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Amazing hike! Not that hard by any means. Definitely muddy. Was pretty foggy at the top. Amazing views!

very nice hike, the hike keeps on giving with the bamboo forest and waterfall at the end

Steep but short scree trail to a wonderful view. With the blowhole on your left, look right for the Maui Heart.

trail running
4 days ago

Beautiful run and views. First half was a hike with more runnable parts the second half. Downhill was a great technical test. Got up in 40 min and down in 25 min. Recommend starting before sunrise to avoid being in sun. I started at 6:30am

incredible views along entire hike. good elevation gain, a little slippery at spots, wear good hiking shoes with tread. would not recommend to do hike in or after big rain

5 days ago

A stunning hike. Parking is $25 (credit card only) but that buys you a three day pass to Haleakalā National Park, including the summit. If you have a National park pass or military ID, bring it for free admission. We arrived by around 12:00 and seemed to have beaten the crowd. The lot was packed by the time we were heading out, and the trail seemed to be getting pretty congested on the way down. After passing one dry waterfall half way in, we were worried that the higher falls would be dry also. They were not. Keep going — it’s worth it.

Beautiful view. Love this trail.

Love this trail..... panoramic ocean views for most of it.... Great rocky climb.... 1500 ft elevation gain in a mere 2.35 miles.... I do it in trail runners no prob.... you may wanna utilize a more substantial boot however

Hard core bouldering. Did okay with my heavy treaded vibram five’s. started about 7:30am which gave the ascent some good shade. glad i did, the decent back to the car was hot as sh!t. Enjoying a cider from maui brewing after. Amazing hike.

Great workout and hike! Bring water

15 days ago

Trail entrance is a bit overgrown but the rest of the trail is pretty easy to navigate. Where the road curves left (right after the road splits to alu rd), Look out for a small opening in the vegetation.
It is pretty steep so you get a good workout on the way up and have to be careful on the way down. If you go a little past the cross, you’ll get a good view of the isthmus. Took us about 90 min to get to the cross and back going at a fairly leisurely pace.

15 days ago

Short hike down to the blowhole with some fun scrambling in locations. Very unique natural attraction!

16 days ago

Not sure I would qualify this as a hike. interesting little valley with some interesting history. A good quick stop on your way to/from somewhere. Warning, parking fees in effect unless you can park along the toad. before you enter the site.

My favorite trail in Maui. Reasonably challenging with outstanding views of East Maui. Hiking shoes /boots recommended, definitely not a flip flop hike.

a nice hike, lots of elevation and a killer view. if the trail gets wet it is pretty slippery on the way down so essential footware is key

16 days ago

Beautiful and well worth the time.

I hiked this starting at 5:30 to be at the top for sunrise. Very manageable trail by moonlight. An hour to the end of the trail. Watched the sun pop over Haleakala crater just after 7am.

Beautiful hike in the forest

No shade, but it’s a great workout. Pretty steep and a beautiful view!

One of the best hikes in Maui! Go past the sign and go all the way to the fall! Completely worth it!

Hard hike, lots of rock climbing and no shade. Nice view of water but no big view when you get to top. Bring lots of water!!! We ran out

Great trail. Beautiful views. I went early and was the only person on the trail until I was part of the way back down.

22 days ago

We went this trail when it was raining a lot but it was still very beautiful trail! There are few waterfalls along the way, you go through bamboo forest and there is so big and beuatiful tree on the way! The waterfall in the end is huge and amazing. Definitely worth it!

22 days ago

Amazing hike! It is recommended to go in the morning because there is a better chance there won't be any clouds. Well, we are quite sleepers so started around 11am. On the way up, there were no clouds. When we were going down, clouds just started surrounding us and it was beautiful! many beautiful view, the path is in a good shape... higly recommended!

Almost made it all the way. It was a great hike. Definitely needs to be done in the early morning. Loved seeing the windmills so close. If we was here longer I’d do it again and make it all the way

Nice hike! Used to hiking the rocky mountains so was an elevation gain but nothing too crazy. Still got in a great workout though. Beautiful views. Took us just a little over an hour up (with picture stops) and about 45 down. Could be muddy if it rained but wasn’t bad for us.

Very good trail. Awsome view. Bring water and good shoes. I’m a medium level sport fan and found it hard but finished it happy

23 days ago

Super short and easy paved trail. Drive to the park is scenic. Parking costs $5. Park just outside the gates to save cash. Iao needle is pretty neat and the creek is cool as well. Good for a short little visit.

The trail head is difficult to see. It's just off to the side of the road where it is marked on the map. Park either below near the construction site or park off the left hand side of the road just above the beginning of the trail. Trail leads to a white cross but don't stop there continue on to see a view of the coast and valley below. Trail ends at a chain link fence which prevents you from going into the west maui forest reserve. Trail is small and extremely slippery if wet. Can be steep as well. View points are awesome. Took us about 90 minutes with great conditions. Not advisable for people with bad knees, or have unsure footing seeing as the entire trail is going over roots uphill/downhill. Overall good hike to start early, as with any hike in Maui, good views past the cross.

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