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This is great hike for kids & adults. Views are awesome!
Parking can be tricky on busy days.

Kasey Marsters


LOVE this moderate hike, have done it many times with my kids as they grew. Endless granite ledges at the top carpeted with blueberry bushes. The locals come up here with blueberry rakes in mid-August. Views are staggering. I have seldom found so great a payoff and never with such an easy climb. My all-time favorite hike.

1 month ago

Good trail, will keep it in mind for summer runs. Hard to follow at points - very clearly marked sometimes, but be careful not to venture too far north particularly on snowmobile trails and get off track

Two inches of fresh powder. Perfect day.

good winter trail with micro spikes for the compacted trail ice. forest, fields, rivers, and beach. was alot of fun and easy walking.

1 month ago

great trail. well maintained and great views of the bay. grey loons hugging the coastline and divin for fish. great striped bass fishing in season. just an all around great place. Enjoy..

2 months ago

Well maintained trail, even with snow. I was concerned, but it was compacted and I was able to walk merely in hiking boots without any issues.

It's a beautiful spot, a lovely walk. Easy, and accessible by all abilities, but the trail being gravel and dirt, is not wheelchair accessible.

trail running
3 months ago

I love these trails. They are so well maintained, and extremely well marked. Do all the loops and you can easily over 10 miles. Take one of the atv trails that intersect the trails and you can go for 100s of miles. Rolling hills and a great mix between wide open cross country ski trails, and single track technical snow shoe trails. My dog and I love these trails. I run here 4-7 times a week and I'm never disappointed.

Very relaxing Trail. Beautiful views. Very easy hike. Did it with my better half and some friends.

Great short hike. Several loops to add together.

Followed the Maine Mountain Guide, page114, after the directions in Fifty Hikes in Southern Maine, page 29, let us down. We took the northern approach, heading southwesterly to the top from Route 11, just as the Guide described. The trail head, as it were, is across from an unpainted barn and at a “Tamarack Trl Pvt” road sign. When the book describes the trail and “overgrown,” that is an understatement. When the book describes the trail and “blue blazed,” that is an overstatement. In the beginning, after finding the trial, we had no problems because the trial is really wide enough to be a carriage road from years ago. We lost the “trail” several times, however, because the blazes are faint to non-existent and the trial positively disappears. Were it not for the gravel road to our left, we may have gotten lost. We did manage to bushwack our way to the top taking a southwesterly path. The ledges we found at 940 ft. gave us a gorgeous view of lakes, rivers, and marshes. We ate lunch there, and I’m not sure it was truly the top, but we headed northerly on a well trodden trail with faint blue blazes from the ledges. (We did not come up that way, however.) Sure enough, we lost the trial again when it intersected the gravel road. I cut an arrow into electric pole N0. 16/26 at about 720 ft. noting how to get to the trial from the road. We generally followed that road until I could see the trail (wide enough to be a carriage road) near the bottom and then took it to the car.

We left the car at 12:40 p.m., made it to the ledges at 1:20 p.m., and made it back to the car at 2:20 p.m. The hike was very easy except where we bushwacked up a steep section to get to the ledges. If we stay to the road instead, this hike would be a cake walk with great rewards at the ledges in terms of views. We passed at least one other trail to the top which was in a field that we’ll have to try next time, as we saw a number of others parked there and hiked.

The trailhead is located on East Andover Street. There is a sand pit/clearing on the right side of the road about .2 miles from the East Andover Street intersection. Just before that clearing, about a hundred yards, is a trailhead marked by several boulders (this is the trail to take up next time). We arrived at about 8:00 a.m. and by the time we got our equipment ready, it was 8:15 a.m. or so before we began the hike. We took the trail up from within the sand pit/clearing. We lost the trail and ended up following a snowmobile trail. There was some apparent foot traffic going off to the right at about 1300 feet which we should have taken, but we did not. We ended up having to bushwhack through the woods by going off the snowmobile trail and eventually connected with the foot trail we passed earlier. We had our snowshoes but did not need them, despite the volume of snow. There are two “peaks,” and we came up the smaller one first, only to see that the taller one was off in the distance. By the time we reached the true “top” where the U.S.G.S. pin was, it was about 10:00 a.m. The skiable slopes were the SE, NE, and SW facing side of the mountain. The snow on the SE slope softens up quickly and was too soft by about 11:00 a.m. The other two slopes were good for the rest of the time we were up there. Probably good to let the NE slope soften while skiing the SE slope. The SE side is the steeper of the slopes, and is the shorter, as well; it is a blue or
borderline black slope; we skied this slope twice. The NE side is a green/blue, but is long and is fun because it requires some navigation through the trees, which hide more open and skiable slopes beyond them; we skied this slope once. The SW side is the side we hiked up to the top; it is a blue with a lot of trees, dips, and streams to navigate, but not steep at all. We were able to ski the entire footpath down to the roadway, because we followed the trail marked by the boulders; we might have been able to ski the trial we took up. We arrived at the boulders about a hundred yards from the car and had to turn right to get to the car. We were down the mountain and at the car by about 1:00 p.m.

