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3 days ago

Used to live a block away from this park. It was a really nice place to go walking. There were a lot of paths their so you could make the walk longer or shorter as desired.

As nice as it is, I considered this a nice local park. I don't see it as a destination I would drive far to in order to go for a walk through it.

Easy trail....well marked. Nice well shaded day hike

5 days ago

This is a nice medium length trail for hiking. Nice forest to travel through and the view of Pickerel Lake is very nice.

Oddly enough there are no good views of Crooked Lake on this trail without walking over to the campground.

Although the trail is beautiful, I'm giving it a low rating for a couple of reasons: 1. the trail blazers are virtually all missing so most of the time you have no idea where the heck you are; 2. the intersection markers/maps are defaced by gunshot and are difficult to impossible to read so again, good luck figuring out where you are; 3. although the trail starts out wide and easy to see, it peters out in places to the point of being difficult to impossible to see...for awhile I'm not sure I was even on the trail anymore. it's a pretty park and it's a darn shame the blazes and trail intersections aren't given a little love. I doubt I'll hike here again

A very solid moderate trail for starters. I was also surprised how hilly it was compared to how flat Michigan is. Benches and markers on trail.

Excellent hike and very well marked. Several good hills, overall easy

Not a fan of paved trails and wouldn’t really consider this a trail.

trail running
15 days ago

Fun trail for the confident biker or fun loving hiker.

20 days ago

I went here to hike the 12 mile loop but it was for mountain bikers mostly and didn’t want to get run over. However, this trail is quite the gem! I started around 9:45am and there wasn’t many people. Very quiet walk and absolutely beautiful trees and scenery. The trail was also mostly completed shaded! I will be back.

21 days ago

Nice hike except close to I-94 which I don’t care to hear when I am enjoying nature but glad it is close by to enjoy. Can’t always have it all!

Hardly anybody on trails was real nice.
Terrain was good (flat) but no issues.

Went on a 90 degree day (mid day) and the heat didn’t bother me, but some black flys ruined my run.

Had bug spray on, but that didn’t seem to help.

Think would be much better during a non-Black day attack aka different time of day or different season

1 month ago

Nicely shaded and a couple of pretty views.

1 month ago

Nice hike mostly wooded good trail!

Nice secluded trail. Trails aren’t marked well, but it’s not hard to figure it out. We had to backtrack twice but it just added to the experience.

Quite, alone except for two cyclists, lots of spiders and one snake. Couple of places bit more challenging than “moderate”. Wonderful hike, felt like I was in a wilderness. One disturbing thing, someone used spray paint on trees to mark trail.

on Bird Hills Trail

2 months ago

We hiked a few weeks ago and were fortunate to see an indigo bunting! The trails were a little muddy, but overall we really enjoyed our hike.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Excellent trail for all riders, especially beginners like myself. Great cruising sessions and rolling hills. Connects to the Big Kame trail for a little more advanced riders as well. Now with both trails open and more opening soon, even at its busiest it isn’t too bad. Riders and hikers are generally good to one another.

2 months ago

Beautiful for hiking practice or a leisurely hike! Bikers stay off the hiking trail, which is nice. Really good distance.

Great trail with young and old tree growth.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Perfect trail to learn and get better at mountain biking. Can get really busy mid-day, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. I always go early in the morning (8am-9am) and don't have an issue. You can hike this, but just make sure that you are aware and ready to jump out of the way when bikes come flying around. There are plenty of other trails for just hikers in the area, so I wouldn't recommend this trail first for hiking. Views of Green Lake are great and is a super fun trail to ride.

Great day hike for anyone in the area. Crooked Lake is beautiful and there's a little bench that allows for you to take in the waterfront views for a while. Perfect in the fall.

The path in the woods was so muddy that it was impassable. The rest of the trail was covered in ticks. I brushed handfuls off my dog while hiking, and handfuls more before getting back in the car, and we still brought 9 home with us. Early spring or fall would be a better time for this trail. We certainly won’t be going back this summer!

Nice and relaxing !!!!!

We decided that 95* weather was appropriate to go on a long hike (lol). The tree cover made for a pleasant experience, perfect temp! Thoroughly enjoyed this trail, although we did get a little backwards at one point and continued on to the Waterloo-Pickney trail instead of following the loop and added about 1/2 mile of steep terrain to our hike, but was worth it. Made our way back to the loop, finished up and made plans to come back!

A good spot to feel in nature, with some nice hills in the loop at the end. A couple of back roads to cross and passing a couple of bogs where the bug situation is pretty intense, but well worth it. Good two hour hike.

2 months ago

Lots of wildlife. It’s a very easy trail so if you are looking for a workout, this isn’t it.

Beware of ticks. My fiancé and I found 3 ticks on him and one on myself after a short walk through these trails yesterday evening, and just found one more on my cat’s toy and one on my coat this morning. We walked maybe one mile and in that time picked up 6+ ticks...

All Trails does not accurately describe this trail. This is a paved bike trail. Not a hiking trail

3 months ago

5-9-18 Hike. From a previous reviewer I knew going on this hike it was a mountain bike trail used by hikers. I thought that by doing this on a Wednesday morning it wouldn’t be very busy. When we arrived the parking lot was half full of cars w/bike racks. At the beginning of the trail there are signs telling you which direction to travel. 4 days out of the wk hikers traveled counter clockwise. The hike was very nice with slight elevation nothing too hard. Plenty of wildlife and beautiful flowers and scenery. Will definitely go back to take my son biking.

Nice little walk in Northville. Cute little lake you can go fishing or just walk along the trail and enjoy the outside. Just keep filling the green markers for hiking.

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