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3 days ago

Snowshoed this trail in mid January. Really enjoyed the views of the mountains on the west side of the valley. The trail was easy to follow with a foot more snow on each side of the trail which was covered with several inches of trampled down snow.

Only two types of vehicles can make it up the road, 4WD or rentals. We had a rental and if you took it slow, it wasn't much of a problem. This may be the prettiest start to a trail that I have ever hiked. A beautiful lake framed by the mountains, it was awesome. The only disappointment was that you could hear the falls from miles away but when you arrive, you can't get a good view of them.

In one trail we saw a moose a bald eagle and 3 deer. The road to the trail is horrible but the trail, waterfalls and scenery are fabulous

2 months ago

Road was open to the trail but you need 4x4 or AWD. We broke trail snowshoeing. We made it two miles in before turning back. Fun first snowshoe of the season.

Road was good and clear of snow. The hike took me about an hour and forty minutes one way. In a season with less snow, I would have definitely continued on as the trail is beautiful. I enjoyed the last portion best as I neared the creek. Also, I found quite a few scenic options and ended up walking up the boulders to get a better view of the valley and peaks ahead. Met about 7 people on the trail and a few more that came to see the lake. Nice moderate hike. I packed poles but did not need them.

Agree with other reviewers about the road. If it's clear with no snow, you're fine in a basic passenger vehicle. Just go slow. Anything more and a 4x4 is strongly recommended. With that said....

The trail is so worth it. The Gore Range is spectacular. I heard about the crowds, heat, etc. and must have lucked out. Thursday afternoon and not a soul in sight. Perfect day to hike. I started at 12:30pm and finished about 4:00pm with plenty of down time for photos, stop for water, etc. I lost sight of the trail at the falls (even though I could hear them) and ended up on the trail to climb Powell. I didn't have the time to keep going, so turned around and hustled back (got nervous about the weather). But the aspens, pines, falls are worth it.

I just came from sea level and took this trail slow given I've only been at altitude for less than a day. Did fine. I'm in above average shape, so lots of water and a good nights sleep the day before probably helped. I chose this for the limited elevation gain on the trail - think that was the right call.

Strongly recommend.

Slow incline on the way up. We took our time. The hike down went much faster. The road here was sketchy. We rented a car, booked a Jeep, ended up with a HYUNDAI. Even the front wheel drive vehicle did fine. If it snows you will need four wheel drive. You get a bit of everything in this hike though. 4- of the 5 senses. Everything but taste:)

We went during the week back in August to avoid the crowds. Bumpy road going up in a Jeep. Views are stunningly beautiful. Gentle stroll at first then slow ascent. I’d barely call this moderate.....more like advanced easy

Great hike to see pretty fall colors in the mountains. Moderate trail on the initial 3/4 mile (?) or so climb, then levels out and is easy. In the first clearing you’ come to a gravel road. It looks like the trail should continue straight, but there’s a brown wooden sign with a big arrow pointing left. Turn left to walk up the road about 100 ft to continue on the trail. There’s a log near the arrow now signaling not to go straight. Anywho, enjoyable trail.

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3 months ago

Heavy incline with the altitude but through piney single track. Rocky but not overly technical, small lake at the end and an easy pacer down.

3 months ago

A very nice half day hike to treeline , beautiful views 360. The lake was frozen mid September, and very little snow left on mount massive.

County road 1350 is between mile marker 109 and 110... We ended up too far north, it is across the street from the Blue River Campground. You can stop at the first parking lot or keep driving a little more and it will be a shorter hike by a about two miles. It is a beautiful hike. One of my favorites in the area.

3 months ago

Steep at first but it levels out. The aspen are beautiful!! Definitely worth it.

Yes, the drive up is long and bumpy, but the hike is so worth it. Fall colors were absolutely beautiful and view over the lake and mountains when you first start is breathtaking. Not a challenging hike at all with just a slight incline and some areas where you have to climb over some rocks. Totally fine to take kids on. There was quite a crowd when I was there, but you can park along the road, so don’t worry too much about that.

Survived the long forest road in a Prius, although any amount of rain or snow would have made it too difficult to pass. The view from the TH/ranch is a stunner. The trail the whole way to the waterfall is an easy hike, and the incline becomes much more challenging up the ridge afterward. We didn’t make more than a mile or so past the waterfall, the view looking back down and out to the Gore Range was worth the extra jaunt.

3 months ago

Along the ridge trail, beautiful aspen colors. Saw moose near winding river below. Several streams with logs to walk over. Waterfall minimal due to dry season

Absolutely beautiful fall hike! The aspens are gorgeous, and the mountains are spectacular!
The waterfall/creek at the end is nothing to write home about.
Little shade coverage, even when you’re in the trees.
The dirt road is about 5 miles and VERY bumpy- so make sure your car is ready! It’s fine in lower clearance cars as long as you drive nice and slow.

Did this hike about 5 days ago. The Golden aspen were striking and views of mountains ahead and on either side were magnificent. The falls are nice as well. It is quite sun exposed for much of the walk. We went early in morning but even then it was a hot day, but very lovely

The beginning was quite steep. It did level out some. To do the 3.9 mile hike you need to turn around at the point where you hit the cross of another trail. I did not see a bench. The views were beautiful with the fall leaves.

Beautiful hike with golden aspen hills, blue skies, and majestic mountains in full view. Toughest part of the day is the drive to the walk. We made it in a non suv, but it’s slow, bumpy, and dusty. You are exposed in sun for most of the hike, so come early or enjoy the heat (and the crowds). But despite all that one of the most beautiful hikes ever

4 months ago

such beautiful Colorado during fall! 10/10 would do it again.

4 months ago

it's a nice gradual trail, a bit rocky on top. wonderful views when you get there. beautiful fall colors. if I can do it, everyone can. I'll be 73 soon.

Nice hike to lower Boulder Lake. Park at trailhead and take Gorge Range trail at split. About 3.3 miles to lake. Some aspens which were turning on 9/8/18. Little wildlife seen this time - bow and black powder hunting seasons on. Nice view at lake. Left our packs here and came back later to camp. Hiked on towards upper lake: After 4 miles and cresting a boulder field, we realized we were at least another mile off so we turned back. But a nice hike. Trail obvious in many places though faint in some. Creek crossings, many down trees, some steep climbs. Nice quiet, rugged forest. Mostly along creek. Larger fish the higher you go.

4 months ago

super easy trail with great view of Dillon lake. took my dog up and had a great time. aspens are slowly changing right now which makes it even more beautiful.

adventurous hike this afternoon - upset moose, hunters and a storm. Comparable in difficulty to Wheeler Lakes near Copper. Start at the trailhead to park, don't walk the road up!

We were on a time schedule so we did do the whole hike (only 1.5 hrs up) but it was beautiful. This is an easy ascent (easy enough for a fourteen year old Yorkshire terrier!) and goes along a creek/river for much of the time. We enjoyed the changing colors of the foliage. We will enjoy returning to do the whole hike. Not sure if it gets more difficult.

BEAUTIFUL HIKE! Not easy by any means. But worth it! Great scenery all the way up to the falls.

Such a pretty trail, and the lake is lovely. If it weren't for the drive to the trailhead this would be one of my regular day hikes. 1 hour and 20 minutes each way at a good pace.

Was disappointed that AllTrails didn’t mention is was 10 miles off road, steep, hairpin turns to make it to this trail. Started to feel uncomfortable since we were not in an SUV and had to around.

Definitely recommend this trail but do plan ahead. Get there early before the crowds; the trail can be narrow. Trail is steep in some spots and wet in others. You will see flowers and there is a fair chance of seeing wild life, especially butterflies.

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