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Not actually rating this a 1, just wanted to notify everyone that the trail is currently closed due to wildfire debris.

The trail is closed :(. Due to fire damage!

1 month ago

Burned our.

2 months ago

Some nice views along the way but after doing so many hikes in Sequoia NP, King's Canyon, Tahoe, Big Bear and Mammoth, I was left wanting more from this hike. Yes, I know I sound like a spoiled child :) It's a good workout though. I kept thinking "this is such an easy hike. why is it rated hard?" Then we hit the ascent :) The ascent takes some time just to get to so it's easy to be lulled into thinking it's an easy hike. The ascent isn't unbearable or all that grueling but once you start climbing up and up and up and up, you begin to understand why it's rated as hard. We were disappointed at the end of the trail when it simply ended and hit a paved road. We were hoping for a majestic lookout. A reward for our efforts to get to the top. If that's what you are looking for, you're going to have to continue the hike out to Reyes Peak. Also, be aware that while AllTrails lists the hike as 7.1 miles, it's significantly longer than that. We clocked it at over 10 miles. This is a nice trail for a good workout and some pretty views along the way. We only saw one other person on the trail. Bring a lot of water. There was zero water on the trail.

Beautiful 5.5 hour round-trip hike through four different ecosystem levels. First section goes through big rock formations -- several false trails though, which I mistakenly followed on the way up and the way down. Next, level section goes thru lovely treed meadows with red and blue and silver shrubs and passes the first shaded campground. Third section begins the main climb thru bright red manzanitas and small boulders and pine trees, and you start to see the amazing view open up all the way to the coast. The final section is the steepest part and passes thru huge old pine trees and boulders and becomes much cooler than the lower sections (bring layers) -- also passes by Chorro Springs campground but zero water running. The Channel Islands now come into view on the far horizon -- wow! Had enough daylight to check out the Reyes campground off the road at the top -- great views and the one-lane paved road seemed surprisingly well maintained. What I appreciated about the trail is how you can see the ridge you're hiking to from the start -- no false summits -- and that the trail was well trodden and easy to follow except at the rock formations at the bottom. Came across poopy toilet paper strewn around the trail near the bottom and packed it out. Come on folks. Birds and lizards abound and lots of scat on the trail but no other wildlife sightings. Logged 13.8 miles and 280 stories. 3 liters of water was just right with temps in the low 70s.

Moderate intensity but views are totally worthy! We started at 10:00 am and was a little hot. I recommend to start earlier, because the round trip takes about 4 hours if you stop to take pictures and the sun is really strong while going back. Otherwise, amazing!!!

I wish it would be longer but it’s still a nice stroll. Good place to get away and clear your head.

Excelente en un dia soleado ya que hay bastante sombra durante casi todo el camino .. solo un consejo lleven calzado apto para el terreno al llegar a la cascada pueden escalar un poco ... ahorita no hay agua pero aun asi vale la pena caminar por aqui el recorrido es muy facil ...

Good trail, easy to follow. Moderate intensity on the way up. It was more like 10 miles round trip and took me 3hrs and 30mins. Nice views from the top of the ocean and the valley.

Solid. Didn’t see anyone for 3 hours, other than some rock climbers. Not really one to do solo in hindsight.
I went side to side rather than there and back - no WiFi the other end, a few lodges and stuff you can log on.

I've walked this trail plenty of times. Usually to take some friends that just want a simple walk in the woods that isn't too strenuous. Though it isn't my favorite. As other have mentioned parking is minimal and it is pretty congested. It's great after showers. If it wasn't for the crowd and location I would've given it another star. Bottom line: neat trail, parking sucks, initial paved road, and congestion.

Loved this trail. Very beautiful scenery!

Amazing scenic trail. The upper falls is a challenge to get up and down but well worth the effort.


3/4 mile walk to trailhead from parking. Crossed 2 different snakes within the first .25 mile of trailhead. One was red and black

4 months ago

Definitely a fun hike. Not very challenging in the beginning but does get difficult if you want to climb to the second waterfall. The worst part is how far you have to park before the hike even starts. The main trail is mostly covered so it’s not as hot. As dude to the best the waterfall is nonexistent. If you want to see water you should wait until a big storm, which in SoCal rarely happens. We went with our two year old and made it just fine. Enjoy and be sure to drink plenty of water.

A beautiful trail with amazing mountain and ocean views.

No waterfall and currently there is a foul smell where the waterfall is located. I suggest coming back after it rains, usually this is a nice hike.

Water fall is empty at times but a great short trail.

great trail, shaded and really pretty at the beginning too, wasn't very steep either, took 4 hours, was 97 degrees outside which I don't recommend doing it when it's this hot, closer to 9.5 miles. probably one of my favorite hikes that I've done so far!

Easy hike and great for kids. Lots of colorful dragonflies this time of year.

Decent hike with what would be amazing views at the peak (was cloudy when I got to the top), but I arrived at 7:30 am, the marine layer may be better burned off if you start an hour later (8:30 am).

Someone mentioned it before, but definitely park in the turnout about 100 ft past the trail head (I was the first car there but by the time I got back there were about 3 behind me so I assume it’s safe to park there).

Trail runs about 9.7 miles (the distance mentioned in the main description is incorrect). The first 5 miles is more or less all uphill with the retuning..... you guessed it, all downhill.

Overall the hike took me about 4.5 hours (3.5L of water in 87F weather), while seeing a minimal amount of people (which is great!)

Feet hurt towards the end as it’s a narrow/rocky trail, but worth it especially you are down for a good work out (2,400 calories burned)

Easy hike through nice houses... Disappointed waterfall but then again it's so cal so was expected

Nice loop hike with some good views and not a ton of people and plenty of parking (arrived at 8:30 am on a Sunday). I would definitely recommend turning left (clockwise) to start off the hike, even though I went right (counterclockwise). Going clockwise will give you more shade towards the end of the hike when it’s hotter. The path does have a lot of loose stones/rocks in some areas so make sure to watch your step.

Fantastic hike. The first mile or two you gain a lot of elevation, but after that it's not too bad. Very enjoyable and I'm already planning to hike this one again.

It was a beautiful hike with lots of trees and nature, but there was not much water. We were able to see a little bit of the falls, but it was obvious that the water was going down. So if you want to see the falls, go sooner than later! Still beautiful, for what it is, even though it smells like sulfur.

Really pretty hike! Dog friendly and the waterfall is a great spot to sit before heading back.

Great, easy hike. Dog-friendly and lots of shaded areas.

Family friendly hike. There was resident's honking at everyone to move, there was plenty of horse poop, and the waterfall was dry like trickles falling, and it smelled horrible. when you get to waterfall becarefull while I was there all the loose rocks had 8 hikers fall.

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