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3 days ago

arrived at 7:15 on Saturday morning and entire parking lot was full so we had to park .5 miles away from the trail head at chantry flats along the street (adventure pass is required even for street parking $5). entire hike took us 15 miles including putzing around at the summit and the observatory as well as the trek back to the car. hike is mostly shaded but I still recommend a hat and sun protection. hike is definitely not a beginners hike. my friends and I are completing the 6 pack of peaks challenge and this hike has been our third summit of the series. we got back to the car at 4:30 so entire hike plus one hour eating lunch and smoking a bowl at the summit made it a 9 hour mission. I recommend bringing 2-3 liters of water and snacks because this is an ALL day trek :)

Hiked to the summit Thursday, April 12, 2018 on a beautiful clear day. Three of us went up Winter Creek Trail to the top and then down Sturtevant trail and connected with Gabrileno Trail (meets this trail at the Sturtevant campsite) back to Chantry Flats. The full loop was 13.75 miles of which the last 1/2 mile was a fairly steep (albeit on a paved road) climb which was a bit of a kick in the teeth after going that distance and being an Illinois flat lander!

At first having reached the summit I was like “I wouldn’t rate this a hard climb” but after finishing the full loop I would concur that it is a hard level hike due to the length and unless you are used to hiking long distances don’t take it lightly.

Great views from the “bench” which you reach at about the 5 mile point on the way up. We could see all the way to the coast and great perspective of Los Angeles.

This was our first of the Six pack we hope to achieve over the next couple years while our son goes to school out in SoCal!

Great time of year to go I guess as we had no gnats or flies (which apparently are a big issue on the hike later in the summer).

my husband and I went on a spontaneous hike up the trail yesterday. Since it was spur of the moment, we weren't as prepared as we should've been with proper footwear and gear, but we stopped at the one mile marker and came back down so it wasn't bad. so beautiful and serine I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's a beginning hiker or even an experienced one. The trails can get slightly narrow at points and the rocks are tough to walk on (especially in the wrong footwear

Hiked here 2 days ago and it was beautiful.. so many flowers blooming and the waterfall flowing nicely! Pretty easy hike. It’s best to start early to avoid all the people. Busy trail! We started by 7:00 am and had the waterfall area to ourselves, which was great.

11 days ago

No snow on the trail left on April 8; just a few patches off to the sides. That last steep mile from the bowl to the summit is brutal. I took a few long breaks to sketch the landscape, different all the time and, was back down by 2 pm.

Awesome hike. Highly recommend. Amazing views throughout. Easy to navigate and plenty of friendly faces along the way

12 days ago

Easy to navigate fire road. More an easy/moderate hike. We hiked through the cloud cover in the higher elevation so the views were limited. It was nice to have a reprieve from the sun since there would have been no shade otherwise. Always enjoy a new hike.

I think I went the wrong way, trails aren’t exactly marked. It was more of a nature walk than a hike. The waterfall at the end was neat but I don’t recommend letting your dog up there if you bring one. It was not easy or safe getting my 55lb Shepherd mix back down.

Great hike. Steep from Sturtevant Camp to just past 1/2 way rest area. Cosmic Cafe for food open weekends. Great scenery. Mostly shaded. Very busy from Chantry Flat to Sturtevant Falls but not bad after. Depending on time of year can be lots of bugs. Adventure Pass needed to park or you can buy one at trailhead for $5.00 day pass. Part of 6 Pack of Peaks. Went on Tuesday and only saw 5 hikers including one idiot who liked to talk loud on cell phone and liked to talk about terrorist. If you read this, please stop hiking, your an idiot.

Awesome hike! Make sure to leave before 8pm.(We got locked in.) :0)

This is a fun and strenuous hike. There is good tree cover and there are a few places along the trail where it's easy to take a wrong turn, so I'd recommend paying close attention. The observatory and cosmic cafe at the top are fun features. If you're in the mood for seclusion, this may not be the hike for you, but if you're feeling like a mountaintop banana split, then go for it.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike, it was #dingsontribe 's first time on this trail and the beginning to our 6 pack challenge, turned out to be one of our favorite hikes so far! It's crowded, and I see why, absolutely beautiful hike. We dipped in the fresh stream, because of the rains the streams and falls are flowing strong. We have been used to hiking in blizzards and snow, and we found this mountain to be very warm. I didn't need to put my jacket on all evening. I found parts of the Sturtevant section very difficult as a person afraid of heights. Sections of that trail is extremely narrow and the drop immediate and steep. Ugh. We completed this hike with 2 of our trail doggies, even the narrow sections at Sturtvant was fine for them. One thing to pay attention to, in addition to the Adventure pass and getting there early because parking fills fast, the road closes at 8p. We took our sweet time to enjoy the mountain and started heading down the road to exit the mountain entrance and the gate was locked! We had to call the police station, whom both the dispatcher and officer were very nice, and wait for 30 mins for the gate to be unlocked. A minor inconvenience, but when you're tired it sucks. They come to the gate every hour, so just be aware of that. Don't forget to try and find the Mt. Wilson wood sign on top, somewhere on the observatory grounds and snap a picture, a camper told us we had to otherwise it didn't count. ha! by luck we did. Happy hiking!

It’s a very nice place to go.

