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Beautiful hike! A little difficult on the way up, but I can’t complain about the views!

Beautiful hike!! We had a sunny crisp (35deg) day and it was perfect!

We hiked this on 2/27/18 and it’s a beautiful journey. I recently had major reconstructive foot surgery due to an injury back in October so I was a little worried and probably a lot crazy to to do this hike but I faired very well. I will say that though the description says kid friendly, in my opinion this trail is ok for older kids maybe 10 and up. I have a 11 year old daughter she wasn’t with us but I cannot imagine bringing younger kids on this trail. There are some tricky areas and the up hill journey back would entail lots of carrying or complaining from younger children. I don’t recommend his trail for children under 10 unless you plan on carrying them a lot. It’s a beautiful view once you get down to the falls. Would definitely go back.

The falls were epic after all the recent rain. Going down to the base is absolutely necessary. You won't be disappointed. The return is all uphill and it wore me out a bit, but not too bad. I did the loop with the fire road and part of the AT.

Would not recommend for kids under 12 who aren’t experienced. It’s all fine and dandy going down, but the whole return trip is uphill.

2 months ago

Lovely views and solitude during the winter. It’s an easy hike for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

I agree with Chris that the hike didn’t have the spectacular vistas of other hikes, but for a cold, snowy day the view of and through the trees was wonderful.

Great trail to hike up close to the falls. Long downhill track in the beginning.

on Powell Mountain Trail

3 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. It's a great uphill climb and when the leaves are off, a great view. The trail is marked with light blue rectangular blazes. There is a concrete post marking the start of the trail.

Nice moderate hike.

Decent hike - scenery a bit lacking.

4 months ago

This is actually South River Falls Trail. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful hike!

It was great to be on the AT during parts of this trail. IMO the trail waa easy because it was never steep or rocky. I didn't need my ankle high hiking boots on this trail like on rocky trails.

Steeper than I expected on the way back up. Ruins were great to explore

Well worth going to the bottom of the falls. Going back up does suck. Def recommend taking the fire road back up. Would like to see the falls in the spring.

lovely hike in September. 4 miles round trip to president Hoover's presidential retreat in the woods. nice waterfall just before the camp. guides at the camp to give tours. very unexpected and interesting. Non poisonous snakes around the camp so watch your step.

Beautiful hike-
Easy down but a bit of an uphill battle. Bring water!
Saw a rattlesnake with her babies-

Overall great trail. Make sure you go down to the base of the falls. We took our dog and he loved it. The way back up is relatively difficult unless your used to uphill hiking...it's a steady incline the whole way back. You could take the fire road as an alternative back route but I wouldn't recommend it- it's just an uphill gravel road as opposed to an uphill dirt path with streams and stuff to see.

6 months ago

My favorite hike thus far! You have a stream run by you the entire hike and an amazing view towards the end! Not your grandmother's hike coming back though!

Really gorgeous during the summer, though a bit tough to find initially. We started at the South River Falls Trailhead, took a right on the AT and then a left onto the forest service road. From there, it's fairly easy to follow. Not too many steep areas or difficult terrain, though parts of the trail are fairly overgrown. We did see a fair amount of bear droppings, and from what we saw/read, the trail is good for seeing wildlife. Overall, it's an easy hike, and a good way to spend the afternoon.

I have to rate this as an OK trail. The trail is really rocky, the falls base is ankel high. Not what we expected. Once you hit the post marked as "Falls Base" follow the small narrow, rocky trail. it maybe a bit challenging for some but if you want to get to the falls this is where you need to go through. Some people mentioned walking on the edge of the stream but we followed the trail. Good Luck

8 months ago

A very good hike. Way harder on the way back. Almost 4.5 miles round trip to the waterfall and back. Bring plenty of water especially in the summer. Take your shoes off and step in the water, it will cool you off for sure.

In the first mile, just after we entered the wood line we ran into a pair of 2 year old bears. One hung around the trail. We kept our distance but had a nice encounter.
We went down the horse trail to Rapidan Camp. We had some trouble at a stream crossing but, caught the trail again on the other side.
When we got to camp, we were the last hikers of the first day of touring the Brown House, Hoover's residence.
Our hike back up was tedious. We took the fire road out. 6 miles up hill.

8 months ago

Awesome trail! First time out hiking in that area and it didn't disappoint. The trail started getting busy on our way back to the parking lot. Getting over the rocks near the water fall would have been a slow single line once it got busier. Overall, solid trail and sights. Would do it again for sure!

Nice trail. Terminated at Rapidan Camp. The Park Service had a presence at the camp today so we were also able to tour the Brown House which was an added bonus.

Gorgeous hike. Highly recommend!! We had our 4 dogs with us. Everyone was so nice!

Great trail with excellent views of the falls.

10 months ago

Good for family hiking

10 months ago

Hiked down to the viewpoint then further down to the base of the falls. The hike is downhill majority of the way out and uphill the way back. Great hike. Definitely worth taking a dip in the water on a hot day.

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