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March 18th-19th Map
3 hours ago

Fun little trail run. They are rebuilding the castle. The guys were on lunch break and I was able to run up to it but was only there for a few minutes

Highly recommend this trail. Scenery was great. The creek had water flowing the whole time with some small water falls. The view of the ocean and the mountains behind were amazing.

Great hike. The rock formations are fascinating. Options to extend. Hard to find the actual rocky peak but worth it!

2 days ago

The hikeing trail to the falls is in quite good shape for what is said to be "not maintained." Great, quick hike for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of LA and replace it with the beautiful sounds of running water and pretty views. Even though the waterfall is down to a trickle, it's well worth the trip.

Be smart and aware of your surroundings as the drop offs on the way there and back are steep.

There are no trash cans past the parking area. So as always, remembering to pack out what you pack in will help to keep this place beautiful.

it was a great hike!!

2 days ago

What a great hike. Certainly challenging. The last mile or so up the side of the mountain is the most difficult stretch. But the payoff is totally worth it.
The waterfall was beautiful.
Be prepared for multiple creek crossings this time of the year.

Tough but not too. Spectacular views and biomes. Wow!

2 days ago

So far one of my favorite hikes. Nice scenery and the sound of the water was awesome ! Loved it!

Some of the steepest terrain appears in the first few hundred yards until you get to the top.

Amazing hike but definitely heavily trafficked

washed out
3 days ago

Hiked with Midge and Grace. Lots of water and waterfalls. Very lush greenery everywhere. Beautiful views of the ocean from the top.

Did this for the first time after some rain, so the creek and waterfalls were flowing (but not too high to make crossing difficult). Going clockwise worked well— up the steep part, with good shade, then down the longer, more gradual part with stunning views. A great workout for me as medium-fit. Highly recommend!

4 days ago

This trail is definitely more trafficked than lightly. I would put it moderate to heavy. The waterfall is beautiful. Last mile is the hardest

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve done, by far:

This was a nice trail to take my niece up, I believe she was 8 at the time. It was great that it was located straight across from our campground. Nice view from the top. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

4 days ago

one of the most beautiful falls i've been honored to see.

these are the exact coordinates to the trailhead:
34.305323, -118.255444 (34° 18′ 19.2″N 118° 15′ 19.3″W

you need an adventure pass, parking is limited mostly just alongside the road.

there's a clear sign towards the trailhead. there's some cabins at the beginning so be mindful of noise and trash since residents live there.

follow the trail. you will hit a sign that says "trail not maintained by forest service" but it's pretty well maintained by hikers. you'll have to cross the stream a few times. depending on what time you go (whether it's rained recently or not) is how high the water in the stream will be. we never get rain in socal, but it had rained 2-3 days prior to our visit so we figured we'd take advantage and i'm so glad we did.

if you keep following the main path, it leads you to the top of the falls. there's a downward path to the right a little bit before the top of the falls that you can take that leads you to the base of the falls. someone tied a rope to help you climb down and it helps so much.

loved it so much we did it twice. we took our six month old pup and he had no problem. he loves climbing rocks and crossing streams. it really was beautiful.

5 days ago

Okay it's a little muddy today but don't be a punk. Wear boots and go.

5 days ago

For having been rained on the past three days, it's still very doable. Soft but not very muddy. Few puddles. Do it.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike. Felt like I was going through different climates at certain stages. The rope down to the falls can be iffy but once your down there its gorgeous. There was some water on the falls but not gushing.

Best to do the loop clockwise so you get the beautiful views coming down Old Romero Road. Only problem is that it’s easy to miss the trail going up the canyon — make sure you are checking the app during the first half mile or so from the trailhead and read other people’s reviews. Loved this trail!

10 days ago

A lot of new construction happening. There’s a rope swing on the side that’s fun.

It’s amazing.

Beautiful trail! Great workout on a brisk morning! My second Cuyamaca hike since starting this “hiking addiction “ This one was fun due to recent element of snow and much colder weather! Very few signs of snow left but the illusion of “mud” or “running water” along the trail kept me amazed! I would step on it and was expecting to slip or slide but the ground was solid! Thankful we went during the chilly temps because before long it would no longer be an illusion!! FYI. 4 mile round trip! And I would classify as “moderate” compared to other peaks I have recently done!

This was a great hike! We started our hike at 7:45 and were the first ones on the trail and passed a total of 4 groups on our descent. The trail was easy to follow after reading the comments before. There are two different wood signs marked with C.M. if you look for them - this is what helped us stay on the right trail. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is towards the end, there is a steep rocky descent of about 10-15 yards that didn’t feel like it was part of the trail. After backtracking, as well as checking our compass and mileage, we figured it was definitely part of the trail and continued on. I would’ve hated to end our trip at this point. Even though it was a cloudy and cold day, the views at the top were spectacular. Unfortunately because of the wind, our stay at the peak was short lived. Can’t wait to get back to this one in early spring.
Total mileage was definitely closer to 8.5 rather than 6.5.

18 days ago

It was pretty good hike not hard, there some area where you have to climb or use your hard to climb up some rocky trails but not bad at all. We started at 730am and didn’t see anybody until on our way back.

22 days ago

I turned this hike into an 8 mile adventure by doing the loop around Rocky Peak. You will see in the map that there is a loop at the top. I hiked clockwise, and it was very enjoyable. I was the only one on most of the trail. A very easy 8 miles except for the last half mile of the loop back up to Rocky Peak turnoff. That was very steep. I climbed up it. I think going down would have been just as hard, but I have bad knees. It was a good hike.

23 days ago

Still a good, challenging trail with fantastic views. Trailhead is currently unmarked, but starts to the right of the creek up Park Ln. The first mile is essentially all uphill and has some loose stone in several areas, so don’t attempt if you aren’t prepared.

Great hike with variations over landscapes, vegetation, and elevation. Wish to see more water falling in my next visit.

love this trail..

24 days ago

This was my first time hiking in the Simi Valley Rocky Peak area. I really enjoyed it. Instead of simply doing an out and back to the peak, I did the loop at the top - continue north on Rocky Peak Trail to the next fire road, then back down to a fire road cut off to the right (at the big tree stay to the right.) This additional loop turned a short 4.6 mile into a nice 8 mile hike. I was alone throughout most of the loop. Cool rock formations, peaceful surroundings, great hike.

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