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May 21 Acadia loop Map

great work out. went up north dorr mountain and down Ladder trail.

Great hike. Went with my wife and 3 boys(12,13,14).. we hiked up and back from the NW trail head. About 50 minutes up and 30 minutes down. Great rock scrambles, steep incline, and up through a ravine with ladder climbs. Unbelievable views from the top..Was our favorite hike of the week..

Loved the South Ridge trail up! Went before dawn to see the sunrise. Beautiful and peaceful. Saw the cars driving up Cadillac across the way.
Parked in the Jordon Pond north lot and took the Jordon and Bubbles path to South Ridge. Left an hour before dawn and took exactly an hour to get up to the summit. Head lamps are def needed, but the climb was very doable in the dark.

North trail will definitely beat you up a bit, but a great view from the top. Make sure to at least get to the wooded top of the south trail if you’re not continuing down as the views are much better than the summit. The south trail has absolutely incredible wildlife and views along the way. I descending this way as it’s longer and it takes a beating on the knees if you’re not careful. Highly recommend doing both if you’re feeling confident.

Really great trail that is challenging without being brutally hard. If you’re going in the summer, go early and bring a ton of water - it gets insanely hot and basically no coverage.

Hiked this route today with my dog. big Boulder scramble in the gorge! I only helped him twice. Athletic dogs should be able to do this without issue. Counter clockwise around the loop was the best choice for me. incredible views of Cadillac cliffs from the A Murray Trail.

As one other said earlier... we took this thinking it would be a shortcut to the bus stop from the the North Ridge summit. Wow!! This was definitely challenging. Very vertical many times. I would of felt a lot safer with gear. Even though I felt accomplished after finishing it without sliding off the cliff... I would not recommend it for beginners, children or dogs. There really should be a warning sign with this trail.

Great hike up to Cadillac Summit with beautiful views. After reaching the summit you take Gorge trail down a rocky descent along leading you to trail beside a stream in the woods. You’ll then pickup another trail that’s a steep climb which takes you back to Cadillac south ridge trail.

Great variety, breathtaking views and physically challenging.

I enjoyed this trail. I would personally rate it moderate or moderate-hard, although the distance is fairly long which can be tiresome for some hikers. The views throughout were breathtaking and definitely worth the consistent uphill ascent! Cadillac can get pretty crowded near the parking lot area once you reach the top, so it’s nice to stay towards the less populated areas for a more serene atmosphere.

One of our favorite hikes for a real workout. Don't expect so many ladders as a straight hour of stone steps - with some cool areas in the middle with stone passages, iron railings and ladders. Just when you think you may be done - there's then the climb over open granite areas where the views really open up before you reach summit. At summit - you are just below the crowds on adjacent Cadillac summit (close enough to wave to them) - you appreciate the quietness and no crowds on Dorr. The descent also gives great southern views to Otter Cove, thru some Pine areas down to the very tranquil Canon Brook return - along the stream and beaver dams, crossing wooden plank bridges across the water on your return to car. This parking area off Rte 3 is very large, always plenty of space.

The views on this trail are just breathtaking. My husband and I decided on this trail because of accessibility and our dog Shadow. She did excellent on her ascent but there was no way she could make the 3+ mile decent. We’re lucky she’s cute. Some very nice ladies from California offered us a ride down to our car. :-)

We parked at the Jordan Pond parking lot, by the pond house. If you get there by 8AM, you can find a spot without any trouble. Anytime between 9-4, you may have to wait on a spot.

We took the Jordan Pond path over the path to Pemetic from the sound side. The hike up has a few steep parts, but it's not that difficult overall. As you get close to the top, the face opens up and you get some extraordinary views. The cool breeze that comes through the valley over Jordan Pond was refreshing and was welcome.

The views of Jordan Pond were great. At the time (July) the Jordan Cliffs trail was closed due to Peregrine falcon nesting. From our vantage point at the top of Pemetic, we could see the Peregrine falcons soaring over the water, often below us. It was quite a treat to see.

The path on the North side was a bit more strenuous, but not overly so. We were going down the North side, but I imagine coming up that way would require some effort.

Really nice day trip. Overall not too tough until above the tree line. It did get windy up there, I’d recommend a snug fitting hat or long sleeves. The views at the top are gorgeous, although I’d recommend staying away from the parking area for something a bit more tranquil.

