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Had an awesome trip on 8/18/2018. The smoke had cleared and we had an amazing view of the valley and Half Dome.

4 hours ago

A must do if in Yosemite. Took me about 12 hours roundtrip, starting at 5am (an hour and 45 minutes before sunrise) - that allowed me to get to the top of Nevada Falls before I saw the sun.

Random thoughts:
-The cables look worse than they are. I got pretty nervous when I saw them, but once I started up them they didn't seem so bad.
-Take your time, particularly on the sub dome and on the cables.
-While I took the JMT down from Nevada Falls to avoid so many steps, my favorite thing about it is that you get a great view of Nevada Falls, Liberty Cap, and Half Dome.
-Without a filter, there is nowhere to get water above the Vernal Falls footbridge. If you don't have a filter, figure out how much water you need and then add an extra liter.
-It took me about 5.25 hours to get to the top, spent 30 minutes on top, and then a little over 6 hours to get down.
-If you apply for a permit and don't get it, it might be worth doing as much of the hike as you can. I thought the views from the area near the bottom of the sub dome (before the ranger checks for a permit) are about as good as on top of Half Dome (if looking east at least), and who knows if you will get lucky and be able to be someone's +1.

11 hours ago

Hard to believe this was just under 5 miles. It's very steep at the end, so you really just need to take your time. But this hike really has everything. It's beautiful to walk through the forest and see some lakes, beautiful wildflowers, and occasional deer. Then it gets fun when you scramble across some avalanche slides and then head up for what seems like an endless amount of time. Eventually, you get to the final summit which is mostly just climbing on a lot of big rocks, every one of which will shift, slide, or roll as you step on it, so WATCH YOUR FOOTING. The trail, as it almost always is, is a little harder to find on the way up, but if you just look for the big cairns and generally head up, you'll get there no problem. Views from the top are amazing with snow-capped mountains throughout the park still in August.

11 hours ago

I enjoyed hiking Hoffman. I've been to May Lake before but hadn't been all the way to the top. After May Lake, the trail gets a lot harder to follow, but that isn't super important because it's all just climbing over rocks and stepping through skree. Just make sure you eventually end up going to the left of the two knobs as you get above the trees and you'll be fine. But don't go too far left because that basin can be much steeper than it looks. I guided a senior hiking group (age 55+) on the trail and some questioned their stamina, but we had lunch and took it slow and they were fine. So, really, anyone that wants to do this can do it!

How much water should I carry? For anyone having gone recently, I have a water filter, are there streams, etc to get water along the way (and therefore carry less)? I’m planning on going 8/26

on Half Dome Trail

18 hours ago

The view at the top of half dome and the feeling of accomplishment is worth every bit of sweat (and fear). Our group began from the Trailhead parking lot a little before midnight and reached the top of subdome around 5am, waited until it got a bit brighter and got to the top of half dome before 6am to watch the sunrise. Hiking up at night was great to avoid the heat and crowds. I probably sweat more on the way down in the sun than I did on the way up in the dark. We took the Mist Trail up (which is currently completely dry) and JMT down to save our knees. For me, the cables (especially going down) was quite terrifying. We were the first group on the cables so we thought it'd be best to leave large gaps between everyone while climbing. There were parts on the way down where I slid from plank to plank (even with very grippy hiking boots). I feel like if we had been there during a busier part of day, it may have been less scary with smaller distances between people and being forced to go much slower. We stayed at the top for almost an hour and got back to the car around noon. On the way down, we did encounter a ranger who was on her way up to subdome and asked to see our permit.

20 hours ago

This hike is very pretty. I only made it to First Lake because it started to rain pretty heavily at that point and I was only wearing shorts and a tank top. Definitely be sure to bring a sweater (even if the weather is hot when you start the hike). Also, I was told the hike was only 3.8 miles to first lake... which definitely made me wonder if it was the altitude alone that made the hike seem so long. I gave this trail a 4 star rating because horses are allowed on the trail and you can pay $100 to ride a horse to third Lake. The path is narrow at some points which makes it difficult to avoid horse droppings in some locations (and the mess/smell the droppings made after being reconstituted by the rain was not entirely pleasant).
I’d definitely recommend bringing extra sunscreen (and wearing a hat and/or long sleeves). I’m very fair skinned and the first 2.5 miles or so don’t have much shade.

Great hike, just take it slow and the last mile isn’t bad. Pretty easy to follow, caught the sunset and hiked down at night with a head lamp and had no trouble.

1 day ago

I did this hike out and back in under 4 hours. My Garmin registered 8 miles. Warning... if you are looking for peace and solitude don’t go on this hike. 8/20/18 Monday was too crowded and noisy. People please keep your voices down...
The first 1.5-2 miles are very dusty. The best part about this hike- getting to the Duck pass. It’s challenging and fun.

