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Went through Stone Door into the gorge. Very rocky, but once down there, wildflowers were everywhere! Beautiful The bolder filled creek was dry, but hiked to a Ranger falls anyway. It was running great, with a small rainbow at bottom. It goes underground, that’s why you see no water in creek bed. Going on along BCG Trail, I came upon another smaller waterfall. It also runs back underground, as does Big Creek, which you will see for the remainder of the hike out of gorge. Very rocky climb out to the rim. Rim trail has a few nice overlooks. I would rate this moderate, with steep climb at end. Don’t wear flip-flops!!

Beautiful views, considerable elevation gains and descent. Tricky footing in some places over rocky trails especially when climbing or decending on the gulf. Take the extra .8 miles to see Ranger falls!

The trail is DOG FRIENDLY. Amazing place, beautiful mountain views, easy stroll. Should’ve brought kayaks! Will definitely be back to car camp & kayak. Total hidden treasure... actually considered not leaving a good review so as not to attract more people & dogs to this slice of heaven.

It was challenging for me as I haven’t done that distance in years. The views were fantastic- great time of year (early March) for some bonus waterfalls. Great sense of accomplishment after completing the loop!

11 days ago

This was an extremely challenging trail, but it doesn’t get challenging until close to the actual falls and of course the OUT and UP part.

We dropped a car at the Tennessee side and drove back to Alabama side and started there so that we could through hike. I think the through hike was the best idea because we got to see different things which kept it rewarding rather than an out and back situation.

It’s worth it but if it’s rainy it is quite slippery and a little scary. Trekking poles or walking sticks are essential in this sort of situation and would help even if it’s dry when you go.

12 days ago

Feels like Max Patch, except you must earn the views. Steady climb from start. Bote Mtn is the toughest stretch because of the rockiness (huh?). The final climb from Spence Field is a little steeper than the description led us to believe. But worth every bit of labor. Bottom to top in 3:15. 90 minute snooze and snack. Top to bottom in 2:30ish.

A beautiful place! Easy hike in strenuous hike out.

Great Hike! But would not give it a "hard" difficulty.

Beautiful views. Good trail. Pretty streams

Great Hike! From the TN side, the trail is around 4 miles to the "Walls Of Jericho" section. The AL and TN trails meet at the Walls and it's around 1 mile or so from the Walls of Jericho sign to the actual falls. As others have mentioned, it's a steep climb on the way out!

Amazing and beautiful hike with fun climbs..The distance is greater than 8mi total from the TN trailhead out and back ...and also other loop trails I noticed in the area. Hope to go back!!

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. Great hike yet slippery. According to my GPS and the sign at the parking area, this is a 8.3 mile out and back hike so not sure where the 6 miles on this app came from but it’s longer than 6 on the Alabama trail head side. Either way it’s well worth it.

Hiked the Walls this Past Saturday and loved it! It was beautiful. Very well worth it!!

Challenging, but more of a moderate trail than hard! Beautiful sights, perfect distance. Worth it!

25 days ago

Great trail. Both waterfalls on the entry trail are worth seeing. (Lots of steps to get down to the waterfalls) After coming back up the steps, you have to cross the canyon and walk along the far side of the canyon before the loop trail begins. The best pictures/views are from the far side. The loop trail is around 2 miles and is relatively flat. The path goes through the woods and runs along the other side of the mountain.

Great trail with great scenery. If you can catch it when the falls are flowing it’s an amazing sight.

