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Great end to a good hike. A little snowy still in March!

12 days ago

The trail meanders through pines and across a little running creek with peak a boo views of mountain peaks and forests as you climb. Once at top, just below the actual top top, are giant bouldered areas to sit and enjoy the surrounding spectacular views of Tahquitz Peak and Lily Rock. The sun was out, a bit chilly at the top, a lovely day for a hike! Bolted up to the top and found the coffee can with notes, journal and goodies.

13 days ago

Free hiking permit required. Permit can be obtained at the Ranger Station down the street. Trail is mostly uphill and moderately difficult. The view from Suicide Rock is worth the trek.

Beautiful hike. I usually approach Tahquitz Peak from South Ridge Trail which IMHO is more challenging, especially the switchback push at the end. There was ice patches along the shady parts of trail — way before the saddle, and snow at the top. Micro spikes and pokes came in handy! A little windy here and there, otherwise was a gorgeous day. OH and one hour in I spotted a black bear paw track, about six inches in width. See pics!

19 days ago

Light cover of snow all the way up and no wind—beautiful hiking conditions

Very beautiful snow hike. The last two miles to the top required alot of physical and mental effort, but the views from the peak made it worth it!

30 days ago

Missed the register in the smiley face! Wish I’d known to look for it. Beautiful views. Very cold last weekend when we did this hike. Windy at the top but so worth it. Steady climb but not difficult.

1 month ago

Beautiful fun hike all the way through, and of course the view at suicide rock is amazing. The complete hike registered at 8 miles for us and took us 4 hours. That was with a couple of breaks and relaxing at suicide rock to soak in the view. On our way to the hike we pulled over and asked a ranger about the adventure pass, he said we did not need one if we were only going to hike the trail but on the way up the hike we saw a sign that said we had to have one. Not sure what the deal is with the pass but we didn't return for one and were fine. I would definitely return to hike this trail again, I would go early so that you have enough time to take a break at suicide rock, the air is crisp and fresh and the view is amazing.

1 month ago

Hiked to Suicide Rock and back. With a number of stops, took 5.5 hrs. Views were very nice at Suicide Rock but somewhat anti-climactic after 4 miles of hiking.

Great hike would recommend. Was challenging for me. You're supposed to have a wilderness permit to hike this trail. I know this because I got stopped by a friendly ranger last weekend and was reminded.

1 month ago

Good hike- took about 3 1/2 hours . We stopped at the top and chilled. Pretty and a good hike.

Don’t forget your hiking pass at the ranger station.
No dogs allowed

1 month ago

Great hike, beautiful scenery and lots of trees for shade! Even in our so called winter it was 67 degrees up there. At Suicide Rock the view is amazing and lots of flat rocks to have a nice lunch on and take it all in! It’s sunny at the rock so great photo op too. Good training hike for elevation gain.

Beautiful views and well kept trails!! A bit of ice at the top by the fire lookout but clear besides that.

Took me and my girlfriend about 3 hours total 1 1/2 up 1 1/2 down. First half is tough then it get a tad more forgiving.

Hiked this trail last Sunday, snow on the ground from beginning to end. Beautiful views and moderate elevation gain throughout. Hope to go again soon.

This is an awesome hike. The perfect length and elevation gain for an average to moderate hiker. I severely misgauged the weather and we met snow at the higher elevations. There were several patches of ice that served as a bit of an obstacle with trail shoes, albeit fun. We began at 2:00 and with MANY AREAS OF JUST HANGING OUT, we completed it in five hours. This can easily be done in 4. Yesterday, it needed gloves, warm socks and a beanie for comfort !! This is one of my favorite hikes by far. Also! You do NEED a four-wheel drive vehicle if you plan to park in the semi-designated spots. If you don’t, find parking in the residential area because it is rough driving terrain. The first mile can be done in your car on a half dirt/ half paved road. There is parking books in various spots along this road.

trail running
1 month ago

Th first mile and a half + was a pretty challenging run. After that there were numerous areas to enjoy a relatively flat trip before climbing.

Although the scenery was amazing, the friendly people along the trail were even better.

great hike and trail. just hard enough.

Great hike! Well worth the hike to see the view!

***One of the best hikes that I've ever done, consistent climbs with gorgeous views and pristine natural beauty. We summited the Deer Springs Peak, which is a total of 12.4 miles from the parking lot (round trip). Just 2 important tips:
*The parking lot sign says Deer Springs Trail, don't get confused, it's the same as San Jacinto Trail, they coincide after a few miles.
*A permit is required (as per signage) on the trail, which is free and can be acquired at the Ranger Station which is a mile down the road on your left hand side right after you pass Idyllwild's downtown square ish.
Overall, a must do hike, I'm eager to see how it looks in the spring

Beautiful views, not very crowded.

What a wonderful hike. Beautiful trees. A perfect workout. Enjoyed every step that we took. According to the app, it would take almost 8 miles to get to the peak, we sere 2,5 miles in when we saw the sign saying we have 7,5 miles more to get to the top. A bit frustrated but we continued for another 4 miles and we got to deer spring summit and we rested for about 45-50 mins than head back. It took us 5:27 hrs to do the hike. We even saw a lot of snow which was amazing. Later we found out you can actually camp at the top. Btw, at first you’ll the sign for deer spring, don’t get confused. You’re on the right path. 20 miles of beautiful nature, amazing weather and scenery.

Hiked this trail up to the fire tower and was not disappointed. Long but easy trail; last 10 minutes to tower pretty steep but well worth it. Views are amazing and would definitely do it again.

Beautiful hike. Currently has snow at the top, in case you were unaware of that like I was. Weather was great in shorts and a t-shirt for the lower half, upper half was a little cold for that. Great hike in SoCal!

2 months ago

relaxing hike with amazing views at the end.

I was on the trail in mid October 2017. Great hike with some of the best views. Got to the trailhead at 6:30am and finished at 6:45pm. That includes some photo op breaks and a nap at the peak.

2 months ago

This registered as almost 8.5 miles on a fitbit, so it's a bit farther than you may expect. Beautiful hike! Excellent workout!
Get a free wilderness permit at the ranger station and park on the side of the road near the Deerwood Springs Trailhead. Ranger station is about a 1/2 mile away from the trailhead. Parking is free. There is a bathroom at the ranger station for those of us who prefer the luxuries of indoor plumbing.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike!

Tough running

Due to a fire (not sure which one) the trail is currently closed at the 2nd Tahquitz creek crossing. You have to traverse through the burnt forest to reach the summit. IMO, Red Tahquitz is better than the regular Tahquitz hike minus the watch tower. Red big rocks at the peak!

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