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Lovely hike that's not too strenuous and not too easy. As usual the heat is a major factor.

We intended to do the loop clockwise but took a turn right and did it anticlockwise. Probably best to follow the trail on phone.

We didn't see or meet anyone until the very end. Great views.

I strongly recommend this hike. Like, strongly. Gorgeous views the entire hike without the crowds! We went early (around 9am) and we were glad we did because it definitely got hot towards the end. Total hike took us 2 hours with some stopping to take pics, gaze at the scenery, and have a snack. Well worth it trail in beautiful capitol reef.

Excellent trail with fantastic sights. Small parking lot but not too busy. Bathroom at trailhead. Barely any cover so go when it’s cooler and bring lots of water. Should take around under two hours.

Left at 1800 and finished ~ 2000, stopping often to take photos. The initial climb was challenging, but after that it was relatively easy. Amazing scenery. Would recommend trekking poles.

Hiked it in the evening. Tried to catch sunset but a cloud moved in

26 days ago

Very rewarding hike but try to avoid going on the switchbacks when going counter clock wise during the middle of the day during summer. Sun saps the energy out of you.

1 month ago

My wife and I hiked this path without reading other reviews or doing any research. The [my] decision was solely based off the official NPS map and its descriptions. Sure it was in the difficult section but it was harder than I imagined. Some context, we live in zero elevation coastal town, work in offices, and exercise a lot less than we should. Our hike started around 9:30am in early June. Went clockwise and had a blast the first 3.4 miles. Had a short lunch at the canyon wash marker sign. Our last picture taken (fun, free-spirited, enjoyment mode) was at the white steps before the trail sign that split to the canyon spur. This is when the ascent began. The trail was iffy in some spots but eventually finding the cairns we were able to press forward. I am now familiar with the terms switchbacks and scrambling. So many times I thought we were going to climb out of this canyon only to see a never-ending uphill in front of us. To the person who put the "trail" sign there, thank you. The few times we were able to find shade under an outcropping we took it. I thought the breach was going to be a narrow flat canyon on the map. Nope. At about 3 o'clock on the trail clock face the scrambling ended and it just became a gradual upward climb, then down, then up and down. We brought 6 liters of water but ran out. Probably poor rationing and inexperience is the main cause of this. It was easily 95 degrees for most of the hike. While we were properly equipped, this trail was physically and mentally challenging for us. Luckily I was able to keep a positive outward appearance to my spouse. I told her a couple of times, please yell at me when we get to the car - not in the middle of this hike. Many times I swear I heard cars thinking the end was near to only later find out it was the wind rustling through the distant trees. In the beginning of the hike the screaming bugs (youll know what i mean if you hiked this trail) caught me off guard and had me swatting at them. By the end I could not care less and was focused only on continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Finally seeing a real car was such a welcome site. We made it out and I nearly drown my self in water in the car. We finished at around 5:30pm and the total hike was in the 8 hour mark.

All negatives aside I am happy we did it and conquered it. To the inexperienced, please pass or prepare better. I would say there are many better views in the park than this trail. A high effort to lower reward hike. If I could do it over I would have hit the overlooks and all other scenic easy trails and left this loop for another visit. This is a beautiful park which has had a profound impact on me and I cant wait to return.

1 month ago

So strenuous but worth it! Go as early as you can. I start at 7:45 am finished 4 and 1/2 hours later in the hot, hot sun.

Hard, but a lot of fun

lovely views and rock formations at thd top :)

Love this hike. There are parts that get challenging if your not as confident of a hiker. had some friends who had a rougher go with this one. If you're uncertain of your abilities it could be worth your time to go up dang to see what you will have to hike down. (adds a fair amount to the hike) so if you go this route and feel comfortable it might be a better idea to start here. (does make it more difficult to do this) there are 6-7 more challenging spots that would be greatly aided by a rope but is fun to do without if your confident in your abilities. 1 semi rappel don't know if I can really call it that but you will have to decend or ascend with the aid of a rope that is already there. bring lots of water and make it last it can get fairly warm especially if it hasn't rained in a while and you don't want to run out. my favorite time I've done this hike was last summer about two weeks after it rained. there was a fair amount of water but it helped keep you cool. it got up to about chest high at that time. right now there was only really two places that had water. dang has the most. about waist high, ding is completely dodgeable but ankle high. happy hiking!

