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20 hours ago

Made it the whole way with our jogging stroller. Great views and the bridge was fun. Would definitely recommend during Spring and Fall since the trail is completely exposed.

Second time hiking I love it.

easy trail for sunday afternoon, bring your dogs 3 waste bags stations, no reason to leave anything behind

Great hike all around! Definitely need good boots as the trail was completely covered in snow and it is a decent incline. Beautiful wooded landscape throughout and lightly trafficked. Close to Park City but you feel like you’re more remote!

We really enjoyed this hike! Brought our little guy along:)

Trail was muddy after the turn from the living room. Along the final climb spikes were very useful because of the hard ice up.

Less of a zoo than Blood Lake and more scenic in the bowl under Clayton peak. You can access it via peak 10420 and dropping down, or just continuing past bloods lake.

Pretty easy. Awesome that they would build such a fancy bridge for the BST

I really appreciate rails to trails projects. Riding along the reservoir is cool. I saw some muskrats in the town of Echo. It was rideable on a road bike even on the dirt parts in winter (no snow about a month ago... terrible year for snow)

Completed this hike on 2/3/18. This is always a great easy-moderate hike with great views of downtown SLC and plenty of wildlife. Lots of wind at the summit, but still worth it.

Took my 5y/o, 3 y/o and packed my 1 y/o on my back and they all LOVED it! Incredible views, really cool rocks (which is important when you’re a kid), and the perfect distance for kiddos. We will DEFINITELY do this one again!

The sweetest biking trail. Loved the suspension bridge. Beautifl area for seeing nature as you ride, walk or run.

This is a really cool place. I wouldn’t have expected it to be up there behind just the neighborhood

1 month ago

This is a nice easy family hike. My 5 year old had no problem. Beware as we saw needles and other drug paraphernalia towards the beginning of the trail head, but afterwards it was all natural beauty. The suspension bridge was awesome and overall it was a enjoyable experience.

As a beginner I had to pause a lot but it was well worth it in the end. Bridge is a bit wobbly but it wasn't scary.

Brought my dog up here today and it was beautiful! Only saw a couple people and a few bikers. There was no snow but it is supposed to snow tonight so there will probably be a couple inches tomorrow.

Great hike! The first part is switchbacks up the trail. The bridge is wobbly when walking across, but fun!

2 months ago

We started out just hiking towards the beginning because the snow was a little more packed, but saddled on the showshoes towards the middle of the trail and it was perfect. Weather was great, not too steep. Woodsy and beautiful! Brought my dog and she loved it as well.

This is a great trail and easy to navigate. Finding the trail head was very easy with parking near by. There was snow coverage for the entire trek, however did not require snow shoes, but poles would have been helpful on the return. Moderate is the appropriate designation as it got the heart rate going but did not have many obstacles. There is a fork near the trails end, we went to the right for what was another quarter mile and well worth it as the view was breathtaking. Going this way we did have to double back to return to the iron canyon trail.

Relatively easy trail to do. The bridge and the views are awesome. Take Ralphs Trail back down to give yourself a different hike back to Orsen Wells Trailhead.

Great hike, close to the city but quiet enough to be enjoyable. If you keep going a little ways past the bridge the trail passes through a small boulder cave which is kinda neat.

from the orson trail, go up the boneville shoreline trail, when that trail splits go left (toward cherry lodge) but don't go up cherry lodge, keep going and you'll get to the bridge and the bear canyon trail (the restrooms are well kept with soap and seat covers)

2 months ago

Iron Mountain is an excellent day hike. The trail to the summit is well marked and maintained. It has a wide path and I would consider this an easy to moderately difficult climb. The views are not as spectacular as some other local hikes but the trail is enjoyable to hike.

Great hike! Did it with our 5 month old and dog. It was slightly more difficult than I anticipated due to the elevation gain.

3 months ago

very steep but the woods on the mountain side were beautiful with a great view of Park City.

This was a fun trail with a variety of scenery. Mountains, trees, snow, ice, water. I loved it coming from Phoenix where we don't have a lot other than sand and rock. Not marked but easy to follow with the app. There are a ton of side trails.

3 months ago

Nice and icy

3 months ago

Name of trail is a bit confusing as we did not find a trail head with that specific name. Despite that, we had a nice, leisurely 8 mile hike through the interconnected trails and our dog was especially happy being off leash. This was a fairly easy trail, not gonna be awe struck with amazing views, but it was great exercise for

Definitely not moderate but a very fun easy hike. The suspension bridge is worth it alone. Make sure right by the bridge you go on bear canyon loop, it takes you up a little higher where the stream is.

This is a great family hike! It wasn’t too long and the bridge/view was awesome.

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