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Misrepresented by the name. This should be called the Stairs Trail. 2 or 3 iron ladders, with a little bit of vertical climbing at the beginning, followed by 30-45 minutes plus of stairs depending on your speed and endurance. A great trail but don't expect a bunch of ladders.

We did this hike with our 6 year old last October and loved it! Beautiful views and not too difficult for him. The hike back down has some fairly large rocks so I would definitely recommend hiking shoes!

Great trail with fantastic views. We did this one in the winter, and it was a lot of fun. Our pup loved it, too. We didn’t use spikes at all. Enjoy!

1 month ago

One of my very favorite trails on mdi. This is not an easy trail especially if you are scared of heights. But let me tell you the views are worth every step.

It is not advised to hike down this trail, only up because of the iron rungs , then you can go down around the bowl, even connect to the beehive if your feeling real froggy and walk the mile back to your car on the tar or catch the bus back to the parking area.

Your legs will burn. But it is so worth it!!! This is the first "true" hike I did! I was supposed to do it with my bro, but at the last minute, his job called him, so I went alone! What an adventure it was! Who could have known that it was only the beginning of a bigger adventure! Two years later, I was in Nepal facing the Mt Everest!

rock climbing
2 months ago

A hike that is more like a climb. Great during the dry seasons, before the snow and ice hit. I don’t believe this trail would be possible to complete in rain, snow, or extreme wind.

Technical skills not required, but willingness to climb some scary-looking spots is key!

2 months ago

Pretty short hike with breathtaking views along the way. There are steep drops along the way with a fair amount of exposure. I did not think it was too scary, but people who are scared of heights might want to take it slow on this hike.

Hiked this in 9/2016. Amazing views all the way up. Worth the effort.

3 months ago

Favorite hike in Acadia!’

A hair raiser but excellent hike. Only do this one in good weather.


Love this trail! It’s like a jungle gym on steroids. Sadly, the day we did it was foggy so not much view, but we still loved it.

4 months ago

fun hike

4 months ago

Best hike, climb in the park, well maintained , might want to be in shape to reduce risk, good photo ops

It’s a challenging trail. Basically, you’re going straight up on stairs for 0.5 miles then climbing on rocks.

really enjoyed this one

5 months ago

Don’t even consider doing this trail unless you have hiking boots or heavy sneakers. Not for young kids. It is fantastic though.

Great trail and views for anyone hiking with their dog. Challenging yet no ladders or rungs to climb up or down a a dog. You get to see the bowl and I️ even hiked up to the summit of beehive. Obviously couldn’t go down that way w my pup, but we got to see what it looked like. A little confusing towards the end and I️ ended up actually backtracking the way I️ came, but it allowed me to take the Cadillac cliffside trail back.

Good steady climb to beautiful vistas. Sturdy ladders are.part of the fun.

Unbelievable really. The most exhilarating hike in New England if not the entire Northeast. Don’t even think about doing this hike unless you are in great physical shape and an experienced hiker.

Fantastic trail, especially for those looking for an immersive hike on a day trip. Offers breathtaking views and fun rock scrambling in parts. The ascent from Sand Beach is much more steep, though significantly shorter, than the descent to the Otter Cove area.

Very steep incline, but absolutely beautifully maintained and so very cool.

Perfect loop trail with great views

crazy sketchy if you don't like heights but amazing views! take North ridge down.

Great trail with beautiful views of the gorge and fall colors along the way. Started at the top of Cadillac Mountain (that’s where the GPS took us) and hiked down the mountain. Was tough going down and by the time we got to the bottom, we were exhausted and no way were heading back up. Found some other tourists from Alabama that drove us back to the top, thank you! My suggestion is to be prepared to either hire a shuttle service be prepared for 7.4 miles of climbing as it’s fairly steep steps and climb the whole way. Quads are still burning! Beautiful hike though!

One of the most rewarding mountains I've ever climbed. In my opinion one of the only climbs in the east that is comparable to mountains out west. Similar to some climbs I've done in the Rockies. Some class III even class IV maneuvers near the chimney section of the knife edge. We climbed on October 23rd, 50+ degrees and sunny with 10-15mph winds ON THE PEAK: very rare for this time of year. One local said it was the warmest October since the 1940s. A lot of websites/forums will mislead you saying Baxter closes the trails on October 15th which is totally false. Just monitor weather very closely, NE weather at altitude is known to be dangerous and unpredictable. Always carry gloves, warm hat, rain gear, layers, dry socks, high calorie foods, flashlight and first aid/moleskin. My girlfriend and I consumed about 5 liters of water combined. Bear spray is not needed because the black bears are very skittish in this area. Keep a safe distance from moose because bull moose can gore you to death. You are above the tree line for at least 60% of this hike. Do not attempt after first snow event or with any rime ice unless very experienced and with proper gear because there is a great deal of exposure in some places and one slip could be fatal. Also do not attempt with a fear of heights. Be prepared for 9-10 miles of very strenuous hiking/boulder hopping/climbing/sliding with about 4000 ft of elevation gain depending on route. We started at roaring brook and took Helon Taylor (pr: Heel-on) up and Saddle down which I thought was the best route. Dudley is closed and taking Cathedral down looked deadly. Do not recommend reversing loop because it is a lot more suspenseful doing knife edge as you approach south peak and baxter peak, also reversing would save a lot of tough climbing for the end. Anyways, be prepared and have fun!

Hiked this trail in May 2015. One of the most memorable hikes on the East Coast. Beehive is another moderate but exciting trail for those who are not afraid of night or cliffs and in fairly good shape. This trail is longer but easier with amazing views!

6 months ago

Excellent hike with lots of steep climbing. Bring plenty of water!

6 months ago

The Horns is a great hike for views. First hiked on September 25, 1992. Stayed at Cathedral Pines Campground. Hiked 10 mile loop with nasty downhill. Last hiked on October 3, 1999, taking dirt road to Firewardens Trail to the top of West Peak, then over to South Horn. From there took Horns Pond Trail down to Firewarden's Trail to the ca. Not an easy hike. Took 8 hours.

6 months ago

Last hiked it on May 14, 1994. What can I saw that has not already been said by many visitors about this spectacular hike?

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