What else can you say that hasn’t already been said? Exhausting, exhausting hike but well worth the effort. Like many others, we hiked up the Mist Trail and down the John Muir trail, which we felt was a good choice. We started at 4 AM, and returned to our car at 1:30 PM. You will be in for a LONG, exhausting day of hiking!

Great trail, very interesting the whole way. We parked at the backpackers lot and had to walk a bit down the road since we were told by the ranger not to use the pack trail. A lot of people disregarded that rule, but this is the route we did. This trail is scenic pretty much the whole way. Its pretty steep and hot in the first few miles but once you're past the first series of switchbacks beside second falls, it starts to flatten out. It stays pretty flat until a little bit after Lon Chaneys cabin (~1/2 way to 2nd lake). The second set of switchbacks wasn't as bad as the first and you'll start to see the turquoise water of 1st lake through the trees. We went to second lake and camped there for a couple nights, spent the days exploring the other lakes. We had thunderstorms every day between 2-6 like clockwork. This is what we called our afternoon thunderstorm nap time. On the last day after the thunderstorm we were greeted with a double rainbow!!! It was insanely beautiful! When it was time to go, it only took about an hour to get back down...I would do this trail again, even as a day hike although it is so beautiful you don't want to leave. Ever.

1 day ago

So pretty. Loved all the lakes and creeks you pass along the way. The beginning is a bit strenuous and when you hit the rocks it’s also tough. The views are worth it tho! A little smoke was coming in so we didn’t stay at Duck Lake for long. But it was nice to put our feet in the water and cool down. On the way back, stopped by the smaller lakes and took our time heading back. Started at 830am and got to the car by 3pm (includes stops for resting) Such a beautiful day and did run into people quite often on the way up and back down. It’s tiring tho. I tracked in my phone over 11miles total. Bring lots of water (or filtration) and snacks. Bugs weren’t too bad. Although something stung me on the back of my arm but was just a small welt and went away. The shaded parts were nice too.

This trail is awesome.

Obviously an amazing trek with a pristine view of the valley and miles of Yosemite Park. It is not for the faint, and definitely has some technical terrain, but we'll worth the effort.

Traveling up the cables and down can take time due to a number of people, generally between 11am and 2pm.

Overall, it's a gem of a hike. Train well for it and enjoy the amazing views and vistas.

Nice short hike to lake sherwin and back. Took about 1.5 hrs out with some short stops and 50mins return.... downhill.

2 days ago

Very hard cores trails up and down. Needed tone in shape and bring a lots of water. When you get to the top of half Dome take you time exploring all surrounding. Climbing the cable was pretty easy only if you have gloves and hardness equipments. Try to avoid crowds so made easier.

One of the most beautiful hikes/places Iv seen. It’s a must do, I recommend starting the hike no later than 6am. You’ll see sunrise and avoid any heat!

4 days ago

Very nice trail . Not as challenging but very good for acclinatizing and conditioning if you intend to hike other 14ers . The multi colored mountain and the 360 views are awesome. The bristlecone pine trees ... the oldest living thing in the world is found on the way up

Beautiful hike. The switchbacks are devastating. Take your time, hydrate, snack half way through them. Once you're done with the switchback, it is an easy hike to the top. Coming down the switchbacks is not too fun. Trailhead gets packed. Get there early!

Extremely difficult for beginners but beautiful and breathtaking views of the Fall

4 days ago


The first couple of miles on this trail are fully exposed with little or no shade. Therefore, I suggest starting as early as possible to avoid the heat of the day. The lakes themselves are amazing - definitely worth the effort.

Amazing hike to some must-see lakes. I started my hike at 6:30am and was rewarded with several deer encounters - one who even stopped to "pose" with me for a selfie.

5 days ago

Beautiful hike! Easy+/Moderate. Views are stunning both ways. Hit a thunder and lightening storm, rain and sleet at Duck Lake. Saw horses and dogs on the trail, everyone friendly. Several lakes along the way to have a snack or cool your feet. Many places along the route to filter water. Mosquitos not too bad.

The best hiking experiences ever! Took 5 hours total (2.5 to get to the top, .5 hours exploring the top and having a snack and 2 hours for the return). Included 10 minutes when trail was blocked to remove a falling boulder.

Nice but exausting

Started at 730am and finished the whole loop and were back to the car by 2:30pm. We took our time and had lunch at Black Lake. We went counter clockwise around the loop and saved the best for last but it was all so beautiful! Not an easy hike, especially in one day but totally worth it! Much warmer temps in the beginning and is cooler around the lakes. Lots of water and stunning views! Cant wait to go back and hike in and camp!

Amazing and very rewarding hike!!! Make sure you bring enough water. I ran out right after hitting the top ( I took 1.5 liters) Thankfully I was hydrated enough to walk back down to the falls(probably 4 miles) to get more. Totally worth it!!! I was glad I had trekking poles with me, I would definitely reccomend to do the same!

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8 days ago

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