great winter waterfall hike for ranger creek falls

1 month ago

I hiked this trail solo in late January. Tips...wear sturdy footwear. Flip flops or open toe footwear highly discouraged. There are many places with exposed and hidden rocks along the trail. Trekking pole with pointed tip helpful since the trail goes along the side of a mountain toward the end. very uneven and steep in places so a pole or two could be good to steady if you are not experienced. There is a rope hold in one area. Take at least 2 liters of water, more if it's hotter months, you will be glad you didn't have to dehydrate yourself. I think 2.5 to 3L would be sufficient for most on a hotter day. There is moving water at the bottom in case you decide to filter instead. The trail is marked with red blazes on the trees and it's approx 2 miles to the first foot bridge at the bottom. After this creek crossing the trail levels out then crosses a second footbridge. A primitive backpacker camping area is several hundred yards beyond this footbridge. Bear slightly right after you pass by the camping area. Look for the trail sign. You will pass a barely visible small cemetary left of the trail just beyond the camping area. You are 20 min from the Walls at this point. Trail continues along a creekbed just to your right and then the trail will veer left and start a steep climb onto the hillside above the floor. Use caution in this section as it is very narrow and uneven. It can get especially slippery in this section so take your time. There is a rope hold fastened to the wall on your left in the worst section. When you come off the hill side you will see the largest pool of water and perhaps a small waterfall. This usually always has water. Traverse the rocks across this pool to your right upstream and you will see a trail running along the creek. It's a brief 25 yard push up the enbankment and then you are on a dry stone creekbed. Just up from here you can shimmy up a ledge approx 4 feet high onto another large flat area. The featured waterfall is down in a hole to the right after you climb this ledge and walk into the canyon approx 75 yards. Some climb down into the cravasse to get close but not advised if you're not a good climber. Average person can do it though. Flow is really dependant on recent rainfall however. I've been down there 4 times and seen it flowing twice. This whole section is a great area to picnic or back at the camping area. Plan lots of stops once you cross back over the footbridge and start the climbout. I am in good cardio health and made the entire trek out in 1 hr 40 min with one 5 min stop. I would not advise this pace for most people since I was cardio training with a 35 lb pack. There are lots of switchbacks with moderate grade incline on the trail. In the warmer months you will have mostly shade from the trees to keep the temp down. Plan 2 to 2.5 hrs out once you leave the walled area. It's well worth it if you plan and give yourself time. I would not advise this hike for anyone who has an untreated cardio condition without checking with your physician first. Getting aide in a timely fashion is improbable. Hope this post helps you prepare to have a fantastic hike to truly one of the most beautiful hikes in this entire geographic area.

i would definitely go again! beautiful

Great place to camp & trail is very close to campground. Run, hike, bike. Beautiful views as well. You can also canoe, kayak on lake. No big motors allowed or jet ski's.

My review is from the perspective of an amateur landscape photographer.

First the trail is easy to find, relatively flat and well maintained. It took me about 70 minutes to walk the 3.1 miles. If you can walk, you can do this trail.

Photographic opportunities were typical for a Lake. Lovely scenes but nothing really stood out. Except for one terrific spot on the southwest shore. There’s a wonderful composition with the mountains across the lake and reflections in the foreground. Trees help frame the shot. Best shot within 90 minutes or less of sundown

There are also some nice sunset reflection compositions at the north end of the lake and near the boat launch

If you are from the East Tennessee area then this hike is worth the effort. If you are visiting from out of town your time would be best spent in the Smokies or the Blue Ridge Parkway

A little bit of everything. Easy, fun hike with a LOT of great views. Some challenging areas (when backpacking)

You can also hike from the Tennessee side. Continue north on highway 79 crossing over into Tennessee. It is 7.5 miles round trip but the climb out is less steep. Trail is well marked. Parking area and trailhead are clearly marked. I jog/run this trail.

Love this trail during winter months. Scenery is beautiful. Can be challenging in areas. Easy if you hike a lot and used to it. Take your time you’ll be fine.

2 months ago

Great trail we did a day hike and the waterfall was flowing well when we were there. Hardest part is coming back up. We would definitely hike this trail again!

I would agree with Paul Jacob that this hike could be rated as moderate if you hike regularly. While there are certainly strenuous sections and the mileage is up over 9 miles if you add on the extra 0.8 to Ranger Falls (highly recommend!!), the trail is super easy to navigate with all of the blazes and clear signage. Also, the uphill sections really aren't bad if you take the loop clockwise. I would think going counterclockwise on the loop would be harder as the trail ascending out of the Big Creek Gulf to Stone Door is steeper and rocky.

Since we did this hike during the winter, we were able to see Big Creek very well along the Big Creek Gulf trail, which was flowing beautifully in spots. The flowing water sections of Big Creek plus the spur trail to Ranger Falls made this my favorite section of the three sections on this loop.

Summary: If you're a regular hiker, this is a fairly moderate, mid-distance hike with some great scenery for the mileage. My wife and I were able to complete the loop in just under 5 hours. We highly recommend this one!

Tough trail. Definitely go see Ranger Falls. Brutal climb up to Alum campground. Awesome views on the way out and the Stone Door is amazing

Very nice trail, and well maintained. I'd rate it as moderate. though the alum gap-BCG section is quite rocky and steep. Wear close toed shoes. Only a couple other people on the trail despite clear skies and a high around 55. Near the ranger station, check out Ranger Falls as well, just a couple hundred yards to beautiful falls.

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