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Nice hike but only 4 stars as the falls have dried up until snow melt in late spring. I’ll be back then.

Always a good trail, family friendly, fantastic perspective of Half Dome.

11/4/18 Lovey hike, not a lot of elevation gain/loss. We saw a bear and her cub! Only saw a handful of other hikers.

Short easy paved trail. The waterfall was non-existent this time.

Beautiful morning walk with two bear sightings, both with one cub. Easy trail and only one bottle of water required. We walked from the Upper Pines Campground. Mostly shaded but some sun to warm us as we came back the loop trail.
Highly recommend.

I always start my trips to Yosemite with this hike, and it’s the perfect warmup to more strenuous ones in the park. When you first arrive at the trailhead, it splits - I recommend taking the dirt path instead of following the road, which is more for the bikers and strollers. This trail is relatively easy and flat. The views once you reach the lake area are gorgeous (and even more stunning in the winter). Most of the crowds stop there, but I like doing the full loop. There are restrooms available too. There’s also plenty of wildlife that still passes through here despite the crowds (including bears and bobcats).

enjoyable trail

Beautiful short walk, sadly no water this time of year.

on Gull Lake Loop

19 days ago

This is an easy and pleasant trail, especially in the fall when the aspen leaves are golden! It can be done in an hour or so and is kid/dog friendly. It’s pretty.

We only did about 4 miles of the trail. Really cool waterfalls. Didn’t think it was hard at all.

Nice walk but unfortunately there was no water. From the videos we’ve seen, that would be amazing. It was still impressive to look at.

A nice walk that is somewhat on an incline. There was no water in the lake so it was strange to stand in the middle of where the lake should have been but it was still very scenic

21 days ago

Walk the entire perimeter and you’ll see a number of small streams feeding into the lake!

25 days ago

As of Oct. 21, in some spots, the Autumn colors were past their prime. In other spots, they were still in full glory. Gorgeous hike. Can’t wait to come back next year with my friends.

Did this hike for my 60th birthday. I’m in decent shape and did not think it was very hard at all. My husband is not in shape and he thought it was hard. So, we only went as far as the Upper Falls and not all the way up to the lake. But it was still a very satisfying hike. Go, and take your time with your slow-going friends because there’s plenty of beauty to drink in while you wait for them to catch their breath!

Beautiful hike in the valley. We were there mid October, so the leaves were changing. The only problem was that there wasn't really any water due to mix of drought and time of year. It's great being in the valley tho. Mirror Lake was dried up, so we got to stand right in the middle of the valley and have a good view of the cliffs around and spend some time in the literal shadow of the Half Dome.

29 days ago

Although the path itself is not very pretty, you will get an epic view of Mount Conness and North Peak. Highly recommend for a day long stroll. Bring supplies for a picnic and lots of sunscreen!

Wonderful hike back into small, beautiful lakes. recommend taking the southern side (on the right as you look at the lake from the trailhead parking lot) around Saddlebag lake as the northern side is very rocky and hard on dogs paws.

Very well maintained trail, breathtaking fall colors!

1 month ago


Driven by countless times on my way to bigger hikes. So, today i stopped. Probably not the best place to go to see the Sequoias, but it has some interesting history about the road. Highlight is the hollowed out fallen tree you can climb through.

Beautiful Terrain and crystal clear water. Loved every minute.

We (2 couples) hiked it in early October - it was cold (35F) and mostly windy - dress accordingly.

The way in/out is somewhat boring (Oct - no boat taxi) and long. The trail isn't well marked and it's relatively easy to lose your way (we didn't, thanks to the AllTrail app). The lakes are nice - but we've seen nicer in this area...

Gorgeous hike! Especially in the Fall. I was there today and noticed the rock slide cutting through the first part of the trail (I’ve hiked this before) but had no trouble at all keeping to the trail. No ribbons or cairns needed, IMO.
The first part is stupid easy. Almost anyone with working legs can do it. After getting to the rocky part, it does get slightly steep, but it is nowhere near “extremely difficult” (as others have rated it) provided you’re at least in decent shape. Past the Falls and the pond, keep going another mile or so until you get to the Cascades. Super beautiful.
Speaking of that, some hikers (myself included) completely missed the left turn across the logs (before the cascades) and assumed to the empty river bed to be the trail. Don’t be dopes like us. Lol. Right where the trail appears to go down into the empty river bed stop and look left. You’ll see two logs going across the river bed. Cross them and you’ll be back on the trail on the other side.

We actually eloped at the bottom of the falls! Of course there was a crowd but I didn’t mind. The short paved trail was perfect for the few guests we had with us! We went in the middle of November and lucked out because it had rained pretty hard and the falls went from a trickle the previous day to a full on gushing waterfall the next day (our wedding day).

1 month ago

Beautiful, obviously, but obscenely busy.

Great, fun hike! Pretty level throughout. Lots of rocks on the Western side, but the other side is a breeze! Will probably do it again sometime!

nature trips
1 month ago

Paved the whole way. The out is downhill and back is uphill. Not strenuous but the forest is very dry so take water. There are not as many sequoia as you will be expecting from the title Grove! A good one to do at the end of the day leaving the park if you spent too much time in your car though.

1 month ago

Beautiful views, the switchbacks allow you a fantastic view of the valley floor below you. We made frequent stops to take pictures. If you have the time pack your gear in and stay the night at the lake.

trail running
1 month ago

Mostly flat, mostly dirt. Great morning jog with just the right amount of uphill to get the blood pumping.

1 month ago

Beautiful uncrowded hike in the Eastern Sierra. Fall colors are amazing here and the canyon was a mix of green, yellow, and some orange. The 1st part of the trail is back to normal and easy to follow. The last section of the trail to the lake is still extremely difficult and we turned around as it went nearly straight up a chute that is all loose shale. The waterfalls and aspens are worth the trek

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