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Well trafficked, large hill then flat.

great lower body workout! ((positive thinking will make you push forward and up

9 days ago

Did this trail on 12/30/2018 and it was a really nice trail. Well marked, a bit muddy in spots but completely manageable. The uphill was gentle and the view at the top was beautiful. Perfect for a nice group outing on a beautiful day. I wouldn't call it "challenging" (barely moderate?) but it's got enough uphill that people with knee issues may have trouble.

9 days ago

Breathtaking view from the top. Very very hard hike. Straight up. Was April but still felt like 100 degrees.

14 days ago

Gorgeous scenic overlook. The beginning is straight uphill, and fairly demanding. It’s not an easy hike. The scenic overlook is amazing. Spectacular view of Harpers Ferry. This is a “must do” hike for everyone!

Fairly challenging but a good length with a great view of the Harpers Ferry train bridge at the end. It’s quite steep at the very beginning and coming back up from the overlook at the end, but the elevation gain is mostly all in one place. The trail is manageable even when muddy.

My only complaint is that there isn’t much to look at along the trail aside from the view at the end and crossing the Shenandoah at the beginning.

It’s definitely a challenging ascent but well worth it once you make it to the overlook. We watched the sunset and it was spectacular. Highly recommend

A little muddy but very enjoyable. All the dogs we saw were on leashes, which I appreciated.

Great hike! Highly recommend going about a mile past Annapolis Rock to Black Rock Cliff. Great views and not nearly as crowded. Go early ..... I finished my hike around 12pm and by that time the parking lot was packed and I noticed a good amount of people starting the trail. A bit muddy in some spots.

Awesome 5 miler. Moderate uphill hike on the way. Great for those getting back in to shape or even for light trail running. The 55 degree weather in January didn’t hurt! Will do this regularly. About an hour away from Montgomery County.

17 days ago

Hill in the beginning is NO joke. Beautiful view and so worth it. Watch out for the runners. Parking is a pain but I scored a spot right at the opening. Tow path isn’t really marked that well so if you don’t park in town make sure you ask someone on the trail what they saw on the last mile marker.

Great trail, not as crowded as other parts of the park. Parking is limited, but seemed sufficient for the morning crowd. Mainline trail is a nice easy walk along the river with some opportunities to scramble up some rock cliffs. The ridge loop is more challenging but offers some fantastic views. Be sure to check out the Camel Den "cave" near Daniels rd!

Not 'hard' as rated... very easy in fact. First 2 miles is like a boardwalk, then there is one big hill towards turn around point into some nifty power lines. followed the white trail, it is a bit easy to get lost near the houses.

Great hike, but got crowded.

I love the uphill battle. Stop at Piney Knob shelter. Spring near by.

Nice, steady hike with a great view. Well marked and maintained. I recommended following the trail up to do Black Rocks as well. It only adds about 2 miles to your total and also has some nice views.

great hike and great views of Harper's Ferry and the Potomac River

The trail, even when wet, is great! The initial ascent coming up from Shenandoah Road is probably the toughest part of the whole route. The actual Loudoun Heights trail is flat to rolling with no particularly challenging parts. A great hike to chain with Maryland Heights if you've got the time.

Nice open trail. A steady incline at the beginning but pretty level afterwards. Beautiful view at the top.

Phenomenal. The civil war rifle pits and breastworks are the highlight of this amazing trail. There is a high level empathy to be experienced for those gone before who fought for the freedoms that we all enjoy in this great country. Not to mention the incredible views from the split rock spot. Btw, the actual split rock is amazingly beautiful in and of itself, with veins of granite running through the large boulder.

Good trail. Close to a neighborhood at some point but overall great trail. Almost no markings, need this app to follow the trails

30 days ago

12/22/2018: A great day hike! The Maryland Heights overlook provides an outstanding view of historic Harpers Ferry, WV. The hike back was mostly downhill, which made for a quick and easy return to town.

Harpers Ferry offers a wonderful “walk-thru” history lesson on various events that took place before and during the Civil War; John Brown’s raid on the federal armory being one such event.

Almost forgot, a section of the Appalachian Trail passes directly through the town. If you’re looking for an overnight adventure, this might be a great spot to look!

1 month ago

Great hike. Went in December 2017. The view at the top is spectacular.

1 month ago

I've always loved history. But the authentic Union Army fortifications...the breastworks / rifle pits...wow. Just unbelievable. They beckon the emotions to a high level of empathy. Not to mention the breathtaking beauty of zero undergrowth forest, overlooks and the great exercise. Wonderful experience.

This trail has a really long incline. Once you reach the flat-ish section along the ridge, it is nice. When it's 25 to 30 degrees and midweek, you have the trail to yourself

Fun trail. Little muddy, but not terribly. Passed a couple groups of bikes, maybe eight bikes in total. Trail itself was maybe moderate difficult, at most, but definitely wouldn’t give it a difficult rating. Would hike it again for sure. Seems like a great tubing or swimming spot in the summer!

1 month ago

Being from Texas and mostly hiking flat terrain, this trail was all up hill and it was great. Not only is it a historical Civil War trail but it is challenging and beautiful!

Hiked the upper trail loop today down to the main overlook. I took a very brisk pace and finished the whole hike in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

...pretty sure I saw bear tracks at the top of the maryland heights trail as I crested the ridge. They were meandering from side to side on the trail and eventually turned into the woods.

June 2018- took us a little over 3.5 hours. We left at 9 AM and parking was fine. Saw the ATC, pretty views of the Potomac and Harpers Ferry.

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