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Wow wow wow! A must in Maui. Breathtaking, humbling views. We went on some pretty cool hikes on the island but this was the most amazing. It is more challenging but very doable for many fitness levels. Wear good shoes though!

Did this hike in November 2016 on our honeymoon. We hiked sliding sands in and Halemau’u out. Got to the hitchhiker pickup before 8am and wasn’t able to get a lift but managed to get one back up to our car afterward as there were plenty of people in the parking lot.

We are intermediate hikers and still found this a very strenuous hike as others have said - full sun 100%. Start early, bring lots of water, proper shoes, and be prepared!

This is the only place we found a couple Ne’nes - and we were so lucky for a clear day. There is nowhere else like this place, such a special hike! The 2000ft gain on switchbacks in under 3 miles at the end was a real test, but the views were out of this world. We hiked through sand hills. old lava flows that looked like the moon, red sand that made you think you might be on mars, and then we came back to earth with the amazing green cliffs overlooking the gap at the end.

Beautiful coastal views! During hide tide there are view small blowholes. While the trail is wide and flat, closed toed shoes are a must. The ground is lose stone and lava.

1 day ago

Amazing views! Great way to see the ridge line of the mountains. You’ll see long range views of a waterfall and the coastline as well. It’s about a 1,600 foot elevation gain, prepare to sweat, but the views are worth it. I would wear hiking boots as well. The trail is very slick.


4 days ago

Great trail, good for kids, absolutely beautiful! Wish you could go closer to waterfall at the end, but still a great view. Super hot and humid, bring plenty of water. Bamboo forest was very cool too. Gorgeous area.

on Pipiwai Trail

5 days ago

I loved this trail. I think the first ten minutes is the most challenging. If you count from car to actual waterfall ... even thought you are not supposed to go past the sign. it’s closer to four miles round trip. Most likely you will get a little mud and depending on the rain forecast you will have to go through two to four shallow streams. Your feet will get wet. I did this with my three year old 36 pound toddler on my back. It was a great beautiful trail. Don’t forget the bug spray! Mosquitos the entire trip.

Amazing trail! I had 1.5 L of water and wish I brought more. Once you drop down to the lower level the clouds roll in and out all around you. It can get cool and hot based on cloud cover. I layered and it helped a lot. There is water at the Holua cabin but i think you need a passcode to get in. There was a couple staying there and offered to fill up my water pack. The nene birds hung out around the cabin and really cool to know they were part of the geese family.

Awesome views!

10 days ago

This is a great option to do before you head to the airport. It’s not very long and views are beautiful. However if you’re looking for a hike, this is not a hike you can do it in 15 minutes and it’s not strenuous at all

10 days ago

Great hike, bamboo forest is amazing and waterfall is amazing. Give yourself about an hour and a half to two hours. Make sure you go all the way to the end to see the waterfall. And bring a Camera. Accurately rated as moderate, not too strenuous. Loved it.

Great trail even for my second visit I enjoyed the trail. As other reviews mention, proper foot wear is important as is can get a bit muddy after some rain. At a decent pace it's about an hour to the top with great views along the way. Don't be disappointed if you reach the top and are surrounded by clouds, the trip is well worth it as you are likely to meet great people along the way as my fiancee and I did this go around. Mahalo, Beto.

Little dry/hot if you start late. Some good views near the coast before going in towards a bunch of volcanic rocks. Some wild goats along the way tagging along. Might be better during early morning but not a whole lot to see. Casual workout

Excellent hike with excellent views! Bring your water and a camera.

Awesome trail! Very lush and incredible scenery at every turn. Can’t wait to do it again.

14 days ago

Great hike. Views were amazing. Too bad the clouds rolled in when we hit the top. Accurately rated as moderate. Took us 2 hours. Great workout too.

This trail is something very different! Very special terrain that I have never seen before. Looks like your walking on the moon. The trail is a little challenging due to 100% exposure to sun. Make sure you bring plenty of water and good sun protection!

We did this trail a little different as it had been suggested to us by the ranger at the visitor center. The best option to do this trail is to park your car at the car park after the first visitor center and take a hitchhike ride up to the second visitor center. This is a common practice in the national park and there is a designated hiker pickup point right at the car park. We got a ride within 5 minutes. From the second visitor center you can walk down the crater. After that it's mostly flat. At the end there is 2000ft of elevation along 3 miles.
Hiking the trail this way makes it 11 miles instead of 8 but you don't have to go back and forth and can see so much. Also, doing it this way means hiking downhill or on flat terrain for 8miles and only 3 miles at the end uphill.

17 days ago

Awesome little trail. Bamboo forest is worth the trip alone.

17 days ago

Great trail! The start is a steep incline on a paved sidewalk.... A few feet afterwards you go through a trail gate and the real hike begins. There were some spots where the incline was steep but nothing too slippery or difficult. There are spots with seats or outlooks to rest. Make sure you have water for hydration.

18 days ago

Gorgeous views! Can’t wait to do it again!

Loved it. Did this hike with my 34!year old daughter and 14 year old granddaughter. First part was the hardest. Great views

21 days ago

A nice quick walk with incredible views before we left for the airport. Actually the drive to the park is very scenic as well.

23 days ago

No mud to deal with so the hike went fairly smoothly. Amazing views all along the trail. The last hill is definitely a challenge when you think it's all over.
A definite must do hike on Maui.

trail running
25 days ago

Quick review for any trail runners out there. Excellent trails for this.

Got up at at 3am in Lahaina today, left the house at 3:40, at the summit parking lot around 5:30. Watched the sunrise (bring lots of layers!), then ran the trail all the way down to the cabin on the crater floor, which is close to 6 miles. Most of the way, the trail is steep (you drop 600 feet on average per mile), but wide and soft on the feet. Between mile 3 and 4, the trail was too technical for me to run on so I speed walked it. Too many rocks.

But then the trail got easy again and there’s nothing better than the last 1.5 miles which are flat and on the floor through the grass, or bush, or whatever it is, with mountains all around you.

I then got to the cabin and sat down and took a break and got some food before heading back to the summit. No issue with weather or temperatures - once I started moving, I stayed warm. Mostly hiked the way back due to the grade and the fact that I’m not that good. But definitely an unforgettable experience and nothing like what I’m used to back in California.

Water wise - probably drank about two liters in total, all on the way up. Wasn’t thirsty running down.

Made it under an hour to the hut and couple of hours to hike back to the parking lot.

Very short and easy! Mountain views are great!

Easy accessible and beautiful surroundings. Amazing bamboo forrest followed by an even more amazing waterfall!

27 days ago

This is an amazing hike. Two + miles straight up but the scenery of waterfalls, ocean and lush tropical flowers is SO worth it!!!

great morning hike. good shoes, sunglasses, and water are a must.
well marked, moderate hike.

Great trail! Amazing views

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