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More for site-seeing and not as much hiking of course. The hike has beautiful views and is worth the short trek. They have a lot of narrow walk-ways so if you have dogs who get excited around other dogs or people just be aware that it's a tight fit, especially if your dogs get aggressive around other dogs (just be aware).

8 days ago

Beautiful trail! Definitely worth a visit. Go off the main trail to some of the side trails for stunning views

Beautiful! One of our favorite hikes to add to the list. It takes awhile to get there from Forks (1.5hr) but it was worth the drive. We saw TONS of bald eagles during the drive so that was awesome! The hike itself is easy, light rain, trail had water/muddy so wear boots but overall the trail was really nice. It was a little foggy but you still had good views. Very few people were there so that was a plus. Definitely will come back to this place.

11 days ago

Awesome .... had the trail to ourselves it seemed! Snow packed and a great hike for the family. And the kids loved the chance to play in snow.

23 days ago

Took the Red Meadow trail from the bottom of the parking lot. Spectacular little less traveled, unpacked connector to the Trillium Lake road. Main trail was well packed and easily traveled without snowshoes. Gorgeous easy trail!

Total distance from parking lot to and back was about 5 miles. Distance listed is for the Lake Loop only so be prepared for double depending on route. What we walked was the Lake road. The trail loop indicated in this file is the low trail at the lake's edge.

Short, easy and beautiful even when covered in snow.

Beautiful hike with great views of St. Helens. I went in mid March and there was still snow in some places.

Long drive from the Seattle area. Went in early March. The trail is 1/2-1 mile long downhill. When you get to the bottom there’s many different trails you can explore leading to different views of the caves and ocean. Trail was slightly muddy so boots would be advised unless you don’t care about getting your shoes dirty.

very easy and well maintained. Also incredibly beautiful!

I live by this hike and it's my favorite I do it year round. I've seen all ages do this hike

The drive from Port Angeles was very long. The beautiful weather when we left wasn't nearly as beautiful when we got there. The hike was short and sweet. Not too difficult. the views were amazing. We can say that we have seen them but not sure I'd do it again.

Absolutely stunning. Easy trail, with a charming wood plank trail to look outs around the cape. The most beautiful place to watch the sunset.

My husband took me here when we first started dating. It is breath taking! Go at sunset!

This place is so gorgeous it looks even prettier with the snow everywhere loved it!!

Much longer hike than the 1.6 miles listed. The larger loop and loop along the shore totaled about 7.5 miles!! Great hike though! Lots of people with snow shoes but it was a nice packed trail and they weren’t really needed. We used ice spikes but we would have been fine in just boots. Can’t wait to do this again in the summer months!

My favorite place of all time. Absolutely magical!! The lake is so pretty this time of the year and the hike around it is breathtaking. In love!! Already cannot wait to go back.

2 months ago

Packed ice but still beautiful and decided to use the new snow shoes but you could do it without.

Beautiful hike

3 months ago

Beautiful day on the mountain. View from south end of lake and Mt Hood is iconic!

So wonderful w amazing views-

3 months ago

Intended on snowshoeing but wound up leaving them in the car and just hiked in our boots. There was quite a bit of snow but it was pretty packed down. There were a lot of people but it is a long enough trail that people were pretty spread out. It was an easy hike but due to the difficulties of walking on the snow we broke a sweat!

3 months ago

It’s worth every step of the hike :)

Lots of traffic but a beautiful refreshing hike!

We completed this trail at dusk as we'd hoped to see the sunset. unfortunately the fog prevented us from seeing the sunset. However, this was an easy trail, and worth the quick trip through the woods. Beautiful views of the coast and lighthouse. One of my favorite places!

3 months ago

Went snowshoeing yesterday and it was amazing! Parking lot got full pretty fast, I got there at 8 and I had the trail to myself. You will definitely need snowshoes or crampons. The lake is frozen and the view is just amazing.

3 months ago

loved it was very beautiful today!

Road is closed to the lake so it’s about a 1.7 mile extra walk. Totally worth it. It’s beautiful there this time of year

Had a blast on this trail. The views were absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, I had my video equipment case with me in the back of a non-lockable truck bed so was too afraid to leave it at the trail head. Had my computer, drone equipment, tripod, slider and much more and had to bring everything along with me. Sounds like a good problem to have, right? Great views and all this great equipment? The equipment I had with me was not for hiking.. ha it was for a video shoot so I had to lug all this equipment down the trail and back so I could enjoy it. I looked like a crazy person for sure. If I would’ve left the equipment I would’ve been worried sick the entire time and not enjoyed the hike. So, although a extra heavy hike, can’t wait to go back and do it again with just my normal hiking gear. We don’t get views like that where I’m from! (Oklahoma)

This is the easiest and maybe one of the most beautiful trails in the gorge. Hoping it opens back up soon ❤️

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