What an experience, but go prepared! Take plenty of water and salty foods. At the fork go to the RIGHT and do Ding first (much easier than trying to go up Dang). Lots of scrambling but beautiful! As of today May 27, 2018 - little water in Ding and plenty in Dang (as high as your crotch as a 5’7” person) - prepare for wading. Loved it! Awesome time for three adults and two teenagers.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful in late afternoon light, with a nice overlook of the rest of the park. Starts with a strenuous uphill with switchbacks that settles into a meandering loop around the mesa.

3 months ago

awesome trail. My wife and I are in mid 60s and had a great time. Hiked up Ding over to Dang ,down to water and back up and back down Ding. beautiful Trail

The trail starts off next to the road, not so great. Once you finally get back into the trail, which is technically an atv trail, it completely drops off. It seemed like there was a big storm that washed away part of the trail. Once I went around it and hiked for a bit longer there was no trail whatsoever. We just ended up walking around all of the atv trails nearby.

I took my 5 year old son and my 2 year old daughter with me, It was a lot of fun. i had a full body climbing harness and a harness for myself with a 6' connector which allowed me to lower my kids, and making sure that they were safe at all times. my kids had some issues with the wall coming down dang, mostly because they couldn't see what they were going to
descend. But as long as there are 2 adults, one being at the bottom and one at the top, everything is manageable.
The water at the end of the hike was roughly 3' deep, and cold!
Both of my kids give this hike 5 stars.

Do this trail if you like geology and a vast range of views and formations!

4 months ago

This is mainly a review for people wanting to take their dogs as I haven’t seen a whole lot of detail on it in other posts. This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! I hike between 600-700 miles a year with my dog and our friends so that says a lot for this trail. My group of 4 people and 2 dogs did this hike 4-15-18 and we all loved it. Ding has one boulder towards the beginning that you will need to get over then has several obstacles that you can either help your dog with or go around the obstacles. Coming down Dang the first big obstacle either requires dogs to be harnessed and “kinda rappelled” down a 50 foot section of tiered drop offs that I think would be too slick and steep for the dogs to do without a rope controlling their speed. At that point we took a narrow side trail on the right side(lookin down canyon) to bypass the rappelling section. But shortly after that you come to several 10-12 foot drop offs that are unavoidable and I highly recommend harnesses for the dogs and rope is a must to lower them down at least one section. And while my friend used a dog backpack for her dog the saddlebags did get in the way a few times on narrow ledges and drop offs that kind of knocked off the dogs balance, and it didn’t offer quite the same support around the chest and torso, so an actual harness is recommended over a pack. Several 6-8 foot drop offs to help your dog down and at the end there is a double drop off with the second one putting you in water. As of 4-15-18 the water was 42 inches deep and probably 75 feet long. If you’re strong you can grip the two walls with feet and hands and spider crawl without getting wet, but we enjoyed the water.

I only recommend taking you dog if
1:both you and your dog have plenty of trail experience
2: preferably both you and your dog have some boulder hopping experience.
3:both you and your dog have problem solving mindsets and don’t panic or get anxiety if it takes a few attempts to get past obstacles.
4: at least one person in the group needs to be able to fully lift the weight of your dog
5: take rope, harnesses and a carabiner (which we forgot), your dog will appreciate mushers secret for sore feet back at camp or the drive home. Bring plenty of water for you and the dog, no reliable water source on the trail

Click on my profile and see some of my pictures for reference

Quite possibly the worst trail I’ve ever visited. It is literally some kind of dump. Before hiking I stopped at the picnic tables for lunch. There were construction trucks- the kind that haul rocks- driving in every 2-3 min the whole time I was there. They would drive in, turn around, and drive back out. No idea what they were doing. If there didn’t happen to be one passing through, there was still the noise of the idling caterpillar, which I also did not see do any work in the time I was there.

The trail is not obvious and not marked at all. I wasn’t able to complete the full loop because I lost the path after only 1/4 mile. This is not the sort of country where you want to get lost. The worst part? This is a paid park. I paid $5 for this crap. Terrible.