Nice Hike, mostly in shade, today was mostly Kool about 60 to 70 maybe a little Kooler at top

Nice day started at 630 finished about 2 pm

Wow, great trail! Fantastic vistas throughout. Not particularly technically challenging (though loose rocks and as of today patchy snow fields starting around 8,500’) but definitely an aggressive hike! Will probably not bring my long lens next time, but did find some good alpine birds along the way. Trail was easy enough to follow with markers and AllTrails map.

20 days ago

Fun hike, my husband and I lost track of the distance and continued past the waterfall. It became difficult to traverse because of the overgrown plants and numerous thorn bushes. We camped about a half mile past the waterfall there was a good spot with a fire pit and grill. Beware of ants !

Fire road all the way to the top. Not going to get lost here. Good work out. 2.5 hours to the top and down. About 10 miles on my Apple watch. 90% exposed to the sun. Fulfilling.

21 days ago

Lost big toe nail going down hill. Really beautiful hike.

one of best views and hikes that we went..really nice scenery..definitely well going back more often..the best time to go up is after the raining days..

dog friendly and we got to enjoy some snowy and icy views at the top.

A great hike, especially after a rain. The waterfall at the end makes it work trekking through the hot sun, since most of the hike is not under a canopy.

Great hike, although I managed to take a few forks the long-way round. Also after reaching the summit, I missed the turn-off for the Picken's Spur trail to come back down the mountain and walked East on the access road for about a mile. So my whole hike ended up being about 11.3 miles, rather than the 8.7!

Either way, it was a great morning hike. I challenged myself, going the more difficult clockwise route, and finished the whole thing in 3hr11min (1hr36mins to summit, 1hr30mins back to the car - 5 mins rest at the peak!)

26 days ago

one of my favorite hikes in LA. the start of the trail takes you through green terrain with a creek and a few waterfalls. then the intensity kicks in with the multiple switchbacks but once you’re at the top and take in the views above the clouds you’ll feel one with nature and soak in your accomplishment. Then it’s back down through a parking lot and to the beginning. I also love it because it’s a loop. Enjoy. Bring lots of water and snack. You need to make sure you have an adventure pass.

Lots of fun. Definitely a family trail but the incline is definitely there depending on which way you walk the loop. Overall did it with ease. Places to stop for breaks and even a bathroom at the far side of the loop.

Amazing trail & not super difficult. I went up the Haines Canyon Trail to Rim of the Valley Trail which took me to the old Mt. Lukens Trail... hungout on top by myself for an hour and then took then the fire road to the Crescenta View Trail & down to the Wilderness Park.

3.5 hrs up & 2.5 hrs down. Frost line is about 4,000ft & snow line a little under 5,000ft.

Amazing trail & not super difficult. I went up the Haines Canyon Trail to Rim of the Valley Trail which took me to the old Mt. Lukens Trail... hungout on top by myself for an hour and then took then the fire road to the Crescenta View Trail & down to the Wilderness Park.

3.5 hrs up & 2.5 hrs down. Frost line is about 4,000ft & snow line a little under 5,000ft.

1 month ago

Fun hike. The cool weather helped us keep a brisk pace, completing the loop in 7 1/2 hours. Disappointed that there wasn't much snow, which was only at the top. Winter Creek was pretty full though, which we crossed 6 times. The mule deer enjoyed watching us trek by.

Hiked up Ski Hut / Baldy bowl and down Devil's Backbone loop Sunday March 18th.

Left at 7:15AM, arrived at Ski hut at 9am, and summited around 11am. We contemplated descending the ski hut trail, or completing the loop down Devil's Backbone. After talking with several people on the summit who hiked up the backbone, we decided on the backbone. We were lucky to have great weather and a solid path in front of us the entire day. We got the job done in our micro spikes but obviously preferred with crampons. There were certainly a couple sections where you want to be extremely cautious along the backbone, and most likely avoid after a storm or it's too cold / icy.

We stopped by the lodge for celebratory beers and ended back at the starting point around 2:30pm.

Overall this climb was far more impressive than I was expecting. The entire hike was beautiful. It's awesome to have this mountain only an hour from the beach.

I'd definitely recommend going with someone who is familiar with the route or experienced in the mountains if you decide to do the bowl or backbone on the ascent/descent in the winter. Shoot for a day with a great weather window as it will eliminate alot of the risk variables.

The sun didn't hit the mountain hard until noon, which then we observed several rock and ice fall as the mountain came alive. Try to be on your descent in the early afternoon.

Awesome hike. 5 Stars!

I did this hike today and my biggest tip is be prepared. If it's in the winter or not even entered spring, bring a snow jacket because it is COLD and possibly snowing at the top of the mountain. Bring food, electrolytes, enough water, hiking poles (it DOES help), and maps.

I would definitely take screenshots on ways to get up to the mountain and down the mountain, it helped so much when my friend and I missed some turns. If a beginner went on this hike, I'd start early. We started close to 8 and it still took us about 7 hours, not counting the hour we spent at the summit. The difficulty of this hike is high because of the TIME it takes to complete it. Like it's JUST long. SO long... I didn't experience any bugs at all, but there are PLENTY of poison oak at the beginning of the hike, so wear long sleeve and pants. I feel very proud to have completed this because it is a challenge.

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