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Absolutely amazing trail, 2 big tips: bring solid footware and dont be scared by the tourists in the beginning, nobody goes further than 200ft, after that you’re all alone and the real beauty of the trail starts! at the end the trail is sometimes hard to find but thats part of the adventure, bonus: look for the sea cave at the end, there is a small path on the left going down into it

Great "off the beaten path" spot for cliff jumping.

Absolutely gorgeous views. Relatively flat hike/walk, but you definitely need to pay attention to where your walking with the uneven rocks.

Given that we’ve heard this was one of the “must see” sights in Maui, it was a bit shy of a 5 star experience. This loop is short and flat, but it is beautiful. In any other locale, it would be stunning. It’s currently $25 for vehicle parking (credit card only), but that buys you a three-day pass for Haleakalā National Park, including the summit area. If you have a national park pass, don’t leave it in your hotel.

great hike; weather and temperatures can change very quickly; be prepared.

8 days ago

It’s not good right now, best time to go not in the winter. We went December 4, 2018. River is out off control, too much rain. You won’t be able to swim or get across. It’s dirty brown water raging rolling down. Upper water fall is closed. Tourists r everywhere it’s not good!

Trail isn’t much but the petroglyph rocks are worth seeing!

16 days ago

Not sure I would qualify this as a hike. interesting little valley with some interesting history. A good quick stop on your way to/from somewhere. Warning, parking fees in effect unless you can park along the toad. before you enter the site.

19 days ago

Nice walk to waterfall and swimming! Easy for most people, walk through stream with current but fairly easy.

10 out of 10 - would recommend!!!!!! Definitely opt for the swim at the end! (You need to be a moderate swimmer) The last waterfall makes the entire hike worth it all!! Got muddy and wet from head to toe so don’t bring anything you don’t mind carrying with you. Would recommend a waterproof backpack if you want to bring your phone or water/snacks.

22 days ago

The way to the first waterfall is muddy so be prepared. In total, there are four waterfalls. When you are at the first one (very nice btw), go left and continue to the second one. There is a swing you can jump from to the water, so enjoy it! You can continue further on the left side (you have to climb a ladder). I was not sure what was the third waterfall because there were two small along the way. To the fourth one, you have to jump into the water and swim a bit. It is definitely worth the adventure!

23 days ago

Super short and easy paved trail. Drive to the park is scenic. Parking costs $5. Park just outside the gates to save cash. Iao needle is pretty neat and the creek is cool as well. Good for a short little visit.

24 days ago

Nice trail for morning runners! Pass many beautiful resorts and nice beaches. Great workout for the morning.

Small and stretching legs! Beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees!

Very nice trail. Wonderful scenery, view on the ocean so blue.

Very nice trail in a nice forest. No view on scenery, though.

The entrance is a small hole in the vegetation. Very muddy and very steep: not recomanded in rubber slipper. Pretty.

30 days ago

Easy. Nice

Solid, beautiful, easy if ya want or it can challenge you. My Uncle Tom tells me to this day that he calls this trail pumpkin pie, cause it’s always so sweet.

It's okay, that's how I can honestly best describe it. Not many good views and very short. You're better off doing this loop and then going to the Pipwai trail for a better hike. Pools are closed to swimming as well, so unless they open it back up, don't even think about that.

Getting to the overlook is pretty easy and doesn't take long. Very beautiful views along the way, almost like in a movie! Heading down can be tricky when wet, so be careful. I can't say what the climb up is like, since my wife and I went into the crater and up the Sliding Sands trail instead.

nature trips
1 month ago

Gorgeous colors, breathtaking views. Small black sand beach where you can take a dip, as well as areas to camp (permit required). Was a bit crowded on the beach, but the trail was great. Must see!

Hard to follow trail but we made it to the falls. We were unfortunately caught in some intense rain and so it was very slippery.

Amazing trail! I had 1.5 L of water and wish I brought more. Once you drop down to the lower level the clouds roll in and out all around you. It can get cool and hot based on cloud cover. I layered and it helped a lot. There is water at the Holua cabin but i think you need a passcode to get in. There was a couple staying there and offered to fill up my water pack. The nene birds hung out around the cabin and really cool to know they were part of the geese family.

2 months ago

This is a great option to do before you head to the airport. It’s not very long and views are beautiful. However if you’re looking for a hike, this is not a hike you can do it in 15 minutes and it’s not strenuous at all

2 months ago

Yesterday the beach was effectively closed for all activities except for surfing. Local park person stated the sharks come into the bay whenever it is brown due to rain runoff. And it sure was brown in the whole bay. I don't think you would have seen your hands on front of your face. There were a lot of papayas on the trees heading to the beach. Just need to learn how to climb those trees!

Nice to see and we are happy that we did it but nothing special. Very easy walk.

This was a quite fun walk. First you have to find your way through a bamboo maze. Always keep to the left there. Than you get to the first waterfall but you should definitely make it to the second one as that one is a lot more private and cute.

This trail is something very different! Very special terrain that I have never seen before. Looks like your walking on the moon. The trail is a little challenging due to 100% exposure to sun. Make sure you bring plenty of water and good sun protection!

We did this trail a little different as it had been suggested to us by the ranger at the visitor center. The best option to do this trail is to park your car at the car park after the first visitor center and take a hitchhike ride up to the second visitor center. This is a common practice in the national park and there is a designated hiker pickup point right at the car park. We got a ride within 5 minutes. From the second visitor center you can walk down the crater. After that it's mostly flat. At the end there is 2000ft of elevation along 3 miles.
Hiking the trail this way makes it 11 miles instead of 8 but you don't have to go back and forth and can see so much. Also, doing it this way means hiking downhill or on flat terrain for 8miles and only 3 miles at the end uphill.

2 months ago

Make sure to jump off the first waterfall! Look for hidden trails cut into twining branches of sprawling trees. Don’t stop at the second waterfall. Take the scramble with the ropes generously provided by a benevolent hiker to the top of the fall and

An absolute delight start to finish.

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