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A little to steep for me. Came down this trail after going up Ledges trail. Then walked back to the car about 1.5 miles. It was a great day to hike.

Easy & short with rewarding views!

Shitty/boring trail up, but really great views

10 days ago

Took this trail up to the summit, steady and steep elevation the first mile but the view is absolutely worth it. The trail was wet and slippery in some of the more challenging places so we opted to come down via the Ledges trail and hiked about a mile and a half down the road back to the Bald Peak Trail parking lot. Would probably do this trail again after exploring all the other trails on the mountain.

Great hike! A bit hard in some places, but the views were nice!!

Love this trail! As someone else mentioned, you need to continue past the first viewpoint to the sign for the summit, and then about .25 mile further for the best views.

Been hiking Pleasant Mtn for 10 years on the Fire Warden Trail and the trails off Mountain Rd, but have never done the SW Ridge Trail, for whatever reason. We have been missing out! This is now my favorite way to summit Pleasant Mtn. Many great views on the way up and a great workout. It’s rated moderate, but I would put it on the upper end of moderate.

The views at the main summit are always enjoyable.

22 days ago

Very fun hike, the first mile and a half suck and make you curse as it is a steep climb up. It eventually gets better and is worth the view from the summit, would recommend!

Did this one today! Wonderful hike up, great views, can’t wait to do it in the fall

The view is worth the challenge. We'll maintained trail, thank you to the volunteers who were working so hard when we were there.

29 days ago

The Road / path to the top is not pretty scenery and Rocky. Wide enough for a Hummer vehicle. however, the scenery at the top sitting on the ledges is absolutely breathtaking and you feel like you're on top of the world. Gave it a 4-star because of the trail on the way up. Other than that it's a five-star

loved this trail for many reasons. out of shape so it was a great warm up for season of further hiking. If you park at the church you need to walk up the road about 40 yards, the trail is on the left. No sign until you walk in on the trail. you will know you are there. There is closer parker on the side of the road near trailhead.

What a great trail! I have hiked Pleasant Mountain via the Ledges Trail before and almost did that one again today but at the last minute decided to try something new, and I'm so glad I did! the trail goes through lots of different zones - open forest, bare rock, grassy areas, more dense forest - so there's a lot of variety to keep the hike interesting. A few spots with nice views on the way up and gorgeous views of the Whites from the top.

Watch out for porcupine my dog got jacked up at the Vet

Finally got to hiking the mountain in my hometown-we went on a hot day so it was difficult with my asthma but if we’d done this hike on a fall day I’d rate it moderate. Trail starts out steep right away! But levels out as you go. We found a BUNCH of blueberries on the trail, bushes everywhere. Overall a fun hike and pretty views.

Not sure why elevation is around 500 feet, definitely higher than that! We did this one last December, not too difficult of a hike, decent views. Not a soul around since it was December...good hike for those starting out in hiking.

1 month ago

hiked this trail with my 3 kids (ages 8-14yrs). we went up the Eagle Scout trail and the Nature Loop trail and came down the Ledges trail, it was a pretty easy hike and my kids loved the stone tower. it was a bit cloudy when we went but it still had great views. a hike i would recommend for really any age or skill level.

Wonderful trail with beautiful views. It’s moderate but definitely. strenuous if you aren’t in good shape. Took my dog along. Saw a few people along the way. From Denmark road parking area it’s about 3 miles to the top. There is access from the other side of mountain that is about a mile shorter. Took about 2 1/2 hrs to reach the summit and about 1 hr 40 mins to get down. Stopped a number of times for my dog who was really struggling with the heat, and for ourselves on the way up to catch our breath. We had plenty of water. On hot humid days you will need about 3 liters of water for a person plus a dog. Trail is steep from the start until reaching about 2/3 of the way up, then there is relief as you hike the ridge. Definitely worth repeating.

The hike gets steep right from the start but that just means that you get to the great views faster. I found the views along the ridge on the way up to be just as enjoyable as the view from the top, if not even more so. This was my first time hiking alone so I was nervous about getting lost but the trail is very well marked by either yellow diamonds or cairns.

This was a really pretty trail. Well marked trail with flower/plant photos. There are areas that are steep so having a trekking pole is helpful if you tend to have some unsteadiness. Really is for different skill levels. My husband and my 2 teenage boys and 8 year old all made it challenging for themselves.

Great hike! Took about an hour and a half to get to the summit. I would say this is a moderate hike, like others have mentioned it starts right off steep right away and then levels off for a little before the last steep trek to the summit. Had great look out points throughout the whole trip. Would recommend for a quick day hike in a beautiful area!

A challenge, but worth the climb. Good views. Pleasant people along the way.

great mountain. feels longer than it is. the summit is badly marked but the top of the mountain is so beautiful that it doesn't matter. at least 3 or 4 false summits that were all gorgeous. some rock scrambles toward the top. I wouldn't suggest folks who aren't active do this trail.

2 months ago

Great short hike. Steep in areas but I took 4 kids with and we all did fine, round trip about an hour or so. Great Views.

One of the best hikes in the southern Maine area! It’s steep from the very start but levels out a little bit as you get closer to the peak. I’d call the trail moderate but it was definitely a workout! Beautiful, beautiful views at the top. The abundance of blueberries as we approached the peak was a plus.

A nice hike if you're looking for something quick but worthwhile. The hike is logically divided into three sections: The first, along the pond, is almost entirely flat. After the pond you head straight uphill for 15-20 minutes of solid climbing until you emerge onto the exposed rock and excellent views of the pond and surrounding region. Then it's a gently undulating route to the "summit," although it's a little unclear where the exact summit is. There is a rock cairn, but it's neither on the highest point, nor the point where Garmin thinks the summit should be (which also is not the highest point). I looked around on what appeared to be the high ground for a USGS marker, but with no luck. There were abundant wild blueberries when I did the trail (late July). Note that there are a few crisscrossing and intersecting trails, making it quite easy to get off track, even in the summertime, so pay attention. I was glad to have my GPS with me so I could tell which fork to follow. And for what it's worth, my GPS registered 2.9 miles total, up and back.

loved this walk- some folks were saying it should be easy, here's the thing- if you're looking for a place to take anyone with mobility issues, it's would be a hard go, there are a few stairs, some narrow ways, etc. it's beautiful, quiet, and a great place to be on a Saturday morning.

An easy short hike with a great view at the end.

We started the trail by following the Eagle Scout trail. There was a few steep spots and lots of big rocks to climb over but the view from the summit was worth is. We followed the loop down to the road back to the parking lot. They do ask for a $3 donation to park

Awesome! Had two young kids with me and they loved it! Especially once we got to the top and saw the stone watch tower; will definitely be doing it again :)

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