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20 days ago

We hiked up the orange trail on Boxing Day, starting our hike at around 9:30 am. There wasn't any recent precipitation, so this was an overall moderate-easy hike and we were back down by 2 pm. Had a lovely time and I proposed to my girlfriend on our way back down (she said YES!).

Views were great, considering how easy the hike was. A bit exposed at the top, so the wind chill was real. Mini-spikes were completely sufficient and most of the trail was packed snow. We had a hard time finding the yellow trail on our way back, so we ended up just going back down orange.

Great place to walk the dog or take the family. Views of Portland and and ocean surround the island. There are a couple of little beaches which are fun at low tide. Parking is often an issue. Get there early or risk not being able to park.

2 months ago

Incredible views, not too challenging (except in inclement weather the rocks are very slippery) definitely a fun hike I plan to do it again after winter, it was so beautiful.

The trail now has nature cards placed randomly on the white trail. These should be great for kids to discover and learn. Nothing beats a hike in the fall.

2 months ago

Pleasant, easy walk. Elevated all along the edge of the shoreline, but still within the woods. Very picturesque.

Very pretty. Easy for kiddos. I had my 22 month old walk it :) very nice bridges as well!

easy trail with great views! no bikes allowed.

3 months ago

We hiked up the yellow and down the red. A very nice half day hike, moderate climbs and beautiful views along the way and top. The many blueberry bushes were a brilliant red and so pretty. It was also a good distance and climb for our older dog. Only concern is the yellow trail is not marked very well.

The views make it worthwhile.

Did the hike yesterday - up the red trail and down the yellow.
Cloudy, damp day with a few white flakes on top, but some good views anyway and a great hike going up.
Next time though, if I want to do the loop, I’d go up the yellow and down the red. Some dicey sections going down on steep rock that would be fun climbing going up.

Awesome hike...orange trail...lots of ups but good trail...reward 360 views spectacular.

This is a good last minute hike destination to choose since it is fairly quick. I wasn't blown away by the view at the summit but still worth the trek up for a few hours of outdoor enjoyment! We went on the first day of fall and the colorful leaves on the ground were a highlight for sure. There were a few places where the path was a little uncertain so look for the red signs on the rocks and trees as you go!

3 months ago

There are all kinds of trails in this area that neither AllTrails nor the paper map you can get at the trailhead show. As is typical for a suburban trial system, several different groups appear to have created their own trails for their own purposes in hiking, biking, or snowmobiling. A decent hiking trail, mostly flat, some water crossings and a watering hole and low-level waterfall to take in over lunch. A much better mountain-biking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing series of trails. Watch for bikers; we had to step off the trail and let some by. Incredibly well-maintained bridges. We got "lost" in the network of trails several times, but then again I was looking to explore the trails not shown on the maps. I did not start marking waypoints until we were well into the hike, so I omitted marking a yellow trail we took and a green one we did not.

A simple hike with enough elevation gain to be strenuous for me. I like to do a slightly shorter version of the trail (1.7 miles). . I turn around at the second and last outlook and don’t continue to the end. If you do that you’ll get a little more distance but almost no extra elevation and no more views. You’ll just walk a little further along the wooded ridge and I’m not usually interested in that.

Great trail leading to fun waterfalls. Very kid and dog friendly.

Very nice hike! Took red trail up and yellow down-yellow needs more trail markers.

I was turned off by the no dog thing- but on my way up- someone had a dog anyway- rebels... but seriously- a good hike- good views- but nothing to really look at except that scenic overlook- summit was very disappointing. It was ok, tho. Definitely good exercise! Just kinda boring.

4 months ago

Did the orange trail up and back 9/9/18. What a fun hike, even after blueberry season. The exertion-to-payoff ratio is perfect: steady but not steep up, then flattening over ledges through the final one-third or so to a broad, open summit. Some recent re-routing of switchbacks, all well marked with cairns, signs, tape flags, blazes. Lots and lots of blueberry bushes. 5.2 miles total up and back, acc. to my GPS watch. Took us about 1hr 15 min up with a leashed but curious pup, a bit faster on descent. Wish I'd learned of this hike earlier... Perfect!

This is a wonderful walk around a small island. Easy footing. Swings and benches follow this trail with a tiny fairy village and beaches along the way.

Will be back! :)

trail running
4 months ago

So beautiful. Dogs must be kept on leash, even on the beach. Perfect walk with family & friends and close to Portland! Great trail run as well!

Such an awesome hike with amazing 360 degree views at the top!

4 months ago

Dog loves it, we love it, and it was right in our own backyard the whole time! Will certainly go again.

Short and sweet. Awesome view of lakes from the top.

One of our favorite hikes we do every year at blueberry picking time. **Please note; Trial has been rerouted and new trail is still narrow in a few spots and not greatly marked near the tree line. Lots of blueberry picking going on. No bugs!

We loved this trail and the view were spectacular.

The day I went was a little foggy and misty and made it feel like an enchanted forest. I LOVED IT! I really loved all the Fairy homes and different benches you could sit on to rest and contenplate. Definitely going to come back again when I next visit Maine.

Easy walk around the island but good footwear is a must as many tree roots and slight downgrades can make it difficult to walk. Lots of lovely benches and swings to rest and take in the view and a couple of side trails that lead down to the water, including rocky shorelines to sit on chairs and sunbathe. It took me several tries to visit this island successfully due to the heavy traffic. Best to go early morning, parking is limited. Nominal entrance fee for both residents and visitors (even on foot/ by bike). Also, look up the sad/creepy history of the school on the island for an interesting story to share.

Beautiful but bring bug spray! $5/pp

Good sandwiches at the local deli nearby.

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