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May 21 Acadia loop Map

The views were spectacular! My husband and I had already done quite a bit of hiking this day (including the Beehive Trail) so this was very physically demanding. He asked, "Do our fitbit steps still count if we dragged ourselves off the mountain?" Lol. We did the South Ridge Trail and after reaching the summit we turned around and came back out the way we went in.

Made it back to the South Ridge early January for a sunrise visit to Cadillac -- easily continues to be one of the most beautiful, and one of my favorite, trails of all time. Based more-so on length than elevation gain (although there is still a fair amount!), I agree with the difficulty rating of hard. Do not attempt this trail in the winter unless you have proper winter and ice gear -- much of the the trail was completely coated over in ice and snow, and a lot of caution is necessary, particularly on the way down. It was also very cold and on the ridge, you are exposed to the elements. If you are prepared, though, then you're sure to have an incredible experience with some of Maine's finest scenery.

If a sunrise hike is in your plans for any season, be sure to have a headlamp or good flashlight. There are cairns and blazes along the ridge, but depending on the conditions you're in, they may be tough to see (if clear though, then easy to follow for the most part). Take your time and don't go off trail.

Cadillac is a favorite spot of mine and I finally climbed it this year. I chose south ridge up and back to my parking spot. I wouldn’t say it’s a very difficult hike, a lot of the trail is above the tree line to exposed rocked and for the most part a small incline the whole way up. But it is long. Pack water and snacks, make a day of it and enjoy some time at the top before descending and if it’s sunny wear a hat or sunscreen! Cadillac mountain is a must see in acadia but hiking up it definitely a must do!

Overall a pretty decent hike. I started from the bubbles parking lot up the northwest trail based on recommendations and came down the south ridge and followed Jordan pond back to the parking area to make a loop. It is a challenging climb up especially if it has recently rained...caution it will be slippery. Make sure to keep an eye out for the markers as the trail direction changes without some notice on the way up. On the way down south ridge some of the markers were pretty faded but easier to make out the trail. Great views from the top, but it was pretty windy the day I hiked so I didn’t stay too long at the top. I would definitely hike again.

Would do this again *in the summer.* A steep and technical descent down the mountain. We encountered a lot of overt and black ice sheets on open rock faces. Definitely an intense experience and were grateful for our microspikes. Make sure to leave time for fast sinking sun. Views were great and it was the most direct trail down from Cadillac.

Hiked on May 14, 1994.

The A. Murray Young Path is a tough path involving boulder hiking and at times, mild climbing.. the more direct path to the mountain is well signposted and relatively straight forward. Great views at the top.

Picked West Face Trail down from Cadillac (3 hrs) after hiking up on north ridge trail (3 hrs.). This was thought to be a shorter trail, mod difficulty and w/ bus stop at trail end. Wife and I sixty somethings active walkers but not prepared for difficulty of West decent. Tremendous feeling of accomplishment and exhaustion after this decent haha. In addition to the usual precautions and those mentioned by the other contributors, start this hike with minimum 3 hrs daylight or good luck searching for blue markers in the dark. West light fades fast behind nearby mtn!

To start off, come up the South side which we did, it is quite easier then coming up the North. The trail is definitely strenuous, just when you think you're reaching the peak, it keeps going until you finally get to a mark at the top. Markings along the trail are very easy to follow, and the views of Jordan Pond, and the surrounding area are fantastic. Going down the North side, take your time, because it's very steep and rocky in some areas. We took the split to head back to Jordan Pond crossing Jordan Pond Rd. Overall it took us about 4 hours round trip starting from the Jordan Pond parking area.

We also went up the Northwest Trail and across and down Pemetic South Ridge Trail. The Northwest trail is steep, but has ladders to assist at strategic points. Views at the top are spectacular!

This is a nice little day hike with some varying terrain. I think it is more of a moderate trail considering the elevation and distance. Has great views at several points throughout the trek.

Everything they say about this trail is true. Accidentally hiked down this trail from the Cadillac Summit. Totally worth the trek. the views were amazing but not something you'd want to do without appropriate footwear and adequate water. Much easier going up than down.

Absolutely loved this trail. Took the NW trail up (it is verrry steep, get ready to scramble). Took the south trail down, then incorporated a Jordan pond loop. Views at the top of Pemetic are even better than Cadillac Mtn, in my opinion!

We only took this trail down after taking South Ridge up. This is definitely a steep trail and not one for beginners. But, wear sturdy shoes and mind your steps. The views of Bubble Pong and Eagle Lake are amazing. I wouldn't want to go up this in a heavy wet fog, watch the weather.

Parked right at the trailhead at 4:45am, first car there and didn't see anyone on the trail until we got towards the top. We decided to stop before we got to the top to avoid the crowds and take in the sunrise alone. Not a soul in sight if you stay a little ways below the top and essentially the same view. Take a headlamp, wear sturdy shoes, but it's a pretty mellow hike up. We took the west side down after the ascent.

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Great woodsy walk. The lonelyess trail in Acadia, we didn't see another soul the entire route.

Was a great easy trail up. Unfortunately there are a lot of tour buses and people at the top but they stay there. Nice views on a clear day.

Amazing but difficult. Definitely assess how you feel at the summit because the following loop has you descend and ascend almost the entire mountain again

I started this trail at The Blackwoods Campground. I made it to the summit in around two hours with a few breaks along the way to take in the scenic views. It took around an hour and half to come back. I wouldn't consider this a technically difficult trail, but definitely takes some endurance.

Great challenge, go counterclockwise on the loop to save the big views until the end. Cheater parking available at the top.

Good hard clean well marked trail

great trail, beautiful views once near the peak.

Awesome hike. Great trail up. Many steps and a couple of ladders. Get there by sunrise snd youll have the trail and summit to yourself. Will be back on this trail

I am heading up there in a few weeks. I will be going solo. Anyone going up there around that time please reach out to me at ramblers_guide on instagram

Did this at night to make it to summit for the sunrise. The Milky Way was amazing and the hike was too. Definitely do it!!!!

Very nice trip! The videos are fantastic!!

This is a beautiful hike on a trail in excellent condition. We hiked out and back to the summit and ended up covering seven miles with ~1300 feet of climbing.

Nice view s and lots rocks

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