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Excellent trail! We were able to hike this after leaving Mount Baker on our way back to the Seattle airport. Rained all day in Bellingham Sunday so we needed one more hike before hearing back to hot, humid Atlanta !

Amazing hike, it should be on your list to do in Washington! There was a lot of amazing waterfalls, fallen trees, the mountains were breathtaking and Lake Serene was just gorgeous! I went on a rainy Sunday and it wasn’t very crowded, also it was easy to find parking (even if you go a little late).

Did it yesterday! Just beautiful hike! Really enjoyed it and the lake is breathtaking. A must do.

Very beautiful & well maintained but also very over crowded.

2 days ago

If you’re looking for mountain solitude, this is great hike. I rarely see other hikers on this trail. Take exit 20 from I90 East and park near the homeless camp, Hop the gate and catch the Tiger Mountain Trail. Take the Lingering Trail until you reach the Preston Trail then follow that up the mountain. The last section is steep, muddy, and not well marked. Near the top you’ll see a trail to your right. Follow that and you’ll reach another trail that leads to the summit and viewpoint. You’ll also see the Hiker’s Hut there. A good map is a plus!

The first time I was at Goldmyer Hot Springs was in January of 1978, I think. The bridge at Taylor River Campground was out, so we hiked in (12 miles or so). Being January, it was cold, but the year we were up there was a very light snow year. When my friend and I got there, there was a couple leaving, who had occupied the only standing cabin from the old resort. We got it for the time we were there. Totally dilapidated, but homey. From that point forward we were in a wonderland, trails leading to all kinds of derelict mechanisms, and to the springs. Being in that generation, and having read In Watermellon sugar, we identified this as "The Forgotten Works," and with headlamps explored all around. Everything was covered in ice crystal which gleamed in the night; this is one of my greatest memories of the 70s. Rest of the time we basked in the springs. I look forward to returning.

We went there Labor Day a few days after the trail had reopened. Parking was abundant at 830 am. Trail was well maintained. Glad we stopped at Bridal Veil first otherwise I don’t think we would have stopped in the way down from Lake Serene. Both were very pretty breathtaking. Wonderful hike!

we went during the week in the evening so it wasnt very busy, only saw 2 other couples. there was so many amazing views along the way! the falls were absolutely breathtaking! we just went to the 2nd level since we ran out of daylight but definitely want to go back! id say moderate is fitting for this one:)

Great trail. The trail starts out really easy until you reach the fork either to Bridleveil or Lake Serene. Choose wisely.... actually the dynamic are close to the same except the falls is a way shorter hike. When you head up to the lake the incline increases and switchbacks and big stair steps for a while. Worth the sore legs afterwards. I went to Serene first then the falls on the way down. There is bathrooms at the trailhead and the lake. The lake is beyond gorgeous. Got there at 5am of course no cars. Got back down around 11:30am parking lot was packed.

Beautiful! I’ve done the bridal veil falls many times, I very excited to do the lake trail this time. It was worth it for how hard the incline of stairs was! The water has an amazing emerald bluish color. And we hung out there for a while. I totally recommend it! My discover pass didn’t cover this area, must be a northwest forest pass!

I enjoyed this hike. One of my favorites. However the hike down to the lake and back was closer to 11.5 miles.

Great hike. The last two miles up to the lake are a challenge, steep and very rocky, but there's enough points along the trail with fantastic views to keep you motivated. The lake itself, and the towering cliffs behind it, are spectacular and very worth the effort. We started at 8am and still had quite a few people up top with not much room at all along the water, so if you want to find a place of your own to sit and eat lunch, be prepared for for a little disappointment and plenty of human interaction.

Make sure you allow time for the breaks you might need on the incline switchbacks and the break you will surely want when you get to the gorgeous lake. Lunch Rock was a perfect spot to drink your wine and eat your lunch while viewing the snow packs, trees and jagged rocks reflecting off the lake.

Great hike with lots of changing scenery. It got busier as the day went with other hikers coming in as we were going out. Hardly a bug to be seen.

'Northwest Forest Pass' required for parking. I think you can get them for 5$ right at the parking lot, our vehicle already has one.