Challenging hike. We then took the A Murray Young trail and it was AMAZING.

long steady ascent

Great trail with adequate challenges, and not impossible for even young children. The scenery is beautiful and the views from higher elevations are stunning.

long gradual ascent

This trail is a beautiful hike to the summit of Cadillac. Once you summit, however, you need to cross over to the other side of the mountain, then follow the Gorge Trail down the other side. This part is very steep with some boulder hopping (and drops). Continue along Gorge and turn right into A Murray Young trail. Beautiful mountain stream, cool and shady. Follow this to the junction of Murray and Cannon Brook. We found a nice flat spot on the rocks at this junction to take a quick dunk in the stream. From here, it becomes a very steep, very aggressive climb on the rocks for the next 30 minutes or so. Back into the woods and you will then catch back up with South Ridge trail, follow back to Blackwoods campground.

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Absolutely beautiful! It’s strenuous for folks not used to regular hiking - but well worth it.

Accidentally went down this trail as we did not want to go back down the north ridge trail. I had no idea how difficult this trail was going to be! Three of us were wearing tennis shoes, one of which was my 10 year old son. There were several areas that were wet and we were concerned someone might slide down the mountain and die. A rope and grappling hook would have been very helpful. Make sure you have a helicopter on standby. It was a fun hike....after we got to the bottom and were able to reflect on the fact we were still alive and uninjured.

My wife, 9yr old son and 11 yr old daughter tackled this steep rock scramble today with ease. A couple of people were impressed by the fact that as a family we did it. We took the bus from the visitors center to the parking area just past bubble pond parking (the bus driver will know where to go). Don't drive there yourself, parking ain't gonna happen, plus the bus ride is only about 10 mins.

We took the northwest trip up, took about 40 mins of mostly pine covered rock scambling (no strolling here, you're gonna be breathing hard). It was safe and my two kids loved it. We're talking big step-up-and-over boulder scrambling. Half way up there are two ladders tucked between a narrow pass. Safe, fun to climb (don't take the easy way when greeted with the choice to climb.

The trails are well marked up to the top, once there though keep your eyes open for cairns (bridge-like rock pile). These will lead you to your trail to descend. We took in the Atlantic ocean view, had some lunch all by ourselves (no Cadillac mountain crowds here). We took the southwest trail down that led us to get some pop-overs at the Jordon Pond House. 2 pop-overs, butter/jam and a blueberry lemonade. Delicious. - $12

Here's a tip... Make a reservation when you are at the summit, there's a wait to get these delicious treats. But let's get back to the trail.

The descent was partially covered and well enough marked to not get lost. Total time with two kids and a few stops to make some gear 'adjustments' was 2hr 30 mins (that includes .3mile walk to Jordan House across the street from end of trail.

We used this trail to summit Cadillac and then used the South Ridge to descend. It was a difficult and technical climb, but that is what makes it fun. I would not recommend going down this way, and I definitely would not do this trail if it was wet. There are some points on the trail where if you fell you would be seriously injured, so wear good shoes. The crowds at the summit took away from the serenity of the experience compared to mountains like Pemetic that are less crowded. I would definitely do this hike again!

We took Pemetic Northwest from the Bubbles to Pemetic summit and then used Pemetic North to descend. Our favorite summit in the entire park because of the amazing views and it is not very crowded. It is not an easy hike, but it is most define the worth it!!

This trail was absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t say hard but challenging. I recommend you wear proper hiking shoes for foot and ankle purposes. My husband and I took our two dogs and it was not hard for them at all except for one part before the summit where there is a bar/ladder that we had to assist both. The scenery on the way up was stunning and breathtaking would definitely hike it again!!

Most of the stream was already dried up, trail parallels the stream most of the way

I took my friends on this hike and it was their first and they absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend hiking shoes/boots because the terrain changes a lot. I loved getting out of the woods and onto the rocks where you could see views of nearby neighborhoods, the ocean and other mountains! The scenery was stunning and the hike itself wasn’t too trying on my joints. I would recommend this hike!

I started this trail not knowing how it was and I really loved the views. I did it on the way up and went down for a different trail.
I’m very afraid of heights and in some parts I was, but the view was very nice so I could do it.
I define sly recommend it for adults, never with children.

Absolutely wonderful hike. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the views which were stunning. Weather was perfect. Proper footwear goes a long way as the trail is rooted and rocky as one might expect. Highly recommended. I would hike this trail again

Skip this trail if it's wet or has been wet. There are many very steep parts and ok to go up, but getting down them when it's wet may be extremely dangerous. We walked the road down.

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