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Nice walk around the pond. We went counterclockwise so first half of the trail was very easy. Second half included walking on some flat rocks and a well-maintained wooden boardwalk. Good for a windy or rainy day when harder hikes may be dangerous.

Amazing view! especially during autumn when the foliage is out and the crowds are down. Definitely start at the beehive. We met some hikers on the trail who started at Gorham and were disappointed.

Really beautiful pond to walk around, especially in fall. I think it could be classified as easy - it’s really very flat all the way. Loved the long section of beautiful wooden boardwalk! We also did South Bubble along the loop, would recommend.

The whole hike is one amazing view, just at different altitudes! So much fun.

Excellent trail! Lots of fun with many rails to help you along and keep you from falling or slipping.
I would suggest only climbing this one in good weather/visibility and only if you are physically capable of it. There isn’t any good way to back track during the tricky turns and ledges.
I am so glad I made it onto this trail while in Acadia. It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve had hiking!

Great loop during peak Autumn

Easy walk. Half the path is a “board walk” - literally walking on halved trees to protect the nature. It is pristine! Worth taking the trip up the Bubbles while you’re there.

5 days ago

Favourite trail of all time! I was a little worried at first given all the warnings about the steep drops. We ended up doing the hike while it was drizzling so definitely added to the adventure. Overall it’s a solid challenging hike but if you focus and are careful there’s no reason why you can’t finish. Takes about 2 hours round trip (going down the Orange/Black trail). The first 20 minutes are a rock scramble with some introduction to the iron rungs, the next 30 minutes you’ll be moving vertically and laterally holding onto iron rungs, the last 10 minutes to the top are a mix of rock scramble and rungs. Took us about an hour to get down since it was wet and we were being careful. If you have a phobia of heights, this hike is not for you. But if you’re just uncomfortable like I am then this is a great way to get comfortable and feel accomplished. The views are unbelievable.

The most challenging and rewarding scrambling trail I’ve done. It pushes you to your limit in the best way with fantastic views the whole way. Do it!

Best hike in the park. Best views.

Started counter clockwise and only did about half. Went up to the rock scramble and then turned around because I ran into some folks that came the other way and said the rest wasn’t that exciting. I have a 60 pound dog and he managed the planks and rocks just fine. The fall colors were awesome around early October. Nice, flat hike (other than a short section of rocks). Parking is a beast so go early and get a pass before you try to park!

Lovely lake hike with some fall calor. Parking was a bit of a wait. Mixed trail of dirt, rock, & board walk. We were a bit surprised at how long this trail took us.

We didn't do the whole trail, but the views were lovely.

The property was really crowded so we just started the walk to get away from it all. Nice easy flat trails around the whole pond. Still heavily trafficked but easy to move around folks walking at a slower pace. Beautiful views of the pond and surrounding trees. Gorgeous fall colors.

Harder than I thought- I’m scared of heights...

one of my favorite hikes

10 days ago

Awesome hike

This hike was super fun yet slightly terrifying at points as I do not do exceedingly well with heights but the overwhelming sense of accomplishment and beautiful views make it all worth it

So pretty in the fall

Always love this trail have been coming here for over 50 years

Lots of a fun - a few spots are challenging navigating the rocks but great scenery. Our dog did really well but he was a little billy goat over the rocks

rock climbing
16 days ago

Wow what a great experience. Not for kids or dogs. Lots of steep climbing. Be careful.

17 days ago

Awesome iron rung route. A Must do hike in Acadia National Park

Beautiful trail, cool, crisp weather, enjoyed it immensely!

Great walk. There was a large section of plank boardwalks and a muddy section where the boardwalk will eventually continue, but other then that the walk was really beautiful and easy. I’d definitely do it again.

17 days ago

I was nervous about doing this trail but ended up loving it and having a great time. The views are amazing and you really get a sense of accomplishment when you get to the top. My husband and I started around 730 to avoid crowds and only saw a couple other people on the trail.

Unbelievable views at every turn!!

18 days ago

First time hiking a trail like this, exhilarating and a great feeling of accomplishment when completed.

19 days ago

This trail has moderate and difficult terrain. Please read the hiking checklist at baxterstatepark.org before you embark on a Katahdin hike. We saw several under-prepared hikers and you really need to be at full attention on this hike. The Hunt Trail's challenging boulder field turned several people around as there are some technical moves that are as difficult on the descent as they are going up. We hiked at an average pace and took 4:45 up, and about 4 down. That is with a couple of food and water stops. So plan your time accordingly.

The views at the top are some of the best in the northeast and well worth the strenuous hike and time commitment. Under tree-line there are a couple of tough boulder moves as well but nothing like the boulder field, where you ascend well over 1000 vertical feet in less than a mile. This takes by far the most time but is the most rewarding. When you get to "The Gateway" you still have about an hour but it's easy compared to what you just did. But descending the field is treacherous. Use extreme caution.

Exhilarating, challenging, exhausting, breathtaking

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