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The trail is extremely well marked and maintained with very easy terrain, but you’ll need to bathe in insect repentant and wear a beekeeper’s hat to keep your insanity intact. To say this was a very buggy trail is an understatement; I had flies droning in my ears the whole time. On the upside, we heard woodpeckers and saw a box turtle. (8/18)

paddle sports
27 days ago

This particular route is a WATER trail not a land trail! I suggest checking tides and winds as it can be fairly difficult if you are paddling against them. The Shad Landing area itself offers some easy hiking trails, half of which are pet friendly. People looking for longer, pet friendly hikes should check out the Milburn Landing area of Pocomoke River State Park which also has access to the trail head for the Algonquin Cross Country Trail into the Pocomoke State Forest.

1 month ago

Not maintained well. Big tree fell on Blue trail, blocking the trail. We had to come back all the way

Awesome view and has all skill levels for riding!

Very secluded. Much more than we anticipated. We went on July 6 and the mosquitoes were so horrendous we had to turn back after only .3 miles! The mosquitoes were attacking us even with bug spray and they were also all over the dogs. Very beautiful clear trails perfect for dogs, just not during bug season! Might be nice in fall and winter.

Amazing views and cool birds and bugs to see!

The best mountain biking on the eastern shore. creekside cliff, pee wees, and the lake trail are all fun and flowy. several jumps and drops hidden throughout the park as well!

Nice easy trail with my daughter, yet check yourself for ticks, I ended up picking about 30 off of me the whole trip.

2 months ago

It’s great there’s a lot to do there’s rides there’s a lot of food and it’s something to do and what’s really cool the boardwalk is right on the beach I like it because there’s things to do popcorn candy cotton candy and all that other stuff try it out you’ll like it thanks

2 months ago

I've been here many times. It's great in the fall, winter and early spring. But avoid in summer and spring due to the amount of bugs and ticks. It's a great place to take pups swimming though!

2 months ago

First I just want to say this natural wildlife refuge is gorgeous (inside the car). The guy working the store was very knowledgeable and friendly. Nice little trail behind the visitor center. This is where it went downhill. We took this trail and within 5 minutes we had to lightly jog back to the car. Constantly being bit by some type of flys, pulling off ticks, and having mosquitos all over us. I am from Georgia and am used to the bugs but this was unbearable. In all we had 7 ticks that we pulled off of us when we got in the car. I HIGHLY recommend you wear top of the line insect repellent, with jeans and long sleeves. To be honest I don’t know if that will help but it’s worth a try. P.S. stay away from this place during spring time, must be the reason they were so bad. You’ve been warned.

Fun trail. lots of nature. Will do again but after some maintenance is done on the fallen trees over the path and a bridge is reset for crossing small stream.

This is a really nice trail and probably the best one on the eastern shore side of Maryland. lots of ups and downs, info signs along the way about trees and plants. Little bridges to cross over the water and lots of peace and quiet.

2 months ago

Nothing more than a short walk in the woods. It was buggy today. I should have worn pants and long sleeves.

2 months ago

This unimproved trail begins in a piney woods and then moves into meadow and marsh. It ends on the bank of the Chester River. It was buggy today. I should have worn pants and long sleeves.

Great kinda trail for multi age families, very easy and clean and beautiful scenery

Moderate trail, couple nice views.

Very easy trail, nice spot to sit and have a picnic.

3 months ago

Went on this today and did the White Banks Trail which was almost 7 miles total. It was really very beautiful, there was lots of winding sections and the whole thing was in the shade. Make sure you have tick repellent with you as they are out already. Even with tick repellent I did get one on me, so check yourself. Overall it was very beautiful and I would recommend it. If it is a warm enough day then you can hit the swimming area when your done for a good place to cool off.

1st time there...amazing experience with the ponies. Very easy trails for casual 1/2 day hike.

Beautiful trail with trees covering path.

Good with kids

Absolutely love this trail! It is my sanity.

scenic driving
4 months ago

What a unique place, so scenic and love the horses.

4 months ago

Nice boardwalk area but more for teens and college kids.

Love this little hike with the family and dogs.

Very easy trail, kids enjoyed it and had a nice picnic at the light house.

I'd call this a easy moderate trail, scenic views of the marsh and Big Elk Creek. I wore sneakers but probably should have worn my hiking boots, I was fine without poles. Wear insect repellent, there are a lot of mosquitoes, ticks and spiders.

Easy nearly all level forested hike, good for all experience levels. Wear lots of insect repellent; there were a ton of ticks, mosquitos and spiders.

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