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beautiful views!

14 hours ago

As someone who just moved to the island and doesn’t hike much, I thought this was difficult. But man it was worth it!! The views from any part of it are spectacular and there are plenty of places to pull off the trail for a quick break! Even a nice table up top to eat lunch! We reached the summit around 11:30 and the clouds had just started to roll in, and then it became very overcast. Definitely recommend heading up earlier than later if you want the best views!

17 hours ago

We hiked this on Thanksgiving Day in 2017 and absolutely loved the views. Having read previous reviews, we were sure to time it so that we reached the summit by 10:45 (the best way to ensure that cloud cover doesn't impede the views). And sure enough, once we reached the top, it wasn't more than 10-15 minutes before the cloud cover started rolling in and completely blocking the views.

It rained on us while we were going up for a little bit. That caused the path to be EXTREMELY muddy. That meant that we basically had to RUN down on our return in order to avoid falling. Overall, a very fun hike with some great views of city/ocean/valley/mountain. We will definitely do this again.

2 days ago

Very Jurassic Park. Not really a hike. The advice to go before you go to the airport is good. It will not take you long!

2 days ago

Easy to navigate this trail on the Hana side of the Haleakala National Park. Halfway through, the trail turns into a man made board walk. When we were there in November 2018, they had dropped new boards at various places along the trail to widen or lengthen it. The bamboo forest is amazing!! The waterfall at the end is much larger and higher than you would ever expect! Wear bug spray.

just lovely and mystical. the scenery is breathtaking, the sheer amount of greenery is unbelievable. few waterfalls, pools, ocean views.... the vegetation also changes from sort of a rainforest at the bottom to bamboo forest about halfway through. we strongly recommend it. it's nice, easy and refreshing hike.

3 days ago

This hike will fool you because you go down hill first into Haleakala Crater. It is huge and hard to comprehend. It takes twice as long and five times the effort to hike back out. Spectacular views at each new turn. We were lucky enough to be on the trail at times when no other hikers were near us. The absolute silence was shocking. Stop and listen when you have the opportunity. On our way out, a couple of novice hikers asked us to take their picture (we didn't have any other requests for this) and also asked if there is a good view of the crater a little farther in. I was confused by the question and said yes, several smaller craters are visible on the trail. We hiked a few hundred feet away from them and then it dawned on me. I called back, "Hey guys! You are in the crater! You are here!" After a brief pause of realization they looked around, pumped their fists and yelled "Mahalo! Mahaho!" (Thanks! Thanks!)

It's private property. You are breaking the law if you go on this trail. Hikers we saw coming out of the trail were covered in mud and massive bug bites.

Amazing hike! Not that hard by any means. Definitely muddy. Was pretty foggy at the top. Amazing views!

6 days ago

Did this hike in May2018-Hiked down to the floor of the crater, which took hours, but isn’t the full 11 miles like this hike says. Didn’t see a point in walking to a hut since we were doing out and back to our rental car. The trek was difficult on the way up, but the alternating views between clouds was well worth the sweat + effort !

very nice hike, the hike keeps on giving with the bamboo forest and waterfall at the end

Steep but short scree trail to a wonderful view. With the blowhole on your left, look right for the Maui Heart.

trail running
9 days ago

Beautiful run and views. First half was a hike with more runnable parts the second half. Downhill was a great technical test. Got up in 40 min and down in 25 min. Recommend starting before sunrise to avoid being in sun. I started at 6:30am

incredible views along entire hike. good elevation gain, a little slippery at spots, wear good hiking shoes with tread. would not recommend to do hike in or after big rain

10 days ago

A stunning hike. Parking is $25 (credit card only) but that buys you a three day pass to Haleakalā National Park, including the summit. If you have a National park pass or military ID, bring it for free admission. We arrived by around 12:00 and seemed to have beaten the crowd. The lot was packed by the time we were heading out, and the trail seemed to be getting pretty congested on the way down. After passing one dry waterfall half way in, we were worried that the higher falls would be dry also. They were not. Keep going — it’s worth it.

Given that we’ve heard this was one of the “must see” sights in Maui, it was a bit shy of a 5 star experience. This loop is short and flat, but it is beautiful. In any other locale, it would be stunning. It’s currently $25 for vehicle parking (credit card only), but that buys you a three-day pass for Haleakalā National Park, including the summit area. If you have a national park pass, don’t leave it in your hotel.

great hike; weather and temperatures can change very quickly; be prepared.

13 days ago

It’s not good right now, best time to go not in the winter. We went December 4, 2018. River is out off control, too much rain. You won’t be able to swim or get across. It’s dirty brown water raging rolling down. Upper water fall is closed. Tourists r everywhere it’s not good!

Beautiful view. Love this trail.

Love this trail..... panoramic ocean views for most of it.... Great rocky climb.... 1500 ft elevation gain in a mere 2.35 miles.... I do it in trail runners no prob.... you may wanna utilize a more substantial boot however

Hard core bouldering. Did okay with my heavy treaded vibram five’s. started about 7:30am which gave the ascent some good shade. glad i did, the decent back to the car was hot as sh!t. Enjoying a cider from maui brewing after. Amazing hike.

Great workout and hike! Bring water

20 days ago

Short hike down to the blowhole with some fun scrambling in locations. Very unique natural attraction!

20 days ago

Fun hike with lots to see! We stopped about halfway (about a mile after the reservoir) and still saw pineapples, guava, and passion fruit! Some of the areas higher up were a bit muddy and had a bunch of mosquitoes so bug spray and hiking shoes are recommended.

21 days ago

Not sure I would qualify this as a hike. interesting little valley with some interesting history. A good quick stop on your way to/from somewhere. Warning, parking fees in effect unless you can park along the toad. before you enter the site.

My favorite trail in Maui. Reasonably challenging with outstanding views of East Maui. Hiking shoes /boots recommended, definitely not a flip flop hike.

a nice hike, lots of elevation and a killer view. if the trail gets wet it is pretty slippery on the way down so essential footware is key

21 days ago

Beautiful and well worth the time.

I hiked this starting at 5:30 to be at the top for sunrise. Very manageable trail by moonlight. An hour to the end of the trail. Watched the sun pop over Haleakala crater just after 7am.

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