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17 hours ago

My friend and I were pretty out of shape when we attempted sliding sands - we went in for about 2 miles and headed back because we knew that's all we could handle. Being in high altitude and very dry, it was hard to catch my breath and it hurt to open my eyes for more than a few seconds.
Driving up to the trailhead and back is another form of exhaustion (more mental than physical). I would recommend parking at Halemau'u and hitch up to sliding sands just to avoid having to drive all the way down, esp if you or passengers get carsick.
Sliding sands is truly unique for many reasons. One is the surreal landscape, but you also want to keep an eye out for Nene geese and the Chukar partridge. First one is very territorial whereas the latter will let you take its picture from close.

1 day ago

We started much later than everyone else normally would (around 12:15pm) and got back around 5:30pm right before sunset. We stopped a ton to take pictures and sat down for about 15 minutes at the first hut. If you’re on a mission and in decent shape you can probably do this trail in under 5 hours. The views are amazing the whole way and the landscape is surreal. If you don’t want to do the whole 11.6 mile round trip you can walk out a mile or two and still see some beautiful scenery.

The trail is sandy and some areas are rocky and slippery but most people shouldn’t have a problem. The uphill climb back to the top was definitely challenging because of the elevation and because we were in the afternoon sun. It was a bright sunny day so there was zero shade. If you’re hiking on a clear day bring lots of water, sunscreen and a hat.

Lovely trail, excellent views. The most challenging aspect of it is the elevation gain, but if you have a lot of hiking experience, I definitely wouldn't rate it as moderate. It's a good trail for less experienced individuals or those just getting into hiking!

The entrance is a small hole in the vegetation. Very muddy and very steep: not recomanded in rubber slipper. Pretty.

Fairly easy rock hoping to get down and up, kids and seniors were n the trail. So, yes pretty easy. The blow hole and heart rock were cool to see, the heart rock was smaller than I thought. The blow hole is pretty easy to get great pics with.

Solid, beautiful, easy if ya want or it can challenge you. My Uncle Tom tells me to this day that he calls this trail pumpkin pie, cause it’s always so sweet.

Great spot near Lahaina! The blowhole is really cool and there’s a heart shaped rock down near the blowhole to get photos with. Very cool! I saw a lot of people wearing flip flops. I would highly recommend wearing tennis shoes or hiking shoes/boots as there’s no “trail”. It’s just pathways with rocks and down toward the blowhole the rocks get wet and are very slippery!!! Pretty steep going back up as well. Spectacular views!! Try to get there early as this is probably the most popular spot along this highway. We got there around 8am and it was perfect, by the time we left around 10am the place was packed and no parking available!

Loved this trail! It was mostly flat but navigating through the lava beds created a great workout. The olivine pools were beautiful, as was the rugged coastline. Make sure to take the spurs off the main trail to see the rugged, but gorgeous, cliffs along the ocean. A bit of rock scrambling on the spurs, but well worth it. Also there was a special viewing of some wildlife. I did not think the trail was as hot and sunny as stated, but I would recommend a hat and sunscreen.

Beautiful and worth going.

More challenging than described . Disappointed with the final lookout.

A must do on the road to Hana!

Nice little trail, steep and rocky but easy enough to navigate even in sandles. Try the coconut water from the guy selling at the top delicious and refreshing. Blowhole and heart shaped gap in the rocks is cool for pictures. High tide is best for seeing the blow hole

9 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences of my life! Walking around the lush Maui forest in the rain through a massive Banyan tree, waterfalls, a bamboo forest that sounded like music az it swayed in the wind and rain, all kinds of Eucalyptus, including Rainbow Gum, which is my favorite.

There are steep areas, wet and slippery areas, and lots of mud so come prepared. Many areas are not accessible.

Make sure not to get to the park before 7am! You need a reservation prior to that I didn’t know and waited outside. Also if you want to do the 11 mile loop which I highly recommend park at the Halemau’u Trailhead / Hitchhiker Parking and get a ride up to the Sliding Sands Trailhead. Otherwise you’ll have to get a ride back up.
The hike itself was pretty easy, only the way up Halemau’u was a little intense. I was able to run a lot of it and did it in just under 3:30. If you’ve hiked Bright Angel this is much easier.

10 days ago

Planned on running it but ended go hiking due to all the mud. It was still worth it and had amazing views.

Good work out

12 days ago

I’ve done this hike in 2014 and 2016. It goes through a cool bamboo forest and leads to a final waterfall. It is usually moderately crowded. The drive on the Road to Hana is half the fun, but I’d say don’t miss the cool side hikes. This is one I’d plan on doing bc it’s Haleakala National Park at the end of the road as a last stop before where most people turn back with their rental cars.

trail running
14 days ago

It's sooooo beautiful! just be careful, it can be really slippery!

14 days ago

Wonderful. Steep but easy.

Easy. Exceptional view on lava field. We have seen a monk seal and her baby.

18 days ago

Nice relatively short hike. It gets pretty muddy so I'd recommend good shoes (probably not sandals). I'd bring hiking poles for the way down if you have them but definitely not necessary. It took about an hour to get to the top and over an hour coming back down. I went in the morning and the peak was covered in clouds (and rain) but it cleared up by the time I got back to the bottom. It was still a beautiful hike on the way up despite the clouds at the end. If you're lucky enough to have a clear day, the views should be spectacular. Oh and a bonus if you're planning to call a ride share service for the ride back to town: nearly the entire trail has cell coverage.

Love this trail! Hiked to the falls with my grandson on my back. We both really enjoyed the trek. Diverse terrain, scenic views, and bamboo forests.

Nice little hike. Getting up and down is not challenging, but it is not for people in sandals either. Bring a camera and RESPECT THE SAFETY SIGNS.

Lots of great scenery and not too strenuous. Bamboo forest section is awesome. Will likely want water shoes for the last bit to get to the base of the falls

Get there early (before 9) to beat the crowds. Would recommend tennis shoes the trail was wet and steeper than I had expected with sharp rocks.

So fun! So worth the end the heart is almost to the bottom. I suggest if your going with someone let It be a surprise. My husband and I thought it was in a different hike and it was such a fun surprise!

No good for a trail run. First mile is nice and smooth, couples of beaches and trees along the way. Then rolling rocks for the entire trail. Easy to hurt yourself. The kind of trail to wear down your hiking boots.

24 days ago

My wife and I were only able to get to the bamboo forest before time constraints made us turn back around. Definitely worth it up to that point though! A beautiful waterfall with an even better one at the end (as seen in pictures) and the bamboo forest is like another world! Really cool looking tree in between the first waterfall and bamboo, like something from a fantasy movie!

It's okay, that's how I can honestly best describe it. Not many good views and very short. You're better off doing this loop and then going to the Pipwai trail for a better hike. Pools are closed to swimming as well, so unless they open it back up, don't even think about that.

24 days ago

They are not lying when they say it's hard! My wife and I hiked down the Halemau'u trail and cut over to Sliding Sands and hiked up. I can tell you it was extremely difficult for us ascending the 3000 feet, but the views were absolutely breathtaking! Inside the crater feels like you're on another planet like Mars or something! Your mileage will definitely vary depending on your fitness, which may be why it was difficult for us since we aren't in fantastic shape. Take a lot of water and snacks, you will need breaks!

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