4 months ago

This was a fantastic hike on a beautiful early April weekday that started cool and then warmed up to high 60’s. We did the full out and back to the White Rim trail intersection point in 7 hours at a leisurely pace with lots of stops for pictures and lunch at the White Rim trail (3 hours down, 4 up). That’s a great spot for lunch with views down to the base of the canyon. The trail has spectacular views end to end, with lots of changing scenery. Although the descent/ascent is steep, it’s not technical. You have to be comfortable with wondering how the heck you’re going to descend the face but it was never dicey. We only saw two groups of hikers on the return and otherwise had the whole canyon to ourselves.

4 months ago

Counterclockwise is the way to go for the more challenging, but more rewarding (view wise) hike!!!! Absolutely amazing hike, 8.3 miles

Super fun hike! The down-climbs were a little more than I expected, but it was totally worth it! Water at the bottom of dang canyon was about 3.5 feet deep.

Remote and gorgeous! I would say intermediate rather than difficult/hard. Although the last mile back out was steep! I would definitely hike this again!

4 months ago

Vary niceee!

I am giving this 4 stars, but only to create this post. Be forewarned, the gravel access road is susceptible to sand dunes on windy days. You should assume you need a high clearance four-wheel drive or you may not get through. We were driving an AWD Honda CRV and had to turn around after 20 miles. There are signs warning of this, just know it could be true! The dunes are cleared with a road grader, so it can be a matter of timing.

4 months ago

I have to be honest, I was a little concerned about doing this hike, especially because I was taking my wife who hadn’t backpacked in 22 years and my 12 and 16 year old daughters who had never backpacked. We reserved the back country site for the 20th of March. I read just about every review and guide and watched several videos on YouTube. I heard things like the most strenuous trail and areas of exposure. I even read that in one area you had to hold on to a cable and swing your leg over a precipice. After reading all those things I really didn’t think we’d be doing the hike but we decided to go and talk to a ranger before we got the permit. I fully expected the ranger to tell us it wouldn’t be wise to backpack the trail. When I started to rattle off all of things I read about the trail he looked dumbfounded. Instead he highly encouraged us to go. I think my wife was hoping he would have said the opposite. The ranger also told us we could find water close to the campsite. This was the best thing I’d heard because I was going to be carrying the majority of the water. There was plenty of water a few hundred yards up the canyon from the campsite. I don’t know if the water source diminishes later in the year. So we set off. It really was one of the best experiences that we all have ever had. It took us about 4 hours to get in to the campsite and about the same time coming out. Don’t get me wrong it was tough but totally worth it. It is definitely a doable trail even with loaded backpacks, two teenage girls and a hesitant wife. There was no cable and there was never a time that I felt we were in danger. I don’t think that we’d stay overnight again. It was very cool being there by ourselves, seeing the stars and enjoying the quiet. But I think it’s best done as a day hike. If you get a chance definitely do the hike. Take the negative and over exaggerated dangers of the trail with a grain of salt. Be prepared, be careful and you’ll have a awesome time. One last thing I had heard that the rangers have to rescue more people from getting lost on this trail more than any other trail. I really don’t see how you could get lost on this trail unless you tried really hard to. It was very well marked with cairns. We had zero problems following the trail. Can’t wait to do the hike again!

4 months ago

I LOVE this trail! It took me 2 hours up and down with minimal breaks for water. I recommend wearing gloves as it is very hands on, you WILL be climbing a mountain. I try to go before7AM as it is a hot spot for many people. Beautiful scenery, lots of cardio and a sense of accomplishment once you reach the top. a great way to overcome fears of height! Bring plenty of water and a positive attitude and prepare to get a whole body workout.

Worth it! Took 10 & 14 years boys they loved it! Fairly easy trail, steep in spots! views amazing! Sunrise sunset would be awesome!

Went with a group of 10 youth and 4 adults. We went up Ding and down Dang. Going up Ding and down Dang is definitely the easier way to go. Dan has several sections where going up would be much more difficult. This was a great hike and everyone had a good time.

As of 17 Mar 18, there is water at the bottom of Dang. You can brace your self and scoot along the narrow sections if you have the strength and agility to do it. There is one area about 10 feet in diameter that you will be wading in about knee deep water. The narrow sections the water was about waist deep. The section with water is about 100 yards long.

Great hike!
There is still water towards the bottom of Dang Canyon.

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