tracks a bit after the sign saying 0.7 miles to the top, right as you start to really gain elevation up the cone, but I was able to find the trail easily with the many cairns. Took me 3 hours round trip.

23 days ago

really nice view

25 days ago

(3/26) Good hike. Excellent views from the summit. The trail gets a bit lost near the top, but if you look for the carins you can find your way. Traction not necessary but could be helpful as some spots are slick. We made it up without too much trouble in hiking shoes/tennis shoes. Very do-able for the whole family (ages 10 and up). My Garmin clocked this at a bit over 4 miles out and back from trail head.

3-25-18 Little Gem outside the park. Suggest an early start as there isn’t much parking along the road, trailhead just before Lilly Lake TH.
Nice rolling climb, scramble last 200 ft or so. Bring traction, parts in shade still covered with snow, makes it a more enjoyable trek.

26 days ago

Some snowy patches but very few, was a beautiful view, was difficult at times!!

26 days ago

Feb 25 2018 - Beautiful morning snowshoeing adventure. Great forest coverage throughout, with some sporadic views of the St Vrain valley that you're trekking through. It was snowy enough to require snowshoes. The frozen cascades are pretty spectacular. You do have to walk about a mile to the trailhead in the winter from the open parking lot, which is a bit of a bummer. [3.8/5]

nice trail. many icy spots this time of year. Be sure to wear spikes.

Gorgeous snowy hike/walk on March 20. It took me longer than expected but it was so peaceful and I only saw one other person the whole time. So it was well worth the drive. Very majestic. Highly recommend it.

1 month ago

NEED microspikes to scramble too top but worth it for 360 mountain views. Also, Garmin pedometer clocked at 5.5 miles.

1 month ago

We hiked from the Longs Peak ranger station to the peak and back.

Snowshoes were handy, as some people in our group didn’t have them and were up to their hips in the recent snow. I didn’t bring spikes however, and the snowshoes were tough on the icy/rocky bits; just my boots didn’t grip well as there was a lot of hard packed icy snow.

That being said, if I’d had the right gear, I would have enjoyed the last mile up/down a lot more. Due to the snow and ice, it took about 6 hours.

The views were beautiful, though, even before we got to the top. Highly recommend if you have the right gear with you.

1 month ago

Hiked 3/15/18: There was some snow in very small patches, no need for microspikes or crampons. Such beautiful views. Easier than moderate. I hope to return in spring /summer.

1 month ago

Hiked up here with my dad about a year and a half ago, and what a great hike it was! We started on the Longs Peak Trailhead and stayed on it for the first half mile, then took the Estes Cone trail the rest of the way past Eugenia Mine and Storm Pass. The trail was in great condition from the trailhead to Storm Pass. After Storm Pass the trail became a bit hard to follow, but there were many cairns along the way, which were a big help. After passing through a nice coniferous and birch forest, the views really began to abound on the way up to Storm Pass. Once we got to the summit, they were even better. The only difficult part was the last half mile, which gained about 600 feet of elevation. Can't wait to return to the area!

Nice hike.

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