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tougher than moderate in my book. was very wet with leaves made it more challenging.

Beautiful hike. Great views in the way up. the summit was surrounded by tree unfortunantly. But very worth the hike for all the views!

Amazing panoramic views of the bay.

my favorite of all the trails to the fire tower. Best views especially after the leaves fall. Well marked and reasonably dry 2 days after heavy rains

This was a great fall hike. I took the yellow trail up and wasn’t sure which trail I’d take down. The yellow trail is VERY hard to follow in quite a few places. This seemed to be the consensus as I said hello to other hikers as well. It’s gorgeous in the woods on this trail, so if you take your time and pay attention I would still recommend it. Because of this, I took the blue trail down, and was glad I did because this offered some variety and was a fun challenging way back down. Overall would highly recommend it. Beautiful, challenging, and great way to spend the day.

Great trails and very clean! ☆☆☆☆☆

Went up blue trail and down the yellow. As others have said yellow is a little harder to follow especially in October with the leaves down HOWEVER I would 100% recommend coming down yellow for the views of snow capped white mountains.

Great views and awesome beach. We saw Mt Washington on top of the Morse Mountain covered with snow.

Excellent trail. Moderate to easy. The view from the fire tower was worth the climb up.


21 days ago

Great hiking, beautiful trail. very scenic along the river.

22 days ago

My favorite. Lots of great scrambles. Incredible views the whole way up.

on Peary Mountain

23 days ago

I was disappointed because due to logging, this trail is a mess and not marked well at all. It's so easy to get off course and follow the wrong path.

WE FOUND A FITBIT AT THE TRAILHEAD on Saturday October 20th. It was right around 1pm when we began. If this is yours, please email me at marlanaujoks@gmail.com and I will mail it back to you.
The blue trail was well marked, steep at times, and overall a 5 star hike up, with outstanding views on the way up and at the summit. There is not a sign when you reach the summit, but it will be pretty obvious. The yellow trail, though lovely, was terrifying to head back down on due to the yellow paint marks being inconsistent in brightness and not being marked in areas where it should have been to keep folks from straying off the path. I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time to go down this train in case you get lost. I would give this particular trail 5 stars if it were clearly marked, and in a color other than yellow, so I'd give it 3 stars at this point. I hope it is changed in the future.

Great hike! Short, sweet, easy and great views. Tried to loop over to Maiden's Cliff and that was hard to find, but gorgeous hiking all through the park.

This was the first physical activity I had done in 6 months, upon walking..I was exhausted and felt like I was going to pass out, it is not an easy trail. But it was well worth it! Even after sunset and close to dark it was so stunning.
There are roots and small rocks scattered around, so it’s a good idea to bring sneakers with grippy soles or hiking boots. You definitely have to watch your step.

Oct 17th great little hike with a wonderful view .

The views make it worthwhile.

Really easy hike. Takes about 7 minutes to the top if you go the direct route. Kids, families and dogs enjoy the views from the big granite ledge on top. Fall is a great time of year to view foliage.

Beautiful hike. Took the blue trail up and the yellow back. There is an unmarked grassy trail leading down from the peak which we mistook for the yellow trail but turned back pretty quickly and found the correct trail. The markings on the yellow trail were very faded and at times difficult to spot, but as long as you stop for a minute you can regain your bearings pretty easily. We passed a bunch of friendly people on the blue trail but saw absolutely no one on the yellow trail.

Hiked this mountain two weekends in a row with friends. Last week we took the blue trail both ways. Great scramble and reasonably challenging climb, especially closer to the top. This week we took the yellow trail up, and the blue down. We had a great hike both times, and the view is beautiful with fall foliage. A couple of notes. 1) I (and my hiking companions) would not recommend the blue trail for small children or for dogs, unless your dog is extremely agile and energetic. There are sections that are extremely steep, and the rocks are jagged in a few places. 2) the yellow trail is a great walk, but extremely poorly blazed. I'm sure the trail was harder to find due to fallen leaves, but there were several points at which we had to keep one person at the last known blaze and send others in different directions to find the trail. Many times the trail made abrupt turns with no blazes marking the turn. It made for slow going on what would otherwise have been an easy to moderate walk through the woods. It's a longer way to the top, even without the frequent stops to make sure you're on the trail, but this is definitely the trail to take with kids and dogs. Overall a really fun hike! Also, for those who want more or less company while hiking, the blue trail is much more populated than the yellow.

Great hike today. Classic autumn day with high clouds. Mt Washington covered in snow. Did the loop counter clockwise as it is easier on these decrepit knees and hips

so many families

1 month ago

Very nice and beautiful

Stunning Views follow this fairly rigorous hike. Plenty of friendly folks on our way up and down the trail.

Hiked to the top of this mountain with our kids. Summit trail is only .3 miles and not difficult. We then took the longer North Loop Trail on the way down. The North Loop Trail is about 1 mile and is very easy. This is a great place for families! Also the view from the top is great. Highly recommend.

For a recreational day hiker like me, this was a hard hike. I highly recommend hiking poles. The section from the lean-to to the top of West Baldpate is extremely steep as well as very slippery. I don't know if this part of the trail is always wet, but the water running over the granite slabs made it hard going. To get to East Baldpate, the trail goes down several hundred feet before going back up. I didn't know if the trail was as wet on that side so I decided to go back. It was not fun returning back to the lean-to. On my way back I took the blue spur trail to Table Rock which had a nice view. I ended up hiking 7.28 miles with 2844 feet of ascending.

on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

1 month ago

While this app is helpful, the Maine Mountain Guide should be everyone’s go to for info before this hike to avoid any surprises. The Loop Trail is very strenuous and dangerous if wet. Having said that, my son and I did Loop Trail up, then the Brook Trail down, only because of the “Chimney” portion, and I think climbing up the metal rungs is easier than coming down. I would advise no dogs on the Loop Trail because of this spot, but that just my opinion.
Once you reach the Tumbledown Boulder (which you can’t miss) you start to gain most of your elevation. This is were it starts to get strenuous. It stays that way until you reach the “Chimney “ The blue blazes in spots were sometimes hard to locate but the beaten path helped guide us. Once past the Chimney, it levels off shortly, then it opens up to the metamorphic rock that you can see at the top, then eventually you can look down on Tumbledown Pond. This hike can get very crowded so we left the parking lot by 8:30 am, and were at the top by 11:30, seeing only 3 others. At the top there were a few people scattered about but didn’t feel crowded. After 1/2 hour or so taking in the beautiful views, we came down the Brook Trail. A lot of boulder scrambling at first, followed by some rocky and muddy spots, then what looked to be like a dry riverbed. Then it eventually turned into a tote road. We made it back by 1:10. 4 1/2 hrs round trip. Once back on the road, it was evident at how busy it can get with the amount of cars along the road.
Don’t let the elevation fool you. This is a very strenuous hike no matter the trail to the top. Read the guide, plan accordingly. Don’t just rely on this app as evidenced by others who were “surprised” at what they encountered. Also, have fun! This hike has amazing views!

Great Hike! We took Parker Ridge Trail up and came down Brook trail. Lots of cars at the parking lot, but only saw one group of hikers on Parker Ridge as they were coming down. Got to top, lots of people and dogs. Beautiful views. Roundtrip mileage with these two trails came out to 6.29 miles which is longer than the mileage noted on any trail info we had seen. It was a bit challenging at times because we had our dog with us. He did great and we've renamed him Mountain Goat!

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