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on Wonderland Trail

1 day ago

Nice walk. Easy for all ages and great for dogs!

Went up in early August. Good, fairly intense hike with well-marked trails. The day before was foggy so we decided to wait a day and it was a great decision. We’re all in pretty good shape (aging from 15 to 50) and it took an hour and fifteen minutes going up with stops for water breaks and pictures.

First hike my son did at age 3. Views are redic.

5 days ago

As others noted, the views along the ridge are spectacular. Nothing complicated or advanced here, so the moderate rating is spot on. The trail does require stamina to make it up, but there are plenty of good rest stops along the way if you need them. The top of the mountain has no shade, so planning a early start would avoid the summer heat. It will also give you a chance at a parking spot near the trail head. This trail is a easy descent and makes a nice loop with the gorge trail.

Great short hike. Surprise climb at the summit. Very rewarding!

I would rate this trail moderate-hard. The climb is quite steep on many sections on the way up, but totally worth it! Amazing views from every direction! The temperature dropped considerably at the top.

trail running
10 days ago

North bubble is definitely the better of the two. That said, you’re adding a half mile to do both, so it’s worth doing both. The north provides amazing vistas of the Jordan Pond.

Really great trail that is challenging without being brutally hard. If you’re going in the summer, go early and bring a ton of water - it gets insanely hot and basically no coverage.

Great easy trail with good ocean and cove scenery. Good for our kids, ages 8 and 5. Nice little beach area on cove on East side of trail.

veiw beautiful.

Again, I’m not a “hiker” but I really enjoyed hiking with my 20 year old daughter on this trail. We’ll, I did better than I thought since I am completely out of shape and overweight.. The trail is very rocky and just a little slippery in places. Its quite steep for a novice but so enjoyable. The views are nothing short of stunning. I had to rest a couple of times but “speedy” the daughter almost ran up the mountain. One thing that was interesting to me was that several times I thought I was at the summit, but was wrong. Oh well!

Hiked with 9, 12 and 15 year old boys. They loved the challenging lower half. The top half is a easy walk over granite with sweeping views. Challenging portion was fun, but not at all scary or dangerous. Biggest single unguarded drop off the trail was maybe 10’. This trail was great for the family.

This was the inaugural hike for my daughter and I, and it was amazing. Great bonding experience, to be sure, as neither of us had attempted such a climb before, and we weren't totally sure what the 'Moderate' rating would mean for us. This is a totally manageable hike if you're in decent condition. There are a few steeper, hardscrabble areas, but as other reviewers mention, there are many flat areas to rest, and each rewarded us with a more amazing view than the last. A hiking pole is useful, though not a necessity. While the view from the top is nice, it IS a mass of humanity as most simply drive up. Climb from the bottom;, and bring your camera; you'll be rewarded!

15 days ago

Fairly easy trail. Walk through calm forest setting and enjoy views from Beech Mt. looking south, east, and a bit north. Wild blueberries grow along the trail. Photogenic views of south Echo Lake and Southwest Harbor on a clear day.

Lovely views all along the ridge. I enjoyed this one as much if not more than Cadillac Mountain. The trail was lightly trafficked. I chose to continue on to Sargent Mtn once I got to the top of this one, then went back down via East Cliffs and around the east side of Jordan Pond.

I had a bit of a tough time finding the start of this one. Go towards the Jordan Pond House. There is a turnaround place for buses at the front part. On the left side of the building there is a sign pointing that says "water access". Continue past this towards, and you will start to see signs for the Spring Trail. Take the Spring Trail up to meet up with Penobscot Mtn.

had to turn back as we approached sand beach overlook section on great head trail as it was too steep and rocky for my dog to navigate. we had started at schooner head parking lot and got about 3 quarters of way around loop clockwise

20 days ago

Definitely moderate with several rock climbs but doable and an enjoyable challenge. We had fun.

Easier going up than coming down

Great trail..my 7 and 13 year old made it to the top and back. Very rocky and steep in sections. Took about 4 hours with wife and 2 children. Small parking area at trailhead. Gets busy as day goes on..

Great views.

great little trail, good for a late day walk

Easy low mileage trail with great views

21 days ago

Walking on the beach was a fun part. The path was easier than it was rated. It rained for a large portion of the trail.

21 days ago

We went down this path and connected it with several others for a longer trail it was a nice trail.

21 days ago

Such a beauty of a trail, the rose granite of Acadia is a must see and this has it forevah!!!

22 days ago

Outstanding hike along granite cliffs overlooking the ocean. A little tricky climbing over the rocks in a few places.

Great hike. Would like to see trailb a bit further away from the road because of the sound. But spectacular view makes this a Five Star hike for the average hiker.

Beautiful views!

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