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Highly recommend this trail for its diverse terrain and there’s so much more than just the falls out there. If you decide to take the challenge I would suggest going counter clock wise and avoid the annoying crowds congregating at the falls area, you won’t see them until near the end. Most of the trail is downhill this way, and way more enjoyable. Once you make the falls area, sit and rest and enjoy the scenery .... it’s a nice payoff.

I’d recommend hiking shoes, with good grip and comfortable insoles .... your feet are going to thank you!

The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done!

Great place to walk

Amazing trail. I tried this once about a year ago and didn't make it to the end due to some medical issues of a friend but this time we trekked on all the way to Mooncow Bay point. Amazing views, definitely recommend!

It rained a fair amount yesterday - as a result, there was a lot of temporary ponds and flowing water on the trail today. Several areas of mud in the road as well, but for the most part not too difficult to traverse. A lot of the trail is clay so it is pretty slippery in winter, particularly on the steeper sections. However, some gravel has been placed on portions of the road so it provides better traction underfoot.

Good walk/hike. The big trees are all down on the boardwalk but it is much less crowded on this trail after leaving the boardwalk. We got an early parking reservation (9am) and glad we did. By the time we left it was crazy with cars circling the lot, looking for a spot.

14 days ago

This was a great hike. Mostly moderate until the climb up to Verna Dunshee which was very steep and rocky. But the views were outstanding. We were grateful it was a clear day!ill do this one again for sure!

Beautiful, intimate little waterfall.

It’s a beautiful hike, took someone with me that had some hip issues so we went nice and slow and she was able to enjoy the beautiful hike too. I do recommend going counter clockwise.

Go counter clockwise for a sunset view towards the end of the hike. Fairly easy hike with a clear path.

17 days ago

Great outing. The trail is almost entirely fire roads, like most trails in the area. Good amount of parking and great signage. The falls were small but nice. Great for trail running.

Nice, easy, not too many people. Fun to find a new area for hikes, lots to explore.

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18 days ago

Super short on time so we couldn’t do the trail, but wanted to see the iconic theater. It was lovely—it must be magical to see a production here.

Great hike you can do if you don’t have a lot of time. Steep incline to get to the loop but then pretty flat for most of the way.

18 days ago

This trail was beautiful! I'm not from the area and was surprised at how lush and green it was. I wrote a more in depth review here https://bit.ly/2AnMxuR

19 days ago

Really pretty, great for families.

Navigated fairly easily with 2 kids in backpacks/carriers. It was a little muddy in December and almost entirely shaded. Flushing toilets at trailhead. Day pass/parking is $8.

Nice easy walk, mostly flat. Shade, forest trail on the west side and sunny on the east side. I suggest to start at the water dam parking side early afternoon, and hike around the lake counterclockwise for a pleasant sunset final loop ending. Shore fishing is common on this last segment.

This loop is for hiking only. No bikes allowed. Instead if you head down the hill from the firestation, you'll find a fire road that leads to double bow and then to railroad grade.

If your car-less and coming from San Fran, an easy and affordable way to enjoy Muir Woods is: 1. Take bus(#30)/ferry to Sausalito ($6.50/$12 one way), 2. Take Muir Woods shuttle ($3 round trip; reserve seat in advance). Beats the $70+ tours! This trail was mainly in the shade but got some filtered sun. Very few muddy spots. Well maintained, wide packed trail for most of it. There is no summit (it hugs the contour line once you’ve reached max elevation) and there aren’t viewpoints. Consider the Dipsea trail if you want a peak at the ocean. Definitely nice to get away from the crowds.

Super easy. Not much of a hike, but some good views of city, ferry ride over.... great way to spend a day !

What a great hike! We took music stand to cut off some of the elevation. Not one complaint. Definitely worth it.

Great hike! I’d go again, but do NOT bring a dog. I brought mine, and we ended up pulling about 50 ticks off of him!

Beautiful hike with a few redwood groves along the way, easy for conversation because it’s not too difficult

Favorite trail so far in Marin. Provides for nearly four different types of terrain and a blast to hike or run with my wife.

Great hike! Nice views, solid workout, clearly marked path.

Gorgeous views of the entire city and north bay.

This trail starts out gently but after a half mile gets steeper and then quite steep in places, but well maintained. It eventually levels off some and gets to the protected top of the mountain, where there are BIG old growth redwoods around Collier Spring and Northside trail to the north. After the springs, which are not advertised as potable (but I have) you can climb another 400 feet and half mile not quite as steep to Ridgecrest for a great view. I prefer returning by other trails to make a loop and avoid the slippery gravel sections of Collier Springs, which could be dangerous if in a hurry. After rains this can be a wonderful, noisy little cataract trail for sections, although you may have a tricky ford at the bottom.
This is one of my most favorite trails for cardio, as you can just walk fast once it gets steep and have a no impact workout.

did the loop once last spring it is more like 12 miles the fall are alot better after a heavy rain

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