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Easy hike with beautiful views!
But you do not really need to go anywhere from the parking lot to see the most beautiful view

Easy and enjoyable trail along the lake. Parked at the Marina and took the walk around the lake as I waited for sunset. Small stream at the back of the lake where you take a boardwalk over it. I started on the right of the Marina and went counter clockwise. Be sure to stop and look back every now and again because the views really look differently from a different angle.

Nice easy walk around the lake. We didn't run into too many people. It was nice and peaceful.

We hiked to the lake from the lake George parking. We first hiked around Barrett Lake and then around TJ lake. The trail get tricky around this lake and is hard to find at times. We followed a trail near the stream back down to Lake George to make it a loop.

My husband and are in our 70’s and we hiked it with a little effort. Very beautiful lake! Would go again in a minute!

beautiful walk around Convict Lake...the altitude makes it a bit harder to do but take your time and enjoy the spectacular scenery and you'll not regret choosing this trail...

Took the shuttle in (stop 6) and hiked down the trail to the falls. Shuttle is $8 per person round trip. The trail can be pretty heavily trafficked at times, especially in the summer , especially around the shuttle stops. Between stops, the traffic on the trail decreases significantly, which leads to a very pleasant walk.

Reaching the Postpile Monument is quite interesting with a trail going to the top and another at the bottom. The view at the top is nice but not worth it if you're pressed for time. The trail at the bottom offers more interesting photo opportunities.

Hiking to rainbow falls is fairly easy. The trail is well maintained overall and not heavily trafficked. The crowds do increase quite a bit when you reach close to the falls as the views impress. The viewpoints in a couple spots are quite good.

Hiking back up to the bus stop (stop 10) is a bit hard. It may be the elevation that adds to it but it's harder than any other part of the trail.

A bit steep at times, but nothing we sea level people could not handle. The lake is clear and worth the effort!

Trail not maintained. Muddy at times. Views not that good.

Dog friendly and awesome views.

Great short day hike with lots of awesome views! Dog friendly too.

26 days ago

Lovely hike! We managed our way from LA to the trailhead in one day and got down before sunrise. We started at 4:30PM (maybe a little later) and we were back down by 6:30, at the brewery by 7. There is a lot of variety on the trail, starting with some meadow views, then some time through the woods and then on top of a ridge line which brings you to the lake. We were the only ones on the trail and at the lake which gave us a feeling of peacefulness and seclusion. The lake is clear and clean and if you go just a bit past the lake you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking the stunning mountains surrounding the area. Some other reviewers mention a huge incline, but I would call it a pretty average incline for an uphill hike. Certainly was not unmanageable, and we enjoyed getting our blood pumpin'.

Did this trail couple weeks ago and I loved it. very easy and just gorgeous views. The water is just so clear.

27 days ago

Stunningly gorgeous hike around the lake. We wanted something without elevation gain to recover from the hike of the day before, and this was perfect. Lots of little streams to cross, narrow trails with close brush, and small scrambles over tree roots. Easy, but might be a bit of a challenge in a few places for an elderly person with uncertain footing. But even if you were to stop about a quarter of the way around, you'd still have a great time. The water is a brilliant aquamarine in places, green in others, and sometimes sapphire blue. Great day on the lake.

1 month ago

reminded me of biblical depiction of Hell. much smoke from the nearby forest fires. piles of loose jagged rocks jumbled with pumice, obsidian and various other. fascinating, but not fun today

1 month ago

Easy hike with kids even for a fat guy like myself. We enjoyed exploring around the lake, meeting a bunch of friendly dogs, and quick hellos to other families.

Took my parents (70 years old) and kids (ages 5-18). A few uneasy parts for my parents but everyone had a great time! Several streams to cross and rocks to climb but no climbing. Recommend for beginner hikers.

very nice trail

1 month ago

More of a short walk than a hike. 100 yards from parking lot. Cool to see tho.

1 month ago

Had to take the shuttle in, I think 8 dollars round trip, but I think you can drive in before 830am but the road is narrow and buses are hard to get around. 10 dollars per car at the entrance pass the adventure center. Dogs need to be muzzled. Try not too take your dog if she/he is aggressive. Bus drivers don't like to take too many dog per trip so you may be asked to take the next bus. The drive is 30 miles. I have a lab so she barely fit underneath or in front of me. If you have a dog, make sure to get a seat. They have standing room but it's hard with a big dog.

Stop 6: Devil Postpile-0.5 miles; Rainbow Falls- extra 1.5-2miles (trail to lower falls is closed 2018) two viewpoints top of falls and lower falls viewpoints. First viewpoint to lower viewpoint is steep so climbing up is a pain. Trail itself is ok. Kinda up and down in elevation but not too steep. Well marked trail. Can deviate to the river to play in the water with dogs. You can also hike to the Mina--- Falls.

Stop 10: The other way to get in or get out: around 1 mile from rainbow falls. This trail is mildly challenging from falls to the stop so it's easier to walk down from this stop but you just see the falls. You are mostly gaining elevation coming back up. Pretty with wildflowers and Forest trees. Passes the PCT trail. There is a resupply general store here and a little restaurant that is heavily overpriced ($10+ hamburgers and $10 milkshakes)

The adventure center has tickets for the gondola and kid challenge structure/ rock wall. You can get a combo of gondola and shuttle 37 dollars each. Morning is best for gondola. No lines. But the food up there does not open till lunch. Summer time is for mountain/dirt bike and a beautiful view at the top. Construction at the top. The museum is nice for kids.

Cons: due to recent fires air quality and visibility was sub par.

Gorgeous hike! Pretty easy. The back area is no longer flooded. Just had to cross one little stream. We even saw a couple of dear.

Very busy trail at the end of July. Yosemite Valley was closed due to fires. Which explained the heavier crowds in Mammoth Lakes. As on all trails, take plenty of water for everyone in your group. Try the west side of the river. Much fewer people.

We started at the Rainbow Falls trailhead off of the Red Meadows Shuttle stop #9 which is a shorter hike than this one (1.3 miles one way so 2.6 round trip) You can change it up on the way back and take the Reds Meadow Resort path back to Shuttle stop #10 which is recommended to get out because it is the last shuttle stop and usually fills up the shuttles leaving the area. The trail to the base of the Falls is closed now for 2018 for rerouting and restructuring and will reopen in 2019. Air quality was fine despite the fires but it was dry, hot and windy so bring enough water. The waterfall was beautiful and well worth the hike according to my seven year old!

Nice hike, did it with my 4 grandchildren ages 8, 6, 4, and 2. The older 3 did the complete hike the 2 year old had a backpack that we carried him in part of the way. Pretty view of Lake George. Wildflowers were pretty and the lake was nice.

The waterfall is worth every step it took to get there!!

1 month ago

Did this hike with my two kids 8 and 3 and they loved it! Beautiful lake!

Easy and nice walk but there are hikes with better views.

1 month ago

This hike is a short, semi-easy day activity. I went on this hike with some of my family members and my dog. For the first mile or so, there is a huge incline that can be pretty tough if you are not used to the altitude. But once you get to the top the views are spectacular. The only problem that i came across was when we got near the lake there were a ton of mosquitos so we ran out of there before we got eaten.

The trail is just a short walk around the “fault”. Very cool to see. Venturing out into the forest after taking a look at this was fun though.

1 month ago

Easy hike to do with kids. Beautiful lake, good for swimming etc.

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