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Working on the highest peaks in NE. This was a fun hike - only a couple of steep spots, but they're all very easy. I went north up Money Brook - neat waterfall along the trail. I recommend diverting from this route and going up the Mt. Prospect Trail - the views were incredible from Mt. Prospect!! Then connect back into the AT. Mt. Greylock views were beautiful, but crowded at the top since there's an auto road to the top too

If you had to choose one hike out of many in the Berkshires, this is the one, particularly beautiful/scenic/interesting in the fall.

When I went there wasn’t a river or stream so if you have a dog bring extra water..there are a couple dog bowls up there that was funny and useful

pure tension relief. great riding for fun. leaf peeping will only enhance its beauty in next few weeks.

awesome trail, great scenery and well maintained

Just finished this hike, a tad over 3 miles up and I finished in less than 1 hour 40 minutes. I’m not in the best shape but if this is a “moderate” hike, I would hate to do a hard one. Trail was only confusing at maybe one spot. I couldn’t get close enough to the sign to read it. I saw one group of about 10-15 on their way down. Passed by the leanto that Im assuming AT thru-hikers frequently use. Over all it was a good hike, very challenging, I decided to use the cheshire harbor and pecks falls trail on the way down to get back to my vehicle.

17 days ago

moderate hike with numerous trails to summit. Great in winter. Try thunderbolt for a bit more challenge. Snowshoe or ski the very first ski trail in the NE.

I hiked this trail Thursday with my dog. FYI - Thiel Road is closed now. There is a parking area at the corner of Gould and Thiel with a sign that says "To Thunderbolt and Bellows Pipe Trails" I was finally able to get to the Thunderbolt trail, but you have to walk through some really wet areas and through a small park to get there. There's a lot of forks and it's confusing to find.

I highly recommend parking at the very end of Gould Road in the lot right before the No Trespassing signs. Start at the Bellows Pipe South Trail (the sign says in small letters that it goes to the Thunderbolt Trail). You will have to pass by here anyway if you park where I mention above - save yourself some time and aggravation and just park here. You will see where it does finally split to go to the Bucket Trail then to the Thunderbolt Ski Trail. It's very steep as other's have said, but definitely do able. The memorial park at the top has beautiful views.

snow shoes most wintermonths other months were pleasurable with gear especially the dry snac-foods. more secure especially together w/ 3 or more hikers!

Hiked it with my 2 year old, took a few hours but she hiked most of it!!!

8/24/2018 - hiked the loop today. Very mellow loop. I wish I had hiked in the opposite direction around the loop.The ascent up Money Brook was fairly flat and muddy with no (zero) views until Greylock. I did not get any view from Williams or Fitch (The Money Brook waterfall was worth the extra 400 yard walk). View from Greylock summit was nice and the War Memorial was interesting and crowded. The return on Hopper was dry, steeper and had a nice look-back at Greylock and the Hopper. It would have made for a more interesting ascent. Nice hike in a beautiful part of Massachusetts. I agree 100% with Graham Ardner's review below.

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1 month ago

Did the loop as suggested and loved the waterfall! On the way back, had a spectacular view of the three peaks my friend and I climbed. My only complaint was the confusing signage along the way. We had to backtrack several times to find our way back to the correct trail. All in all an adventurous and fun day!

Nice steady hike up. Few mushy parts towards the top. Didn't see many other people on the trail, nice quiet hike.

A little grown in, no swimming in the reservoir, the views were very nice. The beginning and end were the best part.

1 month ago

I'm not sure I've ever been this disappointed by a hike that's received several five-star reviews. I did this as a point-to-point hike with three friends, leaving a car at one end and hiking the 8+ miles from Monroe Bridge to Zoar. Much of the trail is severely overgrown, and a lot of that is fields of grass, meaning that we had to constantly stop to clear ticks off of ourselves before proceeding onward. The initial vista (from the Monroe Bridge side) and final vista (the cliffs overlooking Zoar) were impressive, but the entire plateau in-between was entirely unremarkable. The reservoir itself is surrounded with barbed wire fences, and is situated in a way that there's no way to see it except through a small window in the trees. There were a few raspberry and blueberry bushes along the way which helped to break the monotony of the middle stretch of trail, but I would strongly recommend hiking each end from the river upwards to the vista and back down, rather than hiking the middle section. As a side note, the Alltrails mapping of the trail and the marked route don't match. Near the reservoir, the recording follows the road, not the trail, and a bit further south, the trail isn't actually the Bear Swamp Trail but the recording follows the correct route. This would receive a better rating if only hiked from each end, but not worth the point-to-point distance at all, and definitely not worth a 16-mile round-trip hike.

