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Overcrowded and hard to park so we parked in the overflow lot on Arbor Vista Dr. There were decent bathrooms but unfortunately no toilet paper to be found. Nice paved wide trails... so the crowds were tolerable. The unpaved trails were very muddy so we didn't attempt any. The bike trails were closed. All in all a nice easy Sunday evening walk but next time I'd go earlier to beat the crowds.

overcrowded but nice walk. Seems more like easy instead of moderate. Beautiful scenery.

This was kind of a bust. Just a paved trail, that a lot of it is closed off. Traffic was pretty heavy on a Saturday, mid-day. I did see a pretty big bobcat in the brush, near the lake. Plenty of trash and dog turds on and next to the trail. Many, many middle aged people, stuffed into spandex who think they're Lance Armstrong.

My boyfriend and I have been running these trails for about a year-and-a-half. They offer excellent incline and decline options but I would definitely recommend upgraded trail running shoes for some of the soft trails rated as medium. The topography can't be beat and the streams are amazing. Our dog can't get enough of it! Concrete trails are heavily trafficked but the soft trails are much less so. It is a must-try!

Beautiful trail over all. Great concrete walking trails with some scenic views. The dirt trails can be confusing as there are quite a few small ones that intersect, especially toward the beginning of the trail. The trail that goes around the parameter of the reserve has some erosion and can be difficult to navigate. I would not consider this a moderate trail, but easy. Parking is great and the short mountain bike trail is fun with some slightly technical areas.

This is our second time walking the trails. Our last visit all the natural surface trailed closed due to heavy rains. This time only the bike trails were closed

We walked about 2 miles on the paved surfaces. The trail map says there are 3 miles of paved trails. If you back track and make sure you hit up each side walk to the parking lots you will get that three miles. But its more like 2.5 miles of actual hiking trails.

We walked another 2 miles on the natural surface trails. These were a lot of fun. But I would only take these trails when they are dry. Any moisture on the trail and they get slippery. I slipped and tripped over tree roots several times.

We chose to visit the preserve on a holiday. It was busy. To much traffic on the paved surfaces to have a quiet walk.

If you want a quiet walk, try the natural surface trails. Most of them are marked and few that are not marked. These trails can give you a couple of hours of getting back to nature.

I would consider the paved trails an easy walk or ride and the natural surface trails to be easy to slightly harder.

This is a great place to get back to nature in a sea of concrete as one reviewer said and I have to agree. I highly recommend this trail.

We will be back to explore the natural surface trails and ride the mountain bike trails soon.

A private oasis amongst a sea of concrete!

Indian creek was so refreshing and enjoyable after the trek . Good concrete trails and natural trails available to explore .

It’s really good course to enjoy trail. I love this.

I like that it's large and almost untouched by man. It has tons of trees, cliffs, streams and winding trails. I actually got a lost out there for 4 hours with my husband, so make sure you take a trail map. Many of the trails in the deep woods are unmarked. So fun!

Went there yesterday, Sunday evening, with my grandson. Rode his bike around the trail. Can absolutely recommend for women alone. Busy trail, lots of people around and women walking/running alone. Great lane etiquette. I'll definitely be back.

One of the best trails in the area.

Flat, smooth, and fast! The rail is designed for flow. Appropriate for all mountain bike skill levels, including youth. Other riders in the area are very friendly and social. Trail is appropriate for other activities also.

Clean, lots of trails and shade in Texas!

Wonderful mountain biking trail for any skill level in my opinion. Whether you are early in your mountain biking journey looking to increase your technical skills and bike control, or a veteran that wants to session technical sections over and over until you get it perfect, this trails has it. I enjoyed the ability to ride it for the first time while pushing each corner. Definitely keeps you out of the saddle and exercising the skills to look up and see what’s coming around the bend. Loved the constant twist and turns. Definitely will be adding this into the regular rotation of rides in North DFW

I’ve been on this trail it is kept nice wildlife is amazing to look at while biking or walking or running whatever the case may be but it is just beautiful.

Went on a hike the trails are not well kept at all. There is a lot of trash and the trails get lost the deeper you go in. If you enjoy bike riding I recommend this one for sure.

Wonderful paved walking path with numerous off road trails crisscrossing the area. Biking on the paved path or on the dedicated off road biking trail only. Very popular destination.

A regular spot for me and. My family! Offers a good range of walking/hiking and biking trails.

Just two miles away from Flatiron District, Arbor Hills has both concrete and dirt trails. The outer loop trail is a good dirt trail to practice trail running, and is 2.5 miles long, providing a nice five mile trail run or hike.

Lots of shade, trail markers, paved, trash bins, benches to rest if necessary.

I live in Plano. It is the best park in the area, although Oak Point is more wild, Arbor Hills offers some fantastic family friendly trails. Good luck finding peace and quiet here because it is extremely crowded.

Playground is great for kids (2-12)

Went with my husband and daughter. Our 2 year old loved the playground, which was conveniently located right across from the restrooms. So grateful to have found this place on a hot summer day. There are a lot of non-paved trails that are great for biking and running but the main trail was paved and stroller/wheelchair friendly. This place kept us in a comfortable and welcomed mood. We usually don’t stay at parks for more than an hour since our daughter gets fussy easily and the heat usually kind of chases us away. Luckily, with all the cool shade from all the beautiful trees and the calm streams, we were comfortable enough to walk around for about an hour and a half. It was peaceful and I think it even makes people a lot more friendly.

Come here with the pups at least 3-4 times a week, before getting there they are already crying with excitement... needless to say they love it!

mountain biking
7 months ago

I’ve hiked this before with my dog and would consider it moderate, not easy. It is very rocky, has steep inclines and declines, and also very narrow in some areas. There are also several little wooden bridges made by local mtb groups. It’s a beautiful trail and pretty fun since it’s not flat. I can state this is not an “Easy” mtb trail and I likely won’t bike it until we gain a little more experience with mountain biking.

Too many people on the concrete trails walking if the off road bike trails are closed!

decent for dog walking. mostly flat trails, with a couple miles of pavement too for easy walking.

Sidewalks have a few places to watch for cracks if you are riding skates or a board. Side walks are small. Water is available. Pets are around and parking is plentiful. There is shade.

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