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Great for hiking in the snow! absolutely beautiful. Trafficked but not heavily. I will be back soon.

Completed 1/15. Pretty snowpacked with ice in some spots. Needed spikes almost the entire way. Beautiful winter hike!!

Great view, fun hike. There were some parts where I wished I had grips for a little extra traction in the snow but you can get by without them. I’ll definitely be going back when the weather has changed to see how the trail is then and maybe even while the snow is still around.

Few icy spots in the beginning so be careful but it’s worth it

The trail wasn’t difficult, I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. The view at the top isn’t great, it mainly blocked by trees. It was a good way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Fun hike with the pup

Beautiful views! Great hike to bring the dogs with on a leash.

mountain biking
12 days ago


On a January day, 59 degrees, full sun on clear paths and trails, a great way to escape for a couple hours. Yes, there are lots of geese (but so do the golf courses). The flowing brook was picturesque with ice covering some of it.
Ice fisherman were on the reservoir- no idea if fish were caught. The trails were not crowded and the bikers respectful.

Nice hike. Not a lot of traffic once you get to the single track, and there was some snow on trail, but did not need my spikes.

There are so many different offsets to trails that this particular one is easy to lose. I would definitely recommend tracking your hike on the app. I took the wrong way multiple times but it was still a nice hike, nonetheless. This trail has really nice views of the mountains and red rocks. Would recommend for out of state visitors. This is a nice space for close to home trails. Microspikes were not needed January 1st.

Classic "near Denver" hike. No bikes, but parking fills up.

Awesome hike! Able to do without spikes pretty easily.

19 days ago

Did this one with my parents today (in their early 60s), who are out-of-towners, and they really enjoyed it. They thought it was a nice change of pace from a normal trail, considering it was snow-packed for nearly the entire trail.

Still a nice, easy jaunt for my wife and I. The incline was on the easy side and it was nice walking through all the pine trees. Sweeping views from 2 or 3 spots towards the top of the trail (one of which being the Scenic View viewpoint).

Great hike overall. The previous reviews still hold true — icy stretches primarily at the beginning —until you split for the loop. Crampons helped immensely. Tons of dogs + other hikers out.

trail running
21 days ago

Great network of trails right in town! First time on it so didn't know what to expect really. Rockier than expected, at least in some area's, but it made it interesting. Some nice steep portions to really get the heartrate up. Overall it was quite enjoyable!

Traction needed. Great hike!

Nice hike with pretty views that can be knocked out in 2-3 hours. I went today and would recommend crampons, it was fairly icy.

Nice mellow trail with open views and ruins worth exploring (definitely go to the end to learn about the Summer White House). The trailhead was nearly empty when we arrived around 9:30 am on a sunny Christmas Eve, but the upper lot had filled on our return. There was virtually no ice or snow on the trail, making this a perfect quick mountain hike without any winter gear required.

Great place to stroll through and view the castle ruins. The trail is extremely wide and well maintained and with minimal elevation gain it is a pleasant walk. I would recommend hiking or walking this trail in cooler weather since there isn't much shade. If you would like to see the video of my hike visit my YouTube channel Tripaley Goes Traveling

Nice hike, easy to follow the trail and very pretty views mixed with views of the city (if you're into that.) Definite icy patches scattered on the trail on 12/21 but not enough to warrant spikes. Saw just a few people. Took 2 hours including a snack/view break

12.19.18 - Drove all he way there and found the gates to he parking lot closed. Hoping I make it back in the future when the gates are open and can actually give better rating.

Hiked 12/16/18 - Some icy patches in the dark spots but the majority of the trail is dry. No traction needed. Hiked counter clockwise on the Mt. Galbraith Loop. From the north end of the loop we very naturally found ourselves on a well traveled social trail which made it's way up Galbraith's north ridge right up to the summit (Not shown on this map). We came down from the summit in a Northeaster direction (trail is shown on this map) to re-join the Galbraith Loop trail on the easternmost part of the loop. BTW the best views are on that easternmost edge of the loop! We took our time by spending 45 minutes relaxing on the summit and another 15 taking in the views on the east side of the loop. That said the whole hike took us 3 hrs. So very possible to do this in 2 hrs or less is you move continuous.

such a nice hike. pretty easy. can get a bit icy in spots, didn't need spikes but they were nice in one little stretch. great close front range trail.

Sunday 12/16 - hardcore ice on Cedar Gulch.

Plenty of parking this late morning and little ice on the trail. The trail was very easy with a kind of moderate spike, but the views at the end were beautiful! I was also lucky enough to be the only one up there for a half hour!

I’ve done this one a few times and it’s a nice hike close to the city. You DEFINITELY need micro spikes now! Lots of thick icy spots!

Great view at the top!

Chilly day up the trail. A mix of packed snow and sandy snow. Traction not needed.

Great hike! Nice views of Golden and Denver. Some icy patches so be careful but you don’t need snow shoes yet. Some tight and rocky spots, easy hike close but not too close to the city.

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