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March 18th-19th Map

Lovely, easy hike. Not too steep, really nice views. A little muddy due to snowmelt, and a little windy at the peak, no real worries though. The campground at the start provides nice bathrooms n parking.

Beeeeauuutiful. At the first juncture stay on the right then at the second one follow the tall brown arrow sign. The views at the top really hit your soul.

In my opinion, this hike should be rated as moderate. I did it during the rain with no problem. The views are awesome.

Easy hike with 360 degree views. Nice spot to sit and lunch.

11 days ago

Started a little later than I would like and almost made it to the top of the trail where it meets Condor Peak Trail. I would’ve continued but had my doubts that there’d be a good spot to pitch a tent up there. Next time I’ll set up camp at Lucas Camp and summit in the morning. That’s probably the last chance to fill up and process water.

14 days ago

The trail has some pretty great views of the mountains a few miles in. Past the waterfall (which is beautiful by the way), the trail becomes narrower and less maintained. Around the six mile mark, it’s nearly impossible to take a backpack because of the over growth on the trails. It become a much more difficult vs. “moderate” trail. We saw around 5 sites to camp within those six miles. It’s very remote—no sounds of traffic and no sign of people. Plenty of water, as the trails followed the creek (this may change, depending on time of year). If you visit the waterfall, be careful not to get turned around. We wound back tracking and adding 2 miles to our trek back to the car. The trail to the waterfall is off the out-and-back main trail. Lots of inclines going in, mostly declines going out. No cell reception whatsoever, but the app can still track you on the trail. The only trail markers were stacked rocks that hikers made, and sometimes there were orange or pink ties on trees.

**parking: we parked on the main road because the road to the trail was closed off to visiting vehicles. It was about .3 miles to the trailhead. You pass a few small houses along the road. There will be a few signs that tell you which direction for the trail.

This trail was awesome. It took a lot of convincing to get my girlfriend to climb along the cliff side right before the water fall but she made it lol.

Tried to do an overnight trip here, but the rain and wind sent us packing to the car and down to Alpine for some burgers and beer. My fellow hikers and I didn't bring enough cold weather gear and trying to stay warm in wet jeans wasn't working out for them. The trail wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Its pretty well defined about 70% of the time, so you need to stay focused. The Manzanitas that line the trail throughout the hike are cool, some were completely covered in the bright red bark. When the fog did clear the views were exceptional. We were able to snap a few pics and then the fog and rain came back with a vengeance. There's a good spot off the trail to set up camp about 3/4 of a mile from the peak, there is also appears a good spot further down at the Los Pinos trail junction. Will definitely be coming back when the weather clears up for another try at an overnighter.

16 days ago

Love this trail!! Great for the

barely half a mile after starting the hike, the trail was mostly covered in snow. May be a mile in, the trail opened up to a beautiful sunset view along with the gorgeous view of the valley. After which we took u turn to get back. no elevation for a mile or so.

This trail seemed more moderate than easy but maybe because it was covered in patches of snow and ice. The stairs to the peak were completely iced over and pretty slippery. Without the railing, there's no way I would have made it up. Beautiful view at the top! Would try it again in nicer weather.

Awesome hike!! Great workout!

trail running
25 days ago

Not easy ! Tons of trails bomb views No trees :( easy off the 118

I believe it's closed as when you use the "directions" feature, there is no route.

Can anyone confirm if this trail is open? It seems like it is closed due to the wildfires, according to this site: http://www.santabarbarahikes.com/

29 days ago

This is on the top list for hikes. Overall the hike was easy and at the end was rewarded with some AMAZING VIEWS. To start you will need to park across the street at the campgrounds. There is a $10 fee for the day use parking. Once parked you can cross the street and start your journey to the top. The hike has lots of shade as you go through the switchbacks to the top. Make sure to take in the views as you work your way to the top, there is lots to of awesome viewpoins. Once you get to the top it is a narrow staircase to the top viewpoint where it is about a 6ft x 6ft area. For our hike it was not to busy and we were able to go up right away. If it is busy, you might endup needing to wait a little in order to prevent going to the viewpoint while it is too crowded. When we went up it was about 50 degrees for the day. I wore a light jacket and it was perfect for the hike. You get a little warm while in the sun, and cold while in the shade / breeze. Prepare for lots of wind at the top! I will be back, awesome hike.

Stellar views like mentioned before. Easy hike, trail is nicely kept up. Summit has a marker . The views are breath taking. Great family hike. No pets allowed thou.I feel and think this is one of San Diego’s hidden gems. A must do even if it’s short and sweet

Great for family. All ages. It’s an easy hike but my son and I ran it. So that made it not so easy. So if you want to burn calories and get a good workout then run it. But if you’re going with the family just to enjoy the views then it’s still just as great but not so hard.

Best trail so far. The views are amazing. Don’t forget to pick a permit up for parking. The pine valley store is couple of exist before you get off the freeway. First mile is boring but, after that, it’s gorgeous. Highly recommended

Great fun to be out with so few people around. This is an 8.5 mile trek round trip, not 6.5 miles. I followed the All Trails map here exactly (I had cell service the entire time so I knew I was on the right track at all times). My phone calculated 8.5 miles. It was 2 miles just to get to the crossing of Los Pinos Road with the Espinoza trail, and then over 2 miles more to get to the summit (at the very end of the trail, past the false summits along the way...)

On my top 5!

Excelent trail, we loved it. The views from the top were amazing. We did it before 10:00 AM so it was not so crowded. Must do it again!!

The views at the top are sooooo worth it! Took about 2 hours out & back. Had lunch at the peak. One of my top 5 favorite hikes so far!

Great hike for beginners or those out of shape. Very well maintained trail and switchbacks to make the hike easy. The 360 view at the top is quite good. Took me about 45 minutes to a hour to summit and I'm out of shape. Had the top to myself which is always special. This was in February during a sun set.

1 month ago

Solid hike and a workout! The way out is a steady climb with some substantial inclines. The trail is rock and hardscrabble. Bring a lot of water. There is not much shade. Views of urban sprawl are really good.

1 month ago

Love this trail! The views are some of the most spectacular I have seen, and it doesn’t even take too much effort to see them. It’s awesome being able to see both sides of the mountain. The freeway is quite loud for most of the beginning of the trail but once you get further into the mountain, it’s very peaceful and doesn’t feel like you’re that close to civilization at all. Definitely brings tons of water and sunscreen because there is hardly any shade.

Nice hike, if you want to beat the heat go early. Make sure to take a hat and enough water. Had lunch at the top very nice view. You need a permit to park that is $5, you have to go to the pine valley store to buy it. The entrance of the trail is by a gate with a red heart. You'll see a sign that says Espinoza trail on a trash can which you'll need to go through and then make a right turn once you reach a dirt road. You'll end up in another dirt road and you'll see a sign about raptors and you'll continue on that trail that will lead you to the top.

1 month ago

I took grief for 1 star, it used to be 5, and will be again I hope. It's very sad, the road and trail head is gone from the mud slide. The trails (East and West) are closed and it doesn't look like they will re-open any time soon. I suppose you can bushwhack your way in but they clearly don't want you there.

There's hardly any water, but a great workout!

1 month ago

We got to the trailhead around 2pm. We were able to get to the waterfall and enjoy our picnic on top overlooking the falls. There wasn't too much water coming from the falls but it was peaceful. As we were leaving the sun was setting and we got spectacular views of the mountains changing colors. We got to the car before dark. Overall a great hike!

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