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No mud to deal with so the hike went fairly smoothly. Amazing views all along the trail. The last hill is definitely a challenge when you think it's all over.
A definite must do hike on Maui.

trail running
3 days ago

Quick review for any trail runners out there. Excellent trails for this.

Got up at at 3am in Lahaina today, left the house at 3:40, at the summit parking lot around 5:30. Watched the sunrise (bring lots of layers!), then ran the trail all the way down to the cabin on the crater floor, which is close to 6 miles. Most of the way, the trail is steep (you drop 600 feet on average per mile), but wide and soft on the feet. Between mile 3 and 4, the trail was too technical for me to run on so I speed walked it. Too many rocks.

But then the trail got easy again and there’s nothing better than the last 1.5 miles which are flat and on the floor through the grass, or bush, or whatever it is, with mountains all around you.

I then got to the cabin and sat down and took a break and got some food before heading back to the summit. No issue with weather or temperatures - once I started moving, I stayed warm. Mostly hiked the way back due to the grade and the fact that I’m not that good. But definitely an unforgettable experience and nothing like what I’m used to back in California.

Water wise - probably drank about two liters in total, all on the way up. Wasn’t thirsty running down.

Made it under an hour to the hut and couple of hours to hike back to the parking lot.

Beautiful especially after recent storms but not easy if you’re with small kids.

Wouldn‘t call this a hike! Very short and easy. Pools look cool, but I would definitely recommend to do the Pipiwai Trail next to it, which is even more amazing!

Easy accessible and beautiful surroundings. Amazing bamboo forrest followed by an even more amazing waterfall!

5 days ago

This is an amazing hike. Two + miles straight up but the scenery of waterfalls, ocean and lush tropical flowers is SO worth it!!!

Great trail! Amazing views

Easy, beautiful hike!

11 days ago

This hike was so beautiful and rewarding. When I went, it was cloudy and slippery. We were in the clouds and couldn’t see out from the summit at all. But the views along the way we’re stunning. It looks like a tropical Pacific Northwest while you’re walking through the trees. Then you’re in the mountains and it’s magical. It is definitely moderate, with a couple of really steep spots. I would recommend hiking shoes/gear. This was well worth the drive and trek!

The falls are nice, the hike there is super easy, in total a nice experience

The Hike was awesome. My wife and I did it today. I would change the difficulty though. It is easy to the first waterfall. To get to the second water fall is a bit harder. It is hard to get to the last water fall which is the biggest and best one. You have to go over the second waterfall with help of a ladder and ropes then you get to a spot where you have to swim for 50 yards or so and climb up another waterfall. Once you get up it is easy and the last water fall is awesome and for sure recommend going the whole way. Just a warning that you should leave your stuff in the car since you have to swim in pretty deep water to get to the last falls.

16 days ago


16 days ago

Lots of people! Still beautiful though.

Quick and fairly easy hike. Beautiful views!

16 days ago

Loop is quick and easy. Side trail down to the springs and small caves is worth the hike.

Great time! A bit muddy so I'm glad I brought my poles. I'm clumsy though - they aren't required!

This hike has views that you can’t see anywhere else, but is not for the faint of heart.

The drive to the top can be stressful and must be taken slowly if you’re not used to curvy roads. The roads are paved, but prepare to take the ride to the trail a little slower. We really enjoyed the different landscapes of Maui with the lava rock and the clouds that sunk into the valley of the craters. I agree with another user that some hikers may bite off more than they can chew in the beginning because at first, the trail seems easy. With starting in a down grade, it is a different trail than I was used to. We left a little after 7, went out approximately 6 miles, then headed back and we were able to complete the hike in less than 5 hours. Walking back to the top was more difficult in warmer temperatures and with the elevation being a factor. That being said, make sure if you plan on going out that far, have appropriate shoes, water, and sunscreen. We saw a lot of folks walking past us on our return without those things. If you aren’t interested in a more difficult hike, but want the same views, I would suggest going out 1-2 miles.

If you are interested in seeing the sunrise at Haleakalā, driving yourself, plan to go within 3 days to use the same park entrance fee. I would suggest going on the hike first, to get used to the roads in daylight. They seem less daunting in the dark when it is the second time you’ve been on the road.

This trail was a great experience, and like I said, is like nothing you will see anywhere else!

great hike; done it several times; go early in the morning, lots of fog and rain in the afternoon hours.

Heavily trafficked small, but worth doing! The waterfall is beautiful, so have your swimsuit ready!

Great coastal walk! Awesome views throughout, even got to see some turtles hanging out on the bay waters. No dogs allowed due to several bird nesting areas. We had the opportunity to see a lot of small birds up close!

19 days ago

Beautiful! Easy hike with incredible views.

26 days ago

Perfect hike for beginners. I've seen more impressive waterfalls at the end but after a long drive along the road to Hana, it's nice to stretch your legs on this walk.

26 days ago

Really enjoyed the second half of this trail, as the first half was in the clouds and was wet with poor visibility. The trail is wide and quite safe. As you descend and the clouds disperse, the view of the cinder cones is spectacular. You do feel like you're on another planet. I did the out and back, which did get a bit tough at the top where it was again wet and you're constantly ascending. I wish I had planned better and parked the car for the Halemau'u trailhead then hitched to this trailhead, so I could do more of a loop.

I'm in love with this trail. I've been here twice. I'd recommend to go there when it's dry, but muddy/wet is a challenge too. I had a great experience. Amazing view! So beautiful!

very pretty trail. good time had by all.

This hike started out bad with an unsafe road to get to the trailhead. I'm talking about potholes and mountain pavement bumps that if I was actually driving faster than 15 mph, would have taken off a tire. then the trail itself... I went for the allure of the "spring and waterfall." Only to find instead, (after killing myself getting down a steep,slippery trail) that there is no spring and no waterfall. Only a bunch of creepy caves that reminded me of something out of an underground crypt. Then the rest of the hike-gave me the feeling of being in a scary movie. I didn't mention this to my husband thinking it was just me, but wasn't surprised when he brought it up towards the end of the trail all on his own. And wouldn't you Know it, he says not two minutes after the creepy vibe Conversation that "the lady in her fancy dress sketching" didn't help. Needless to say, I did not see the lady nor did I want to go back so he could "prove he Saw her." I do a lot of hiking, especially in forested areas, but this was a different Kind of vibe that I do not want to re-create.

this trail is absolutely

it was something else. I really enjoyed the challenge of this hike.

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes anywhere in the world. Have done it many times. Go early, go often.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful trail - so many lookouts and great views. Feels like you can see the whole island. This was a real highlight of my trip and I greatly recommend it to anyone visiting. The trail was not too difficult and my whole family was able to do it. We finished in a bit more than two hours and took lots of time to take pictures and look at the view. There are picnic tables at the top also so you could bring lunch and eat there.

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