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Great trail for somewhere to do a hike in the city and get a good workout.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Not too challenging, but uphill for the first half mile or so. Trails are very well marked. Maps along the way. Some traffic.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Mountain biking trails aren’t marked too well. A good ride with some challenges. Will definitely do it again.

Nice loop trail. First part (when doing the loop counter-clock wise) is a steep climb and scramble to the summit. After a nearly equally steep decline, the middle part of the hike then consists mostly of flat or slowly descending trails through the forest.
The very last part (again, when going counter-clock wise) - quite close to the trail head, but before the fork to the summit ascend - involves scrambling over a boulder field with lots of big, sharp-edged rocks ... a nice challenge, but I wouldn’t recommend that part for hiking with kids.

Wrapped in the real America...not tRUMPs amerika
You can feel the history on every trail and every building

mountain biking
15 days ago

Not technical mostly flats some ups and some downs. Only come here if your looking for an easy relaxing ride. Not fun for what I was looking for

The trails are ok, but very poorly marked, particularly the one with the red blaze. Decent option if you are looking for something close to the city.

on Prospect Hill Park

23 days ago

I enjoyed hiking at Prospect Hill Park. We finished the loop in about two hours and there were trails with a variety of elevations and types of terrain, including paved roads. There were two lookout spots with good views of the city of Boston as well.

Well marked trails. Not really hiking yet not really a simple flat walk. I would say it’s on the high end of easy to the very low end of moderate. It was very nice but I have similar walks closer to my home so I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to go again.

The western portion of the southern loop was overgrown. Otherwise great hike. My toddler loved it

great spot for a sunny afternoon. crowds should be expected.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Starting from my home at the Dover side of Pine Street you've got 10 min to bike to the top of Snow Hill then another 10 min to get to the top of Cedar Hill (Rocky Woods) then another 10 min to get to the top of Noanet Peak. I got the first two, have to rethink my way up Noanet. I will add Pegan Hill next and give myself another 10 min to do Quatre Femmes! I'd add Miller Hill but somebody built a mansion up there.

Hiked Green and Red trail loops. Trails pass through and over dunes. Great views of ocean and Castle Hill. Trails are well marked. Saw no wildlife and few people. Saw lots of deer tracks. Bugs we're biting.

Walk on this everyday...love it!

A nice trail to walk and to take a swim. It is quite scenic but it is hard to find much wildlife due to the crowd. The visitor center is really nice and don't miss Henry David Thoreau's hut.

Nice wide and well marked trails. The woods were nice but the view at the peak was nothing special. It was a nice afternoon walk in the woods!

1 month ago

Nice easy walk, beautiful area. Was there on a Saturday and it wasn't too crowded. People were nice and courteous. It was fun to learn as we walked! Brought my pup with me but kept him on leash, he had fun exploring the trail as well. Will definitely be back again.

Well kept trails, great variety of terrain, dotted with ponds. Be sure to take a map! So many trails, you can make it a different hike every time.

Parts feel as if your in Colorado. Spectacular meadows studded with exotic evergreens. Magnificent

1 month ago

Trail was okay... there is a lot of paved road, but the smaller trails off the main road are nice. Also some cool Geocache spots if you’re into that!

1 month ago

Trail was nice and there are various smaller paths you can take off the main route. I also saw a huge deer on a side trail and that was awesome!

2 months ago

Excellent hike a bit strenuous the very first mile the trail is very well groomed but very steep! We (20s, 30s AMC Boston group) left at 10:00 am and were surprised to already reach the top of Wachusett at 10:40 however a lot more of the hike to go! Very good view from the top - rest of hike was easier but still a work out.

I'm glad we paid attention to alltrails map and to the over 10 different trail junctions! Everything was still fairly easy to follow - but be careful from Hardington to Windmills we kept going on Harrington and had to cycle back.

List of trails covered:
Bicentennial Trail
pine Hill Trail
Old Indian Trail
West Side Trail
Semuhenna Trail
Windmill Trail
Stage Coach Trail
Echo Lake Trail
Echo Lake Road
High Meadow
back to Bicentennial Trail

2 months ago

Very nice family hike! We especially enjoyed the Pine Forrest part. It took us 3 hours to do the loop including some time on the summit. The view from the top is great, definitely go! It is not hard, I would definitely rate it moderate. Much easier comparing to Monadnock summit, for example. Good luck!

2 months ago

Great trail. Completed 7/14/2018. Took Bicentennial to High Meadow Trail, cut across on Lower Link and up Harrington. Back down Mountain House and Bicentennial. Hardly anyone on the trail but quite a few people at the top. Not too challenging but just a couple of climbing parts to make it fun!

Great hike !!!!!!

2 months ago

we really enjoyed this hike. we got a little lost and ended up doing 7 miles. this hike offers a wide variety of settings - the summit trail, locks of rocks on the return trip, a beautiful meadow, and a pine forest. would recommend. it isn't easy, but its doable.

Solid hike with decent pitch, but would not consider it to be “hard.” Took two of us and two pups just under 2 hours

2 months ago

A little confusing at first, but had a great time exploring with our dog. Being so close to where we live in Newton, we’ll definitely be back!

Nice place for an easy/moderate hike. Not a very long trail, didn't see any trail markings. I think you could spend about 1-2 hours at most hiking in here. Don't forget you can get across the road to the Webster conservation area too. This felt a little larger and overall more enjoyable hike with a few more ups and downs. The Webster conservation entrance wasn't very marked at all except for a white board that said public was welcome to explore the area till dusk. Hope they mark this up better.

2 months ago

Great place for an easy, moderate, or small-tougher hikes. Easy to get to from 128, and lots of parking at the park enterance off Totten pond road. Don't forget to pick up the very useful trail map at the park entrance. Trail heads are well marked but the rest of the trail isn't. We did a lot of the easier trails on the Western side of the park and a short difficult trail which was a series of steps cut into stone but which was still enjoyable. Large parts of the park is accessible by car. There are plenty of picnic tables and shelters through out the park. We also saw restrooms deep in the park. A gem of a place so close to the city!

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