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Definitely not the easiest scramble down and up. But the pools are amazing to swim in. The views are great as well. But, the suggestion about high tides is probably a good one. Having the waves crash just a few feet away was really cool, but you definitely do not want to get caught by one.

Solid, beautiful, easy if ya want or it can challenge you. My Uncle Tom tells me to this day that he calls this trail pumpkin pie, cause it’s always so sweet.

Very cool spot with several natural pools. We did not go down to the pools, just stood above at the look out. The signs before going down made us a bit frightened to try and venture down there but there were several people down there you just have to be smart. It switchbacks down the mountain to get to the pools. Very rocky, wear hiking shoes/boots

A must do on the road to Hana!

7 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences of my life! Walking around the lush Maui forest in the rain through a massive Banyan tree, waterfalls, a bamboo forest that sounded like music az it swayed in the wind and rain, all kinds of Eucalyptus, including Rainbow Gum, which is my favorite.

There are steep areas, wet and slippery areas, and lots of mud so come prepared. Many areas are not accessible.

10 days ago

I’ve done this hike in 2014 and 2016. It goes through a cool bamboo forest and leads to a final waterfall. It is usually moderately crowded. The drive on the Road to Hana is half the fun, but I’d say don’t miss the cool side hikes. This is one I’d plan on doing bc it’s Haleakala National Park at the end of the road as a last stop before where most people turn back with their rental cars.

Love this trail! Hiked to the falls with my grandson on my back. We both really enjoyed the trek. Diverse terrain, scenic views, and bamboo forests.

Lots of great scenery and not too strenuous. Bamboo forest section is awesome. Will likely want water shoes for the last bit to get to the base of the falls

22 days ago

My wife and I were only able to get to the bamboo forest before time constraints made us turn back around. Definitely worth it up to that point though! A beautiful waterfall with an even better one at the end (as seen in pictures) and the bamboo forest is like another world! Really cool looking tree in between the first waterfall and bamboo, like something from a fantasy movie!

It's okay, that's how I can honestly best describe it. Not many good views and very short. You're better off doing this loop and then going to the Pipwai trail for a better hike. Pools are closed to swimming as well, so unless they open it back up, don't even think about that.

Love love LOVE going down to the mermaid pools!
It’s a nice place to swim if the tide is low, don’t get in if the waves are big or if any sets are rolling in- it can be SUPER dangerous.

nature trips
24 days ago

Gorgeous colors, breathtaking views. Small black sand beach where you can take a dip, as well as areas to camp (permit required). Was a bit crowded on the beach, but the trail was great. Must see!

26 days ago

Absolutely one of the best hikes on Maui. You can go to the base of a 400 foot waterfall after walking through a bamboo forest. Just difficult and long enough to make it interesting, but not too taxing. Don’t miss doing it if you visit Maui.

27 days ago

Beautiful trail. I would not consider this an "easy" trail by any means though. I would recommend you go after a few dry days. Otherwise, it's extremely muddy and slippery. Don't worry about muddy shoes because in maybe 5 minutes you will clean them with the 13ish creek crossings. Highly recommend a good hiking stick. We found a Bamboo stick at the first creek crossing that helped tremendously. You will get ate up by mosquitos as well. A good time though.

Hard to follow trail but we made it to the falls. We were unfortunately caught in some intense rain and so it was very slippery.

1 month ago

Great trail, good for kids, absolutely beautiful! Wish you could go closer to waterfall at the end, but still a great view. Super hot and humid, bring plenty of water. Bamboo forest was very cool too. Gorgeous area.

on Pipiwai Trail

1 month ago

I loved this trail. I think the first ten minutes is the most challenging. If you count from car to actual waterfall ... even thought you are not supposed to go past the sign. it’s closer to four miles round trip. Most likely you will get a little mud and depending on the rain forecast you will have to go through two to four shallow streams. Your feet will get wet. I did this with my three year old 36 pound toddler on my back. It was a great beautiful trail. Don’t forget the bug spray! Mosquitos the entire trip.

1 month ago

Great hike, bamboo forest is amazing and waterfall is amazing. Give yourself about an hour and a half to two hours. Make sure you go all the way to the end to see the waterfall. And bring a Camera. Accurately rated as moderate, not too strenuous. Loved it.

These tide pools are so cool! I would suggest going during low tide just to be safe. There are warnings at the top which are a little uneasy to read but just be smart when you're down there and that's why I'd suggest low tide. We were able to swim in a large pool that was well over our heads and felt safe since no waves were crashing over the rocks at the time. The hike is rocky so I would suggest closed toes shoes plus, the rocks are slippery at the bottom due to moss and being under water part of the time. Water shoes would be ideal. The hike down isn't terribly steep but you will be hiking in full sun so dress accordingly!

So easy to get too!

Nice to see and we are happy that we did it but nothing special. Very easy walk.

This was a quite fun walk. First you have to find your way through a bamboo maze. Always keep to the left there. Than you get to the first waterfall but you should definitely make it to the second one as that one is a lot more private and cute.

1 month ago

Awesome little trail. Bamboo forest is worth the trip alone.

Make sure to jump off the first waterfall! Look for hidden trails cut into twining branches of sprawling trees. Don’t stop at the second waterfall. Take the scramble with the ropes generously provided by a benevolent hiker to the top of the fall and

An absolute delight start to finish.

Beautiful especially after recent storms but not easy if you’re with small kids.

Wouldn‘t call this a hike! Very short and easy. Pools look cool, but I would definitely recommend to do the Pipiwai Trail next to it, which is even more amazing!

Easy accessible and beautiful surroundings. Amazing bamboo forrest followed by an even more amazing waterfall!

1 month ago

Easy, beautiful hike!

Absolutely beautiful, especially after turning the final corner and seeing the beach. The color contrasts of the water, beach, and cone ate amazing. There is a short very slippery steep section.

The falls are nice, the hike there is super easy, in total a nice experience

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