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Nice trail; would be even better in the summer.

Steep hike so bring an extra pair of lungs if you’re built for speed, not for comfort. Great views with rock formations at top. Great place to hang out in the sun for a bit.

Great interval training, good views and not crowded

Very cool and simple trail! Beautiful this time of the year!

Terrible. You have to hike up a road to even get to the entrance.

Super easy loop... snow everywhere... people everywhere. A lot of people with snowshoes for no reason, but to each there own. This is a short trail that we do with our 4 and 7 year old every once in awhile, they like it. Boots work fine, spikes work fine, snowshoes would also be fine, but I save my spikes for when we move over to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake where it's a little steeper. If you're looking for easy, this is what you want.

A quick steep climb. A good walk in the woods.

Beautiful short trail. Perfect sunny day. Snow was really packed making it icy in some places but not bad at all.

So. Much. Snow. Lol too much snow to do much exploring, but beautiful, beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully just not in the winter haha

Steep climb with nice views from the top. Make sure when at the top go to all sides to get a 360 view.

Very easy and very beautiful

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful. Didn't make it anywhere near the falls though as we ended up waist-deep in snow! Still a great workout though!

1 month ago

I walk every day with my dog around local parks at home in Ohio. This was what I would call my first true hiking experience. It was a little difficult maneuvering through the rocks, and my family and I had only brought tennis shoes. However the difficulty was all worth it! Every step of the way you could turn in any direction and the views would take your breath away! There was one scary area with a very steep drop off of all rocks, I just tried to keep my eyes on the other side. The pay off at the end was a gorgeous peaceful lake. We went on a cool, foggy morning, but I honestly can’t imagine it being any more beautiful than it was. Be sure and go early so you can drive and park your car right at the park, and take some stunning pictures of Maroon Bells Lake and mountains before you begin.

1 month ago


beautiful view.. makes me realized how lucky Iam to experienced such creation!

when you first walk up you can choose north or south. I chose north and boy was it strenuous and basically straight up. once I got to the top of that there is an option to go back down south route or straight up. I went straight up.. it was pretty hard but well worth it. the views at the very top are so rewarding. perfect spot for a picnic! not a good trail for beginners due to the incline and occasional ice patches

on Bear Lake Nature Trail

1 month ago

We loved this loop trail! Literally stopped every few moments to soak in the beauty and scenery but truly great trail. We took our three kiddos on this trail backpacked one and the other two walked. I suggest bringing water as the elevation may hit some more than others. Little to no inclines but if not acclimated it might be more challenging. Stunning stunning view! Parking fills fast.

Short but great hike. Nice incline and beautiful view at the top.

2 months ago

Went yesterday and the trail was mostly snow packed. Easy trail, would love to see it without snow. Moved on to the other trails after this.

Beautiful trail— quick with challenging bits and plenty of nice stopping points.

its a nice little trail with amazing views. its a super easy walk with minimal elivation change. its a great walk for someone who's just gotten to the altitude from sea level. only 0.6 miles long its great for the entire family. the only down side to the trail is winter conditions can make it hard to get to if you dont have 4x4 or snow tires.

2 months ago

This is a fun, short trail, with little difficulty. A great place for a full-moon snowshoe hike, like my group did to bring in the new year.

Usually crowded during the day, you will almost have this place to yourself at night.

2 months ago

My family loves to visit this lake. Last year, I did the Booth Falls hike for the first time and it's probably my favorite place on earth. It's absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately the activity area at the head of the trail is not super picnic friendly anymore, but as long as you're on the trail or at your car you'll be fine.

Easy trail and easy to find. There were a couple steep parts but not too bad. Beautiful lookout at the top!

Hike is amazing the whole way through I would greatly recommend being multiple bottles of water though if hiking this one in the summer time!

Took about an hour total, stopping for many pictures along the way. The snow on the trail is packed down which makes for an easy hike. Not steep or strenuous at all! Beautiful views and many spots to capture them!

This is a great trail, one of my favs for several reasons: the view is beautiful for not being too from Denver area, the trail has some diversity with pine trees and then aspens near the top. It’s a shorter trail with a decent elevation gain for the time it takes. I’m newish to hiking and this is a was perfect, difficult at times with elevation and then it levels out and seems to do that throughout the trail.

It's an excellent getaway from city. The trail is situated along several ridges which makes it optimal for interval style hiking and spectacular vistas.. From the meadows, to castle ridge, to tower trail, I will definitely be coming back for more adventures!

2 months ago

It was a fun little hike on Christmas day. 2-3"snow all along. It ends in Mule Deer trail, which is closed on the right side (climbing up) in about 100 yards
It was windy, cold and snowing throughout.
We started hike at about 2:30 pm

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