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What a beautiful trail. I did the complete 2 lake loop. Most of the trail is undercover of the beautiful forest with views of the lake. I really flat kind of rolling with a couple short hills. Trail surface is pretty hard pack. But there is places that roots and rock mess with balance. The only restrooms are porta potty’s. They were very clean the day I was there.

Be aware that the trail is closed at Carson Falls - a posted sign says trail closed due to hazardous conditions. This hike is in a beautiful area but the trail map needs to be edited and updated for accuracy. I deleted my recording due to trail map errors and will record an alternate route next time.

Solid hike - some parts really nice, other parts pretty average, I extended the hike beyon what is on the site. 3 Star bc 1) Gate didn't open until late and you cant park around the TH entrance - ended up parking close a mile away from the TH 2) Lots of runners and much of the trail is pretty narrow

Easy fun loop that we can take the pup along. Half shady, half sun. Take the sunny side first so you're not facing the sun while walking.

Gorgeous trail. Not too crowded on pretty Saturday. Don’t forget to pay for parking *$50 ticket for me!*

The trail starts out running through a heavily forested area of redwoods and douglas fir trees.. Very scenic with beautiful, towering trees. First 80% of the trail is easy with very moderate to level elevation. The remaining 20% of the trail travels beyond the Kent Lake dam with steep terrain both out and back. Somewhat disappointing that this part of the hike has only minor views of Kent Lake despite running along side of it. Access to the lake is limited due to very steep terrain. The latter 20% of the trail could be eliminated and would result in an easy 6 mile, scenic, out-back hike.

this is a great hike! I turned on my GPS tracker and it's 9 miles. be aware of that!

6 months ago

6 months ago

Excellent, peaceful long walk around the water. Half the hike was sunny and half shaded. The breeze on the lake makes this an easy and enjoyable walk.

A nice travel with good vantage points and a the chance to see some wildlife.

7 months ago

save yourself the time & don't do this trail as there is no water seen running through here. extreme disappointment & I'll consider giving this an updated review if I decide to check this place out during a different season.

Took two 5-year-olds, and we all loved it. They kept stopping to look at things, and we had lunch by the lake, so it took us 6 hours to complete! We saw wild turkeys, deer, giant hawks, and more. Beautiful views! Will definitely return. Little town near the entrance to the trail was super charming and looked like it had some great dining options. Will stop there for dinner afterward next time.

Not enough water this time of the year. A very short and easy one. The waterfall doesn't have much water. Won't do it again. However the neighborhood is a very relaxing and pretty one definitely envy people who live here.

Make sure to put on sunscreen as there are no shades for the first 1.2 miles. Just like what another reviewer mentioned, Liberty trail was not clearly marked and looked like it hasn't been used often lately. I had to check my GPS to make sure we're still on the right trail. Lots of bugs along the trail: make sure to spray bug repellant. I would go back here in spring when it will be cooler and more water at the falls.

8 months ago

Would like to keep this one a secret but that is not what we do on All Trails - great hike. BTW - at least 8 miles. Not much parking and be prepared to drive on a few one lane roads in a residential area to get to the TH. A lot of variety on the trail + also some ups & downs but well worth it. Didnt see anyone on the trail. I made two small changes to the original trail 1) when you get closer to the lake, the original map has you going left on Grassy Knoll - go right on Continental Cove. You go up a little however there is a stretch of about a 1/2 mile that is just amazing - so Green even when everything in the Bay is Brown/Gold. This trail also connects back to the lake and Grassy Knoll 2) Near the end of the hike before you go down Candace Canyon - keep going (maybe 2 minutes) to Manzanita Fire road for some great views of the Hills. Double back and connect on CC trail. One down side - no great views of the lake but still a great hike

8 months ago

Did this trail a few weeks ago- enjoyed the variation in scenery. Got to see a beautiful osprey tending to its chicks in one of the high trees on the way down to Kent Lake.

One of the best flat hikes you can do in the area. The trail hugs tightly against the beautiful lakes virtually the whole way. Be one with nature already.

Just plain beautiful biking through the redwoods.

Lovely, easy walk around the lake. Beautiful scenery. Easier to start on the shady side route (right at the fork).

This is truly a lovely trail around a serene lake, or lakes, if you include Bon Tempe. Narrow 1-person trails meander through tall forests full of gorgeous flora and fauna.

4/5 for confusing trail signs. Choose a trail name and stick with it.

9 months ago

Pretty flat trail looping around the lake. The trail was pretty rocky and had lots of roots sticking up in places. Well maintained and definitely quite beautiful. A few port-a-potties available along the route. Half the trail was in the shade and the other half in the sun with a nice breeze blowing. Went with two 5-year-olds, and somehow it took 6 hours! We did stop for lunch for an hour and little pit stops at some of the "beaches." It felt much longer than 4 miles. We saw wild turkeys, deer, ducks, herons, buzzards, and lizards, most with babies in tow, which were adorable. I am worn out, but I would come back again. Parked on Rocky Ridge Rd near the dam between Alpine and Bon Tempe lakes. There was a machine on the way in that took cash or credit cards for the $8 parking fee and spit out a receipt to display on your dash. Easy.

Great, easy hike. Very beautiful. As a warning - they are very strict on leash law!! Only downfall is all this beautiful water that you can't swim in. $8 to park.

10 months ago

My friends and I loved this trail. It was a bit confusing to get started, and it was longer than 6.5 miles, but well worth it.

Best places to park for the trailhead on the map is at the entrance to the fire road off of Cortez Ave, or at the end of Tamarack Rd. You walk about 5 min on the fire roads to the trail head.

The total trail was 9 miles. It took us about 3 hours. Most of the trail is shaded which was awesome.

When you get to the fork of the two trails, I would suggest going right as it seems to be and easier climb and then right onto the other trail on the way back.

I would say this is a solid intermediate. Bring a good amount of water, and some snacks to enjoy by the lake.

Was on our way to Cataract Falls, but found this instead at the road closure. It was absolutely beautiful especially after new rainfall.

Beautiful trail. We did the loop lots of interesting components wild flowers, views, lakes, streams, quaint little foot bridges, changes in elevation and terrain all in all lovely.

Mostly level hike around two lakes in the Marin watershed. Beautiful water and mountain views around Bon Tempe. Gets hot in the summer.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Question ; we want to hike this Saturday 3/18 is there a spot to meet friends and hike from there ? So we don't have problems with parking ?

Sunday, March 05, 2017

No notice on the map board, but the trail is closed about halfway to the waterfall due to storm damage. Very disappointing but playing along the river was nice. Got some great pics.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

my favorite trail to take my kids

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My family and I found this wonderful trail in April of 2016 when we couldn't get to Cataract Falls due to a rock slide closing the road. But we were happy we found this gem. And the fact that it was raining when we hiked it made the falls just that much more amazing. The views were amazing and it was decently challenging. Be on the lookout for the poison oak! There was quite a bit. And as an added bonus: Salamanders!

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