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9 hours ago

Great short hike with fantastic views. Lots of shaded areas to rest. Bring your swimsuit for the end!

Great trail! Easy with kids. Absolutely gorgeous views. We stopped along the way and our boys drank water from the stream, swam in the lakes and wadded in the streams. It was a great time.

Awesome hike up to a gorgeous lake. It is steep uphill but downhill is a breeze!

Gorgeous lake, beautiful scenery, easy hike, great fishing what more could you ask for?

Great hike....loved it but very steep, what a beautiful lake and a small stream on the back side of the lake! Lots of bugs and warm this time of year...

it's a beautiful hike into God's country.

just love this place . it's a beautiful hike into God's country.

Incredible views with a stunning lake at the end, very worth the hike.

Easy hike to a beautiful lake.

Very nice leisurely walk with some great mountain views and a large lake that your dog can run around! Easy walk, if you're looking for any sort of challenge then this is not for you, if not then I recommend it!

Starting out from Coldwater Campground, we climbed along the stream for a few, and then the path leveled out. It was moderately busy, but it’s a very doable hike for all ages. Everyone warned us of the mosquitoes at the lake, but they weren’t too bad.

Good hike up hill at first, but not hard if you are a hiker beautiful lake nice and cool. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Great views! The trail was exactly what the description said.

10 days ago

Love this hike!

GORGEOUS hike! Awesome bridge over the inlet to the lake and the most stunning views, though there was a small stream we crossed via downed logs (easy). Could have just waded through as the current wasn’t very strong and it was shallow, but didn’t want to get our socks wet! Very comfortable hike, only started sweating in the last half mile as the sun came out. Otherwise very well shaded. Definitely recommend to people of all abilities

11 days ago

Such a fun, beautiful hike with the family. My 4 and 7-year-old kids did great! The slight uphill trek from the trailhead tired them out a little, but after picnicking by the lake and dipping their legs in the cold water, they perked up. A couple weird, tiny leech-like things attached themselves to our feet in the water—not sure what those were—but I found them and got them off quickly so no harm done.

11 days ago

Beautiful and scenic! The uphill climb was a bear but totally worth it. My six year old enjoyed playing in the creek. Great views of Mono.

11 days ago

If you are looking for a short scenic hike in the mammoth lakes area. This is a great choice. The views as you climb over the lakes are beautiful. Actually I feel the views on the way up are more impressive than Crystal Lake itself. It was about a 2 hour round trip for us and my girlfriend is not really a hiker. However it is a constant climb on the way to the lake. Like most hikes early morning is always the best time in the summer. No people and the light on the lake and mountains is amazing.

13 days ago

Gorgeous hike! Definitely one of my new favorites. The views are absolutely stunning and definitely worth the uphill climb at the beginning. It was a fairly hot day when we went and the uphill really wasn’t too bad. Some shady spots every now and then to stop and rest but really wasn’t too bad. Once you get past the uphill it’s fairly flat, following a creek with beautiful wildflowers and trees. Be advised, mosquitoes everywhere!!! We doused ourselves in bug spray ahead of time and still got bit, a lot! Still, totally worth it for the views once you get to Parker Lake! We brought our dog and she had a blast playing in the water, although it’s quite rocky and slippery. Saw some ducks and heard deer frequent the area but we didn’t see any. Parked easily at the trailhead, there is a dirt road to get there. Can’t wait to go back!

One of my all time favorites.

on Parker Lake Trail

14 days ago

Did this 7/5/18. We got to the trailhead later than we wanted (almost 11am) and was surprised on how few cars were here. We attempted this in 2017 on the same holiday week and the place was a madhouse (we couldn’t get to the trailhead due to a very rutted, washed out road in 2017)

This year was different - we made it down the road easily but slowly - we had an SUV but saw sedans in the lot. Only a handful of cars in the parking lot- surprising for a holiday week...

The trail is very well marked but pretty steep. The lake is amazing!! It was very windy at the lake, which likely kept away the bugs because there weren’t any. Excellent, well marked trail but steep.

Great hike today with the family and a hundred of our closest friends! (4 star rating is just because it was crowded). Trail is easy to follow (no more snow), and cutting the switchbacks is not necessary. The trail is well-graded, never flat but never to steep either. Lake is beautiful and the swim was perfect. Enjoy!

beautiful and easy walk

on Heart Lake Trail

16 days ago

I don’t know why this is classified as easy - easy is something Grandma could do and this is most definitely NOT. It’s pretty steep - it’s all uphill until you get to the lake. The lake is pretty but there are better hikes in the area. But the views along the trail are amazing, the lake, IMO, is secondary

Trailhead was kind of confusing to find.You have to drive through a campground. There is a huge parking lot and you probably won’t have a hard time finding a place to park (hiked this over Fourth of July week and plenty of spaces). This is in the same parking lot as trailheads for the mine, duck and emerald lake. Go into the parking lot and go all the way around, almost to the exit - that’s where the heart lake trailhead is. Parking lot is a one way.

16 days ago

Parker Lake is beautiful. We did this hike Sunday, July 1, 2018, and got to to the trailhead at 8:30am. Having heard how popular this trail is, we were surprised to be the only car at the trailhead. There is a porta-potty there. The beginning of the hike is exposed and gravely but the views behind you of Mono Lake are spectacular. You soon reach Parker Creek—keep an eye out for wild irises blooming creekside. There are stretches of aspen and evergreens. As we approached Parker Lake, the mosquitoes came out in full force. I had bug spray on and did not get one bite. My boyfriend did not and got attacked—he had about 20 bites in less than a minute. It was so bad that we didn't even stay at the lake. I was able to take 2 photos and we left almost immediately because he was getting eaten alive. Wish he had worn bug spray! On the way back, we passed by a lot of people and the trailhead had about 30 cars. Definitely need to do this again and actually spend time at the lake. Had our 35-lb dog with us and he did well on this trail though start early because it does get pretty hot.

Fun hike to do with your family. Lots of families around the loop fishing and hanging out. Didn’t bring my dog but saw lots of dogs hanging out off leash.

18 days ago

Only went as far as Heart Lake. Very scenic stroll without any drastic elevation climbs. Great trail to do with the kids. There is a lot more traffic than the trail to Ruby Lake/Mono Pass but not oppressive by any means.

Fished for an hour at Heart Lake but was unsuccessful. Was worth it for the views alone though.

The lake is beautiful. I saw a beaver! Lots of mosquitoes when you get close to the lake, so bring bug spray. A couple guys caught some decent sized brown trout with fly fishing. The beginning of the hike was steep.

20 days ago

Amazing views and very beautiful hike. However, I would call it moderate, not easy. To me, easy is okay for older folks and kids. Easy to me is okay with regular shoes not hiking boots. Kids had a hard time and a few older folks in our group only made it half way. The switchbacks do not feel like easy. We took about 3 hours including breaks, photos.
Another note, the cold water creek campsite has multiple trail heads. We went to 2 others before finding the heart lake trailhead, but once we found it it was easy to tell and navigate.
All in all, I highly recommend this hike. Many people who passed us easily went up and down this trail, but keep in mind your group’s fitness level!

21 days ago

Crystal Lake Trail is a moderately challenging hike with beautiful vistas and panoramic views of Lakes Mary and George below.

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