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I'd call this a easy moderate trail, scenic views of the marsh and Big Elk Creek. I wore sneakers but probably should have worn my hiking boots, I was fine without poles. Wear insect repellent, there are a lot of mosquitoes, ticks and spiders.

Easy nearly all level forested hike, good for all experience levels. Wear lots of insect repellent; there were a ton of ticks, mosquitos and spiders.

An ok walk but not to clear where to park to do which trail. It seems the school house trail and the devided trail run together to make the whole distance. Trail is also not marked very clearly. Had to use my phone GPS as to not get turned around but yet ended up still getting turned off trail from lack of trail markers.

2 months ago

Nice little hike.

2 months ago

Nice little hike.

Nice hike and trail is fairly well maintained. There were two places that I paused to figure out the trail path, but the snow may have had something to do with that. Talk about snow, caution, this trail is VERY VERY slippery today due to the snow and the wet leaves. Make sure you hike on a low tide due to the beach walk.

Well maintained. I love the interpretive tree signs and the signs along the canal.

Very easy walk on the main trail to the Lighthouse and a great view. I took the loop which was a little more effort. I told the Ranger of falling trees on the loop path.

good for kids

mountain biking
3 months ago

Nice little park, kids enjoyed it.

Please be aware three is any entrance fee of$20 for a week. they also have annual passes.

We liked this trail. We went with our sons (12,15) The footing was a little rough and lots of downed trees along the trail. The only issue we had was figuring out where it ended. It was well marked up until that point. Fortunately, we ran into a couple and followed them. So if you do the trail and come to the beach, hang a right and the trail goes behind the cattails.

A must do during the fall. Temperatures are pleasant, crowds have died down for the season, and wild horses provide visitors such a unique experience!

Did this hike, due to the ease of access from our campsite. Was a very nice and easy hike through the woods with a nice view of the semi secluded pond.

4 months ago

nice this time of year

Easy gravel trail up to the lighthouse with a great view of the bay. A more woodsy trail loops around to the top too. Can get busy on a nice weekend and the parking lot is small, so you might have to wait to get a space.

Long trail with interesting terrain and beautiful scenery. Nothing comparable on the eastern shore. Decent trails, some parts Sandy or pitted by horses... nothing good tires can't handle. My go-to trail!

Nice trail, well maintained. Lots of mosquitoes and spiders

The more woodsy paths were barely kept up a lot of fallen trees. Sometimes you couldn't even tell if you were on the paths in the woods. I don't mind the out doors and bugs etc, but I've never been hiking on a path with so many damn spider webs haha.

road biking
5 months ago

This trail was much longer than we'd realized. From Chesapeake City, MD to Delaware City, DE one way was just over 15 miles and linked the Ben Cardin trail to the Michael Castle trail to another trail which doubled the length. I really wanted to go to Delaware City but didn't realize how many miles that added.

Once in Delaware City, we walked around the charming town for a bit, enjoying the water views and historical information. Due to our late start (we arrived in DE city at 5:45ish), the ferry and public restrooms were closed, unfortunately. However we had passed a couple of rest areas along the trail, so I just hit one if those on the way back, the first (Biddle Point) being about 2 miles from DE city. Be sure to bring along some money for refreshments at the trail heads!
The trip back was a rush to get there due to the time. I had wanted to stop at the old cemetery but sadly we couldn't afford to take the time. Thankfully, it was well lit along the canal but it was pretty dark in the sections that went away from the water. We almost hit a gate on our last one of those steep up/downhill sections since it was so dark. Somehow we both manage to avoid that accident, as we were separated after the steep uphill just prior.
Felt great to finally see that bridge over the Chesapeake and ultimately pull into the marina! We did a quick change in the parking lot and hit the Grain h2o in Bear, DE (we'd passed it halfway along the trail), for some much needed refreshment and relaxation. The beer, food, service, live music and atmosphere were just what we needed after our shocking 30+ mile bike trip.
Next time (and there will definitely be a next time!) we will start at Grain h2o and bike to one end and/or the other (most likely the Delaware City end, as it was more interesting).

A nice, quick hike.

6 months ago

I like walking the boardwalk early in the morning, just after sunrise.

very nice park....the fitness trail is fun too.

Very easy trail.

road biking
7 months ago

nice path. we accessed from Lums Pond parking area and rode to the trail head in MD near Schaefer's Canal House. It could use a little better signage. at one point the paved trail turns up a hill away from the canal. We stayed in the gravel path along the canal. This wasn't too bad and we enjoyed the view. The two paths joined up again so we took the paved path on the return trip.

Love this place!! Used to go as a teenager and walk the trails and I still do from time to time. I love everything here from the park to the trails to the cabins.

Great time all shaded trail. Great state park.

Very nice and easy trail that we hiked after touring the lighthouse and lighthouse trail. You get a chance to get close to the water and enjoy the scenery around you. The majority is shaded which was nice during the summer time.

VERY buggy during the summer as you are walking around a marsh. Make sure to bring plenty of bug spray and water! It was very confusing to find the end of the trail because it was not clearly marked. It essentially just ended and spat us out at a beach. I'm assuming that they want you to walk down the length of the beach to the right and climb through the marshy area over logs to head back to the starting point of the trail. During the time that we visited, this was in about 6 inches of water. We weren't sure if that was the way we were supposed to be going, but we eventually made it back to where we needed to be.

GREAT hike. Very easy, as it follows a paved road and dirt path directly to the lighthouse.

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