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Honestly one of the best hikes I’ve done since moving to WA. The hike up wasn’t too bad, I did have to take some breaks but once you make it to the top it is worth it! 360° views of the surrounding mountains and an awesome view of Mount Baker. We hiked along the ridge for a bit and it was beautiful. Unfortunately we got a late start getting there so we couldn’t stay as long as we hoped to. Ended up hiking back down in the dark which wasn’t too bad using our phone flashlights. I would highly recommend this trail!

I've recently done this hike to these beautiful waterfalls both from the upper trail, and from the lower trail walking up the creek bed. Both ways are easy, with more climbing over rocks and downed logs if approaching from the lower section. The trail between the 2nd and 3rd Falls is very steep but has a rope is zig-zagging across the trail to hang onto. I did not see the rope to repel down to the second falls, because I did not risk getting close enough to the edge that it was visible. The waterfalls are definitely worth the short hike. people were swimming in the water both in August and September.

It can be a minor challenge to find the trailhead and getting past all of those switchbacks may pose more than a minor for some cars and those in a rush. Go early. once you start the hike and you clear the forest, you reach an open area. From this stretch you come face to face with Mount Baker. a little further up and you have a spectacular view of Mount Shuksan and the rest of the peaks in the range. The long sloping hills make it seem something out of a postcard of Switzerland. strongly recommend!

4 start just because no sign for this trail the JBS help us to found it

we was the only one there but we love it

14 days ago

just love it worth the hike

Great experience

15 days ago

Took the dogs to the meadow clearing to hopefully have great scenic views, however there was a cloud rolling from the west to east that obscured the entire ridge line so no scenic view of Baker or Shuksan. Overall was very enjoyable and would have been five stars if the weather cooperated and if the trail wasn’t as crowded. There were a lot of people today.

Wouldn’t necessarily call this a trail; you can just park next to the bridge and see everything. It’s a nice place to make a pitstop while driving along Mt. Baker highway! Please obey the “no trespassing” signs and stay behind the fence. I saw some rowdy teenagers hop the wall and climb out on the rocks, dangerously close to the edge. No Instagram photo is worth the risk.

15 days ago

Very simple loop that offers amazing views of Tabletop! Also the lakes are crystal clear and ice cold, perfect to dip your toes in on a hot summer day, or let your dog go for a swim! Before you start on the trail, be sure to go inside Grandma’s Cabin and read up on the history of the area!

15 days ago

Super short and accessible trail. You can park on the side of the road and make the trip around the lake in about 10 minutes! Fully paved, and there’s benches to sit at the good view points. Just be sure not to step off the pavement, as the landscape is fragile and still healing.

Lots of huckleberries and bear cubs out this time of year! This trail features a lot of ups and downs as you pass through several groves and meadows, keeping the trail interesting! There is a short rock scramble when you get to the peak that's occupied by fire ants, so watch where you put your hands! We also encountered some Giant Hogweed on the trail, but it looked like someone had cut it back and it's now grown out again. We went around 3pm on a Wednesday and only passed by 5 other people, so it was nice and quiet!

There was about a 7mile (30min) drive on a dirt road to the trailhead. Few potholes at the beginning but well maintained and I was easily able to make it to the trailhead in my sedan. This was a really beautiful hike, but halfway up the dock butte trail there was a mama and her two cubs up in the tree. I was here with my pup so we turned back and stopped by the lake. I will definitely be back to see the top of dock butte!

Beautiful walk through timber before the open meadow with views of Baker and Shuksan

Great little hike to a a nice swimming lake.
Some good cliffs to jump off of.

A great trail but there is a lot of smoke from the BC fires currently obscuring the views. I'd recommend starting early if you decide to take on this hike with the smoke. The air is quite heavy / thick esp for the first mile plus. It seemed to clear a bit as we climbed and there was a breeze that picked up after about a mile and a half.

I think they are under calling the length of this hike. We reached the split in the trail at just over 2.0 miles when the details here show it at about 1.6 miles. A few other people noted the trail clocks in around 7.9 miles or so roundtrip.

We bailed due to the weather / smoke and ended up with 6.3 miles roundtrip and we had another 0.7 or 0.8 miles to get to the Yellow Aster Butte summit.

I'd try this hike again when the weather is a bit better.


Not easy! But great views. Lots of ups and downs.

Started hike around 11am, still a bit hazy from the regional wildfires, but overall good visibility. If you havent hiked in a while be patient with yourself and the trail, there are some decent elevation gains. Once you reach the split, stay left to continue on the YAB.

Disappointed. Either I didn't notice the actual trail or it is not as described.

1 month ago

Simple hike on a paved paths. As of 08/13/2018 the area is very smokey and you won’t be able to see many mountains.

Our family and older couple enjoyed the hike into Blue Lake recently. Not too difficult but lots of roots. The view was spectacular and the lake setting was worth the effort. Another party had success with catch & release trout.

1 month ago

Good, simple hike. As of 8/13/2018 it is very smokey. You can still see the mountains but not as clearly as I wanted to.

1 month ago

I found this to be a great hike for an older newcomer to hiking. The trail is beautiful all the way. The first two-thirds is quite easy and the last third gets more hilly. I think this is a good trail for a newbie to gauge their own stamina/skill on forest trails before going off on a tougher hike you find you may not be able to enjoy. If you can make it all the way to the end and back without skipping a beat, then you are ready for bigger things If you struggle on the last third of the trail, then keep on conditioning before heading off on more strenuous trails.

1 month ago

The Skyline Divide trail brought about one of those few "wow" moments in life. A perfect day hike for a bit of a workout and breathtaking views. Read my full trip report at https://www.gatlincreatives.com/blog/skylinedivide and watch the full weekend camping trip!

1 month ago

Did this hike on Sunday August 5. Beautiful and busy trail. Scenery is outstanding once you get up to the ridge. A little buggy in the afternoon but not terrible. Road in has some holes but generally in good shape.

Great hike with stunning viewers of Mt Baker throughout and 360 panoramic views at the top of Shannon and Baker lakes.

Beautiful trail, bugs are out to get ya if you camp out on the ridge. Also, service road is about 13 miles long with some decent sized potholes. We saw plenty of Priuses making it up though so the road shouldnt be an issue if you look ahead for them. Beautiful sights made it one of the better backpacking trip I've done here so far. Bring plenty of water. Enjoy!

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