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Took Anna’s parking advice; good call.
Up the Thunderbolt, steep in places but got to the top in just over an hour.
Tea in the lodge which was a bit disappointing. Place was stark and uninviting. Could have done with the fire lighting.
Down on the Bellows Pipe which wasn’t as steep and easier on the knees.

Good short afternoon stroll with a bit of mud and rocks near falls. Well worth the effort

Easy, quick hike , I had 10 kids with me from our pathfinder group, they all enjoyed, beautiful scenery

A great hike not too strenuous. Unfortunately, Greylock was socked in so we didn’t get to enjoy the views.

This was a great quick hike- the waterfall is beautiful

So much fun!

Beautiful hike and great for kids and families.

more than what I expected

22 days ago

Nice hike that starts right through a quiet neighborhood and then turns into a nice and easy walk through the woods on a rocky trail that follows the clear little creek for just over a mile to a neat waterfall that’s carved its way back through years and years of rock. Cool shiny rocks, highly shaded. Little bit of wet-clay mud, which is to be expected in the environment your in. Stopped by Bright Ideas Brewing afterwards for a pint and then headed to the 6’ House Pub for dinner.

Beautiful. Highly recommend. Dogs allowed for part on leash

This is an awesome trail that will push you to your limits. There is multiple routes to explore that accommodate your level. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Working on the highest peaks in NE. This was a fun hike - only a couple of steep spots, but they're all very easy. I went north up Money Brook - neat waterfall along the trail. I recommend diverting from this route and going up the Mt. Prospect Trail - the views were incredible from Mt. Prospect!! Then connect back into the AT. Mt. Greylock views were beautiful, but crowded at the top since there's an auto road to the top too

1 month ago

I love the Blue Hills. As a Boston resident, the Skyline trail at BH provides a nice challenging alternative to driving the distance to NH for more challenging hikes. I disagree that this is a moderate hike because the terrain is very rocky, one needs to be prepared to climb and descend jagged stairs at regular intervals on this trail. I would recommend bringing a Gatorade (or similar drink) because depending on where you end your hike, you are walking 9 to 11miles. I also recommend an early start (especially during the warmer months of the year).

I completed this hike by myself in 5 hours (from Quincy to Trailside Museum off 138) and in 6 hours when accompanied by a friend who is fit but is not a hiker.

Delightful and beautiful trail, easy walk most of the way to the falls. The foot path follows the brook the entire way to the Cascade. Very nice on a hot day as well- feels cool in the gorge-like waterfall area. Make sure you plan ahead or read up on where to park!

1 month ago

Quiet trail I thought the trail was relatively easy w a couple of steeper spots , but nothing hard by any means. Stopped at the twisted remains of a plane crash. Then a short push to the AT then we made our way to the summit of Greylock

1 month ago

Quick hike with a good variety of scenery. I’d do it again if I’m in the area but it’s not a hike I’m going to go out of my way to do.

Just finished this hike, a tad over 3 miles up and I finished in less than 1 hour 40 minutes. I’m not in the best shape but if this is a “moderate” hike, I would hate to do a hard one. Trail was only confusing at maybe one spot. I couldn’t get close enough to the sign to read it. I saw one group of about 10-15 on their way down. Passed by the leanto that Im assuming AT thru-hikers frequently use. Over all it was a good hike, very challenging, I decided to use the cheshire harbor and pecks falls trail on the way down to get back to my vehicle.

Had my 2 year old on my kelty backpack during the hike. It was gorgeous but I wouldn't recommend doing it since the rocks you had to go over were quick large.

trail was clean and well maintained other than others not cleaning up after their dogs!!! REALLY PEOPLE!!!!
Trail was a moderate hike lots of rough areas to trip on. Took our 2 Irish wolfhound crosses with us and they were very tired after yellow trail with some side drifting views. I will definitely hike there with them again.

moderate hike with numerous trails to summit. Great in winter. Try thunderbolt for a bit more challenge. Snowshoe or ski the very first ski trail in the NE.

It’s a beautiful trail along Notch Brook. Not very long but a nice way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. This year the water flow is one of the highest in many years. The City needs to work on more directional signage at the Y. The other new signs have been up less than a year and are a big improvement on nothing before. Marion Ave. goes from a boulevard with a median to a narrow lane at the end which is why there is no parking and no turnaround. The signs on Rt. 2 and at the corner of Pershing and Marion all direct Cascade Trail visitors to park at the Y. Just go there. It has been a local trail for decades but with so many people discovering it on the internet the traffic and parking became a big problem at the end of Marion Ave. Take the extra steps!

great trail that connects to the green dot trail if you want an easier hike.

1 month ago

Fun hike through the chasm. The rest of the trails were adaquete. It was a bummer to pay $10 for parking though since all trails were kind of short. But as far as $10 go, at least it goes to a deserving place. It’s easy to swerve in and out of the yellow and blue trails and other unmarked trails if you choose. It’s all pretty flat except the chasm. I drove an hour and a half, if you live farther maybe choose another, closer trail.

I hiked this trail Thursday with my dog. FYI - Thiel Road is closed now. There is a parking area at the corner of Gould and Thiel with a sign that says "To Thunderbolt and Bellows Pipe Trails" I was finally able to get to the Thunderbolt trail, but you have to walk through some really wet areas and through a small park to get there. There's a lot of forks and it's confusing to find.

I highly recommend parking at the very end of Gould Road in the lot right before the No Trespassing signs. Start at the Bellows Pipe South Trail (the sign says in small letters that it goes to the Thunderbolt Trail). You will have to pass by here anyway if you park where I mention above - save yourself some time and aggravation and just park here. You will see where it does finally split to go to the Bucket Trail then to the Thunderbolt Ski Trail. It's very steep as other's have said, but definitely do able. The memorial park at the top has beautiful views.

1 month ago

A very good but looong hike! We parked in the parking lot at Notch road-it looks like the first part of the trail is about 0.3 miles before the start of the trail on the app. I think I saw a sign that said 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the AT. This trail is not very busy which is nice- the plane crash site was interesting to see. We took the AT to the summit of Mt Greylock for some amazing views. There was even a place to buy a meal/snacks/fill up water bottles at the summit. The entire trip from the parking lot to the summit and back was more like 12-13 miles total according to my FitBit.

snow shoes most wintermonths other months were pleasurable with gear especially the dry snac-foods. more secure especially together w/ 3 or more hikers!

Hiked it with my 2 year old, took a few hours but she hiked most of it!!!

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. It’s an easy walk with a gorgeous waterfall at the end. I did this in less than an hour, including a nice sit to watch the waterfall. As stated in other reviews, it’s not the most well-marked trailhead. GPS took me to the wrong side of the neighborhood. Park at the school/YMCA and then you have to walk through a neighborhood to get to the trailhead.

1 month ago

If you dislike other human beings, this is the place for you. Had 2 miles to ourselves in the middle of August.

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