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great unique lava water ledge hike to an amazing blowhole and cool heart shaped lookthrough

I think it’s a very nice and short one. Easy to take good pictures. No need to bring water or snacks just your phone is required. I even saw people wearing sandals on the trail. Just come and spend 1 hour and it’s worth it!

Lovely trail, excellent views. The most challenging aspect of it is the elevation gain, but if you have a lot of hiking experience, I definitely wouldn't rate it as moderate. It's a good trail for less experienced individuals or those just getting into hiking!

Great Hike with views the entire way. A comfortable 3 hours. Recommend starting in the early morning hours to beat the sun. You are exposed the entire time. We took 2 16oz water bottles and was plenty for us.

Views are ok, being up next to the windmills was unique. The hike is very exposed, no shade. If a hot day take a lot of water, and start early. The hard rating is because it gains 1,500 in two miles, and the heat/exposure. Glad I did it, but no real reason to do it again in the future.

Fairly easy rock hoping to get down and up, kids and seniors were n the trail. So, yes pretty easy. The blow hole and heart rock were cool to see, the heart rock was smaller than I thought. The blow hole is pretty easy to get great pics with.

You can’t get better views

Great spot near Lahaina! The blowhole is really cool and there’s a heart shaped rock down near the blowhole to get photos with. Very cool! I saw a lot of people wearing flip flops. I would highly recommend wearing tennis shoes or hiking shoes/boots as there’s no “trail”. It’s just pathways with rocks and down toward the blowhole the rocks get wet and are very slippery!!! Pretty steep going back up as well. Spectacular views!! Try to get there early as this is probably the most popular spot along this highway. We got there around 8am and it was perfect, by the time we left around 10am the place was packed and no parking available!

Loved this trail! It was mostly flat but navigating through the lava beds created a great workout. The olivine pools were beautiful, as was the rugged coastline. Make sure to take the spurs off the main trail to see the rugged, but gorgeous, cliffs along the ocean. A bit of rock scrambling on the spurs, but well worth it. Also there was a special viewing of some wildlife. I did not think the trail was as hot and sunny as stated, but I would recommend a hat and sunscreen.

This trail definitely needs to be updated to moderate due to the wet footing and tricky crossings. Elevation and distance aren’t bad, but inexperienced hikers should we cautious taking this. Still, such an incredible and isolated hike today. We had the trail all to ourselves. Humid but cool enough. Lots of fun steam crossings and gorgeous waterfall at the end. After the “13th” crossing the stream forks. Be sure to take the one on the left and follow up to the waterfall in a sheer gorge drop. Beautiful.

More challenging than described . Disappointed with the final lookout.

Nice little trail, steep and rocky but easy enough to navigate even in sandles. Try the coconut water from the guy selling at the top delicious and refreshing. Blowhole and heart shaped gap in the rocks is cool for pictures. High tide is best for seeing the blow hole

I loved this trail. I had assumed it was runnable but it was mainly my chunky rocks with a few runnable sections. I did see a guy running it though. I still loved the experience. Bring more water than you think you will need and start early. There is zero shade. It took me two hours and I hike all the time.

12 days ago

Planned on running it but ended go hiking due to all the mud. It was still worth it and had amazing views.

Good work out

trail running
16 days ago

It's sooooo beautiful! just be careful, it can be really slippery!

16 days ago

Wonderful. Steep but easy.

Easy. Exceptional view on lava field. We have seen a monk seal and her baby.

Well used, easy to follow. Very nice view of the ocean. Not hard, moderate with good shoes and good shape.

19 days ago

Nice relatively short hike. It gets pretty muddy so I'd recommend good shoes (probably not sandals). I'd bring hiking poles for the way down if you have them but definitely not necessary. It took about an hour to get to the top and over an hour coming back down. I went in the morning and the peak was covered in clouds (and rain) but it cleared up by the time I got back to the bottom. It was still a beautiful hike on the way up despite the clouds at the end. If you're lucky enough to have a clear day, the views should be spectacular. Oh and a bonus if you're planning to call a ride share service for the ride back to town: nearly the entire trail has cell coverage.

Nice little hike. Getting up and down is not challenging, but it is not for people in sandals either. Bring a camera and RESPECT THE SAFETY SIGNS.

Get there early (before 9) to beat the crowds. Would recommend tennis shoes the trail was wet and steeper than I had expected with sharp rocks.

So fun! So worth the end the heart is almost to the bottom. I suggest if your going with someone let It be a surprise. My husband and I thought it was in a different hike and it was such a fun surprise!

No good for a trail run. First mile is nice and smooth, couples of beaches and trees along the way. Then rolling rocks for the entire trail. Easy to hurt yourself. The kind of trail to wear down your hiking boots.

What a great way to start a day! Hitting the trail by 8 am, we were just a few that morning on this spectacular hike that has a lot of points of view to offer. The hard rating is genuine as there are many sections covered with rolling rocks and sometimes very steep as well. It was hot in the first half so the high winds at the top sections were more than welcome. If rather difficult to run climbing, the descent is just lots of fun (just watch your steps) - it took us less than 2 hours with many stops

(Oh and by the way, we met severals police force officers armed and K9 squad looking for thieves hiding in the trail - they just burned out a stolen car in the trail parking lot. Better lock and not let anything valuable)

Tough hike but beautiful

Another fun and beautiful hike. I started the hike at around 1pm and finished at 3:30ish. I also hiked Waihe'es Ridge Trail (amazing) before Lahaina Pali on the same day. Careful at Ukemahame Trailhead (West). A person had their car broken into as I arrived and a police officer was assisting. Apparently this is a prime spot for thieves since it is off the old highway. Difficult to find trailhead. If coming from West side, it's to the left and before the tunnel. If coming from airport (East), then it's past the tunnels at the first pullover spot with trees. The trail is easy to navigate and the signage is adequate. Like others have said, you're hiking along a mountainside that's exposed to the sun. Bring sunscreen and water. This is a great hike when you can't go on the Northside (like Waihe'es Ridge Trail). I found enough places to rest with either the shade or cool winds. I like the terrain. You'll be climbing on large and medium-size rocks and along winding ridges. Great ocean views and really cool end spot. Once you see the windmills on the hike, know your another .5 mile or so from the finish. Once you finish, you're nearly underneath the Windmills and there's a gravel road they use for maintenance, etc.. Apparently you can keep going and complete the East side but I hear the West- side of the hike is more scenic. Plus I had to finish at where I started (Ukumehame West Trailhead).

28 days ago

Really fun trail and has beautiful views. Went on morning hike and it was raining the entire hike up. No views on the way up. Just rain and clouds, but the hike was still fun! Very slippery b/c much of the ground is either red clay, rock or both. It can also be very muddy. The path can be both straight or winding; uphill and downhill; muddy and rocky. My downhill trek had more views because the clouds were dispersing. I almost ran back to the top, but the summit still had no visibility. Heading downhill in the wet conditions was tough. Take your time and be careful because some parts are narrow. Was able to see the waterfalls and river on my descent. Beautiful hike with benches at vista points along the way.

Such an amazing hike, right after a couple of days of rain the landscape transforms into nice grassy slopes! The uulei is still growing strong, and I found 6 more Aalii growing on the Mauka side of the Kaalaina gulch! And the views are so relaxing!!

Definitely need to get an early start. Great views but essentially no cover; lots of sun exposure. Bring extra water and snacks just in case. Steady climb, but nothing too steep. Be wary of stepping on a loose rock.

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