Overall moderate hike. Few steep sections on the Bellows Pipe Trail nearing the summit. Nice opening at 'The Bend' for views & rest. If you're looking for more of a steep challenge, take Thunderbolt Ski Trail up.

The summit is well-developed. You can drive it, so expect many groups & tourists. The great Memorial Monument at the summit is open daily & is a must-climb for great 360 views long distance. Very nice day trip.

There is a brewery in North Adams when you finish. Enjoy!

I did this trail this past Sunday with a friend of mine. This trail did not have a lot of traffic on it. We saw about 4 groups on the trail the whole way to the summit and back. Probably because it is not an easy trail to maneuver, definitely more for an experienced hiker. That being said it was a great adventure and well worth the hike to the summit. My only feed back is the trail is poorly marked so if you plan to follow the trail up and back like we did, bring some ribbon or something to help you mark the trail you follow.

Did this loop with my wife this last weekend. As per the trail description, we found one of the dispersed camping sites along Money Brook and set up there. We met some folks with a AMC trail book that was 3 years old and it mentioned these same sites. However nowadays, it seems they have signs against it. I guess they just recently changed this. We are both pretty good "leave no trace" campers so we went ahead anyway and it was fine.

We hiked the loop backwards, hitting Greylock first by 6:30am and were the first ones up. I highly recommend you do this so you can enjoy the summit without hoards of people. On the way back, we took the trail over to add on Mt. Prospect which had a decent view. The steep descent from Prospect to Money Brook Trail was probably the hardest part of the hike, but still not bad.

Compared to other treks I've done in the northeast this paled in comparison, which is why I gave it only 3 stars. The trails were easy to follow but overall somewhat "boring." I hate to speak bad of a trail but I want everyone to have a great experience and this one just wasn't very exciting. Mt. Frissell in CT was half the distance and double the fun. Or, if you can make it to the ADKs, White mountains or Green Mountains, do a trail there instead. That said, this was a nice easy hike (I would call it moderate, not hard) and we averaged 2mph, so you can knock it out pretty quick.

Love this trail. Hiked it on April 9th and there was still snow at the top of the trail making it even more challenging. Lots of icing in late afternoon, when snow melt starts to refreeze, so be careful. Great time... burned over 1200 calories.

wow. be prepared for a tough one. starts off from bellows pipe with a nice steady climb, then thunder bolt is straight up. good views over your shoulder on the way up to the AT and finally the summit. Did Gould trail on the way down as a nice gentle walk in the woods.

Decided a few months ago to get back to hiking. Used to hike a lot in my youth but somewhere along the line I just stopped. Found this app and started searching for trails. Having gone to college in this area, I knew there were trails but never knew about the Hoosac Range Trail so figured I'd check it out. At almost 6 miles round trip, give yourself some time to do the out and back. I do agree with its moderate rating so if you haven't done much in the way of exercising in recent memory, find a trail rated as easy and get some practice before attempting this one.

3 months ago

Short but enjoyable. It was relatively steep for most of the hike, but it was dry so the footing was fine. The view at the top was pretty great too.

Holy crap, Thunderbolt Trail kicked my butt. The lower sections are sort of steep but the upper 1/3 is intensely steep. I suggest bringing hiking poles, coming down is really bad on your knees with no poles (I had no poles and my knees are very sore). Today was a 10/10 hiking day 70-75F with a nice breeze. It was in the high 60’s on the top.

Been here love it. Thanks for the app.

A great trail, absolutely worth it. Be careful on the ascent about 1.5 miles in. It is absolutely treacherous in wet conditions due to copious green moss.

nice workout! Very steep but more direct.

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