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great views every step of the trail, beware that they close the gate at 7 pm
a fact that I did not know, I have arrived there at 4pm just on time.
totally recommend this trial

Beautiful, weather changes quickly! Hiked out with maybe 10ft visibility.

3 days ago

The first mile or so is extremely overgrown; however, it’s not that hard to follow the “trail.” See pictures I am posting for examples of how overgrown it is. After the first few miles the trail becomes a lot easier to follow. Wear good shoes with ankle support. Trekking poles are helpful for both going up and coming down. Microspikes are not necessary. Bring plenty of water (I drank 3L going up and refilled at Paliku). You will need to treat or filter the water. The weather can change quickly (and you are ascending nearly 6k feet) so be prepared for everything from a hot exposed climb to rainy cold weather. There is nothing really dangerous about the hike in terms of steep drop offs, etc. there are maybe only 2 or 3 places that are even remotely large drop offs but the trail is quite wide there.

The trek itself is definitely one to take while visiting Maui. Today however was one of the muddiest days the trail has ever had. Be prepared to trek through a bit of mud; it makes the climb down just as challenging as the climb to the summit. Start your day either early morning before the fog settles in or a little later in the afternoon once the fog burns off. The views are well worth the hike.

First part was easy, nice walk through the woods. If you want to get to Lava tubes, it’s harder.
Took 30 lb dog who loved it!


6 days ago

Might have given this a five star except it was so cloudy when we did this hike so didn’t get any views at the top, also poured on the way down making the trail muddy and a bit treacherous. Definitely recommend hiking shoes in any weather given the grade. Good workout but doable for moderately fit novice hikers.

This trail is a great hike and the views are breathtaking the whole way up. I was glad I was wearing hiking shoes as it definitely helps to have some extra traction. We started up the trail at 7:45 am, stopping a lot to take pictures. Just after we left the top the clouds and a light rain came in making the trail very slippery and muddy. Total time on the trail was 3 1/2 hours.

8 days ago

Our hike was a bit of a bummer. We started at 9:30 am. The cloud cover was so thick that you couldn't see any of the beautiful views that you read about in other reviews. The trail was also very muddy due to recent rains, so it was difficult for small children to navigate. I have no doubt that it is a beautiful hike on a clear, dry day. But we didn't have that. I would start this hike early in the morning so that you beat the cloud cover, and pay attention to the weather before heading out. if you go on a day like we had, it's just a moderately difficult up and back hike with nothing much to see.

Pretty windy up at the top, but the view was wonderful!

Awesome views! Quick to the top! 1-2 hours, depending on pace.

It was the best part of Maui for us, well this and snorkeling. The lookouts were absolutely stunning. Try to beat the fog rolling in or you won’t have much views from the top. Also this is rated moderate, but it’s basically 2 miles up hill and then 2 miles down hill. (I did just have a baby 4 months ago, but I would rate it hard for the fact that it’s ALL uphill, then your poor knees going down) but totally worth it, if you need to stop, wait until the wooden built lookout past 1 mile, it’s a gorgeous view even if you can’t make it farther :)

12 days ago

The hike was absolutely beautiful! It was like no other hike I have ever been on. My family and I went right after it had rained so the trail was very muddy and slippery, making it hard to hike up and even harder to hike down, but it was totally worth it! It took us just over two hours.

Great trail. Very rocky terrain. The views are top notch!

Gorgeous views the entire way. Very gusty winds and no cover on the way up so wear a windbreaker/hat!!

18 days ago

Beautiful views. Steep at times. Don't be discouraged when seeing a full parking lot. Doesn't feel crowded once you start the hike.

Beautiful! So glad we came. Must wear hiking shoes and bring water.

like other reviews stated, the most difficult part was the initial cement walk up from the parking lot. it was a beautiful hike otherwise even when visibility dropped to 20 feet from being in the clouds.

23 days ago

4.1 mile round trip hike that was absolutely breathtaking! This is a must for the in shape person. If your slightly out of shape you can also tackle this hike just enjoy the multiple resting points along the way. Honestly the hardest part of the hike is the initial cement walk way from the parking lot to the start of the train. The rest of the trail was on an incline but wasn’t that hard. Make sure not to wear sandals unless they are made for hiking the dirt that you walk on can become very slick if it becomes wet. The dirt is actually more like a clay. The views along the way are stellar including the two water falls and the fact that your in the clouds on the top.

We are in our 60’s in decent condition and found this to be a challenging but enjoyable hike, great views on hike up unfortunately cloudy at the top that day, we would definitely do this hike again!!!

A comfortable four miles round trip trail with spectacular views. The trail snakes through a very lush valley. Hiked on a windy an partially cloudy day in February and the temperature was perfect.

My wife and I are visiting Maui from Denver, Colorado for our honeymoon. We are avid hikers and were pleased to find an amazing trail with some elevation gain. The views along the whole trail are breathtaking. We would definitely recommend this highly!

I did this hike solo in January and it was awesome. Start early and bring lots of water. I would say the rating is mostly just because of the sun exposure. The hike itself wasn't bad. My tracker showed this as 5 miles round trip. The views are gorgeous and I saw tons of whales. Make sure you park as close to the road as possible as cars get broken into here all the time. There is glass everywhere.

Decent but pretty normal forest, not palm nor rain forest, which is the reason we came to Maui.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and I still had to stop a few times to catch my breath. Trail itself is easy but it's steep and can be slippery coming down. The view at the top is worth it! We got there just before the clouds started to roll in but I imagine there wouldn't be much to see on a cloudy day. Would be beautiful for sunset, but you would need flashlights for the way down. Bring lots of water and maybe a snack or two for the top! :) started at 3:40pm and was back at the car by 6pm. (spent about 15 mins or so at the top)

Good family work out. Fantastic views.

1 month ago

I hate “awesome” as it is so inflationary used when things are truly terrific. But Sliding Sands Trail truly is awesome. Due to turning weather we had to do the entire hike in 3hrs 20 minutes but as the trail is easy terrain walking a good flat and evenly inclining, one could have breaks to take photos and enjoy the views and always have the head up to enjoy the scenery. We started in clouds, had sun, grumbling thunder outside the crater and hail in the last 50 Meters. So unless you can catche the perfect day, be prepared for changing conditions.
My favorites where the few plants that managed to hold out in beauty.

1 month ago

A gorgeous hike that starts in a tree covered forest, and ends with a scenic view overlooking the mountains. Had some steep climbs, but was a good workout and well worth the trek.

It was a good morning walk. Not strenuous but wear shoes that have some protection- the lava rock can be brutal on the feet. It gets crowded mid morning. Don’t mind the campers when you get to the end- go explore.

1 month ago

Gorgeous views the whole way up. Pretty steep climb, but the trail itself isn't particularly challenging - if you're in reasonably good shape you should be fine.

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