5 months ago

It was the perfect fall day hike! An easy incline up with a terrain mix of gravel, leaves, stone stairs, and cairns. As everyone said, the 360 views at the top were amazing! So colorful and close to the wind turbines. No bathroom at the trailhead so plan accordingly in town.

Pro tip: “Take the yellow blazed trail up and the orange blazed trail down. Great mountain side views on the way up.” - the friendly greeters who maintain the trail

love this hike, try to do it weekly. not sure why its rated difficult or hard, is say moderate at best.

5 months ago

Great place for trail running. But be aware of where you are it connects to the North Falmouth Community Forest and easily adds on several miles.

5 months ago

A well marked and maintained easy to modrrate trail based on your fitness level. We made it up (orange trail) and down in two hours. Lots of rough rock surface on the last 1/3 which is very to climb even when wet. The 360° view is a beauty!

5 months ago

We did the Libby Loop trail which is the perimeter trail of the preserve. There are some pretty places along this trail and some not so pretty that go through cutover areas.
We hiked it when it had been dry for a while, but you could tell that if it had been rainy that several areas would be muddy, so if hiking during wet weather, you will want boots.
Signage is difficult, what with so many trails. There are large yellow arrow signs meant for ATV's, so if you are following the yellow Libby Loop signs, ignore the large arrow signs. Parts of the Libby Loop have only green signs where they combine with another trail, and the parts around the top of the Loop down toward Little Duck Pond don't have any signs. I had the map on my phone and used this to make sure I did not go the wrong way.
Overall, I liked this hike, it had some hills and was a nice walk through the woods close to my home. This is not a destination hike where you will be wowed by the magnificent views, but is a nice getaway.
Warning ! The preserve allows hunting, so be sure to wear hunter orange on yourself and on your dogs during hunting season. And no WHITE!

We loved this hike for an early morning blood pumping walk with a view as a reward at the end. Unfortunately, no no dogs :(, so we can't go here. It's unfortunate that so many people with dogs off leash caused the owners to implement this rule.

Fantastic Views on many cliff sides

6 months ago

I live in Portland so Mackworth is my go-to when I just need some fresh air and trees. It's a quick walk around the loop, but at low tide it's fun to beachcomb around the island too. Beautiful views across Casco Bay.

Great local hike with the kids.

6 months ago

A perfect trail for when you want to go somewhere not too far from downtown Portland. The trail circles the island and there are beautiful views out to the water on every step. There is enough forestry to keep things cool but not too much to detract from the views. A perfectly pleasant afternoon walk.

Fun easy climb but also a very good workout. The view is fantastic. Close to my home. Fun for kids.

I would rate this trail as easy. There was a steady incline at the beginning, but not too steep and the terrain is basically flat the entire way to the top. Anyone, any age could do this hike. I went yesterday with my dog, and we both very much enjoyed this trail. For only a 1600 footer, the 360 degree views are incredible. What a reward for such an easy hike! The trail markers are deep orange and are very easy to follow. Once out of the tree line you're greeted with flat rock and all the blueberries you can eat (at the right time of year!) I also saw what I believed to be 3 separate, very fresh piles of bear droppings. A must-do hike with the family!

Beautiful place for a short hike or spend the whole day swimming and picnicking. Bring your bug spray!

One of my new favorite trails. More on the moderate side, steady incline the entire way, all worth it for the 360 degree views at the top!

great hike with blue berries at the top, 360 lookout, a must do hike! Not a hard hike, moderate at most.

Great hike. $5 per person but well worth it. You may want to pack a picnic lunch to have on the grounds after your hike.

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