Trail begins wide and meanders thru the forest. It's loud due to the highway above you but this quickly fades. The trail will come alongside Denny Creek and then stairs will lead you right to the creek. You have to cross here and look for the small sign on a tree. More forest and then it opens up. Next you'll see Keekwulee Falls. Alternating forest and open rock switchbacks. We had low cloud for the hike in, and then the sky cleared while we had lunch at the lake. The second lake pathway runs to the left side of the main lake, only takes a few minutes to get there.

A moderately difficult hike in a lush, dense beautiful forest. The trees provided plenty of shade that made the hike all the more pleasant! Make sure to bring plenty of water since there is no refill station!

11 days ago

Hiked on 9/10/18.

I'm sure it's typically busy, but I went on a Thursday morning and basically had the whole trail to myself. Multiple view points along the way and they're all beautiful. The trail is extremely well maintained. I'll definitely be coming back here again.

The trail is open again and Lunch Rock is waiting for you.

Central Peak was a very disappointing ending. most of the Creeks are dried up but it's summer. Trail markers get worse the higher that you get some splits aren't marked at all.

Hiked on 8/5/2018

This is a great place to break in your trekking poles. I walk a but faster than most but I'll be the first to admit that the elevation gain on this hike is a workout for newbies.

You have three lookout points on your hike: Lower; Mid: and Upper falls. Bring some extra water if you don't carry a pack. Watch out for loose rocks on the trails.

This is a popular location so arrive early.

Hiked today on Labor Day. lot was half full at about 8:30 am. Trail got gradually more packed as day went on. Despite the crowds, the trail and sites were great. Can’t beat hike given proximity to Seattle.

It is work getting to both the falls and then the lake, but anybody in reasonable shape and with patience and perseverance can do it.

15 days ago

Hiked on Labor Day Weekend Sunday 2018/09/02. Enjoyed the hike. Pretty good work out. Descent Water Falls View. Trail path is neat and well marked. Has parking lot. Requires Discovery pass. It took 1 hour 40 minutes to Lower falls and come back. Missed going to Middle Falls and Upper Falls because of time constraints. I would definitely go there again.

Lots of huckleberries and bear cubs out this time of year! This trail features a lot of ups and downs as you pass through several groves and meadows, keeping the trail interesting! There is a short rock scramble when you get to the peak that's occupied by fire ants, so watch where you put your hands! We also encountered some Giant Hogweed on the trail, but it looked like someone had cut it back and it's now grown out again. We went around 3pm on a Wednesday and only passed by 5 other people, so it was nice and quiet!

Great view of at Middle Falls.
Busy place:(

Nice trail and lovely fall. Got stung by a bee for the first time. Also great trail to get to Wallace Lake.

Beautiful. Remember the climb is very hard but worth your efforts.

This was absolutely a gem. The waterfall is just beyond beautiful, and there is a total of 3 stops on the hike. Lower, middle, and upper falls. Lower falls is an easy hike and probably the most beautiful part of it all. There is a tiny trail down to the pools of the lower falls, it is not recommended to go off trail. But I think it’s well worth it if you are safe. It is very slippery and people have passed there. Just be carful and only do it if your comfortable. Middle Falls is a medium hike, pretty steep but can be done and only 0.3 miles from lower. Highly recommend at least tracking to middle. We didn’t get the chance to hike to upper falls, as we had to get back to Seattle for a meeting.

19 days ago

I've hiked Wallace Falls four times now and on my last attempt I pushed on to the top. Wallace Falls can be tough since it is high elevation gain in such a short distance. I pushed on and explored Wallace Lake. You can go beyond that and hike up to Jay Lake and Shaw Lake as well. Wallace Falls is a great beginner hike. Once you discover your abilities you can move farther into the Cascades and hit peaks like Beckler Peak.

There was about a 7mile (30min) drive on a dirt road to the trailhead. Few potholes at the beginning but well maintained and I was easily able to make it to the trailhead in my sedan. This was a really beautiful hike, but halfway up the dock butte trail there was a mama and her two cubs up in the tree. I was here with my pup so we turned back and stopped by the lake. I will definitely be back to see the top of dock butte!

Great little hike to a a nice swimming lake.
Some good cliffs to jump off of.

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