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1 month ago

Tried to hike today... closed.

We backpacked in, they allow fires, so we brought some 4 hour logs. we also brought our dog, but the rocks were to rough on his paws. So I suggest shoes for your furry friend. I did some fishing as well. It is also very busy, with canoe guided campers, and to find a decent camp is hard.

off road driving
1 month ago

For 4x4, not hiking per say....Also map shows "Apache Rd" as exit from I-40, wrong, the exit is "Griffith Rd", coordinates are correct, just the map is got wrong street names.

this is a short hike in the beautiful mountains of Arizona. we went in October and it was 90 degrees. The water was beautiful and hot. I suggest not drinking the water though.
great for kids 6 and higher.

It was a fun hike through the canyons to the hot springs. Definitely lost the trail along the Colorado a few times. Didn’t try to go all the way through the springs and went back through the canyon.

The hot springs were awesome but we learned many things today after going on this difficult hike: bring lots of water (we had brought 1 gallons worth for 2 people and ran out before we finished the hike) and start early. We started from the parking lot at around 2 pm and made it back at 7 pm. The weather was nice (high of 80 degrees or so) but my hiking companion and I (we are from the North) were showing signs of overheating and dehydration (dizzy, seeing spots). We hikes the southern route both ways which was really tough. The path is mostly sand/gravel and is poorly marked when you get to the Colorado River. We ended up off roading and making several detours in an attempt to find the path. When you get to the Colorado River, you need to go up and around. Going up and down the ladder was really scary and I recommend proceeding with caution as it can be Slippery. Also, definitely test the temperature of the water before stepping inside the hot springs. The lower tier springs were okay temperatures but the higher springs were excruciatingly hot. My favorite part was seeing and dipping my feet into the Colorado River. The water was extremely clear and cold. Perfect for my heat stricken body! I was told that the southern path should not be taken back as it is a mile longer than the north.

Beyond beautiful trail! We did this hike 1 weekend ago and it was amazing. A little tougher on the southside of the trail loop. We started on the north side and then stopped at CO river and then to the hot springs. Make sure u bring swimming clothes or a change of clothes if u plan on passing through the springs. The only way through is to get in the water. it was waist high on me. I am only 5ft 2in. Beautiful view, canyon, flowers everything. I cant wait to go back!

I did this hike may/6/18. Started at 7am took the hot springs trail, went a lil off for like a mile, because it wasn’t clear what track to stay at. but than came back on the trail, the hot springs are beautiful, had a snack at the Colorado river. Than came back they the white rocks trail. It reached 93 degrees, on our way back. Extremely hot, and incline. Not worth it, not much to do or see on that trail. I would just go back thru hot springs next time. Take lots of water! Enjoy!

We went on this Trail yesterday. It’s a beautiful hike. I wish it was marked more clearly on where the loop begins and what direction to keep going in. I strongly strongly suggest brining loads of water. There were 3 of us hiking and 2 of us had 2 liter packs and we ran out well before the hike was over with. Also, while walking though the hot springs the rocks are incredibly slippery and slimy. I slipped on some rocks and fractured my tailbone. Which made the hike back to the parking lot miserable. We will do this trail again but when it is much cooler and we will be more cautious of our feet.

It is a great hike to take out of town guests, but make sure they are acclimated to the heat first! A lady from a Northern state went on the hike today and came back up the giant mountain on the south trail. She had a heat stroke and required rescue. (There is no cell service, not even emergency service, on most of this trail.) Her friend ran back to the trail head to get help and she passed out. It takes three weeks for your body to become acclimated to very hot weather and Arizona Hot Springs trail can be 20 degree hotter than Vegas. After three weeks of being in the heat, your body will switch to hot-weather mode and sweat at a faster rate to cool you better, it will also pump blood away from your core to your skin and extremities to get rid of heat faster. If it is in mild-weather mode, it cannot cool itself fast enough in these temperatures and you can have a heat stroke. Never bring indoor people or people from cool climates on this hike if Vegas is over 80°F. Never take the south trail back, you will be going up a giant mountain with no shade in the brutal sun. It is OK to take it down and then take the north trail back up. Also, take advantage the cold Colorado river and use evaporative cooling! Spend at least five minutes cooling down before coming back up. Get your clothes wet and your clothes will do the sweating for you and keep you cool as the water evaporates from them. This really works!!! Do it!!! It's free and easy!!!

This is a fun hike to bring out of town guests that want to go on an adventure. Just go on a nice day. It can get hot out there. I have on a few occasions taken another route from Kingman's. Which, involved repelling, then rafting down Colorado to Arizona Hot Springs, and then rafting down to Willow Beach after we were done at the Hot Springs. Either route, is fun!

Trail is still open but will be closed May 16th. There is no construction. An earlier reviewer who said it was closed might have been thinking about Goldstrike Canyon, which is closed due to construction.

The northern path is easier since it is between canyons and shade! Also the northern path has this cool ladder to get the hot springs. When going back, my friends and I didn't continue on with the south part of the loop, we went back to the northern path because we wanted to also swim in the cold lake. The cold lake was very cooling since temperatures got close to 90 degrees when I went.

I will definitely hike this trail again it was a lot of fun!

Trail access is currently closed due to construction! Apparently building first responder access!

Overall great time! The hike out was painful, but well worth it. The pools were a great temp (minus the first, that was a scorcher). We will do again once it starts to cool down again.

The trail was easy. Easy to take the wrong loop. My Garmin Oregon 700 was not much help; But the map on my wife's I phone did help. The gravel/ sand makes the going slow for us 68 year old husband and wife. We averaged closer to 1 mph rather than the 2 or 3 mph we walk when in the city or on hard pack trails. The views are nice and the hot springs was enjoyable. We liked seeing the Colorado river. Best part was meeting so many nice people

Such a beautiful hike! Did on a day where the high was 80, the way back was very hard at peak sun hours. So try doing on a cooler day. But absolutely beautiful. Pack a lunch and enjoy the view!!

Easy trail to follow and you’ll see the many markers, but a good half of the trail is hiking in the canyon. You’ll get to the Colorado river, good place to cool off and have a snack. Keep to the left you’ll see the markers and climb up over the hill to the next marker. You’ll find a crack in the wall and you have to climb through, looks a lot harder than it is. Once you get to the bottom stay to the left to get to the hot springs. Gets pretty packed on the weekends to be prepared!

trail running
4 months ago

Great views and challenging hills. Great place to run away from the traffic.

The north side of the loop is fairly easy and mostly gravel. There are many shaded areas in the canyon with cool rock formations along the way. You’ll hit the Colorado River at about 3 miles on the way to the Hot Spring. If you continue to follow the loop around on the south side, that is a good leg workout where the majority of elevation gain but very little shade.

It's was Awesome Easter trip .. the Hot Spring were Hot 120*f and 3 different pools @ 3 different temps ... it was nice to walk in a warm river down to the Colorado ... Sooo relaxing and camping on the Colorado ... we did the left trail straight to the Hot Spring on the way there and then continued the loop around the other way on the way back ... I tracked just that part of the hike on strava @7.7 miles ... easy hike in and out

Excellent trail ... leave early as it gets crowded as the day goes on. This hike provides hot springs and plenty of river access

Not great for dogs, hot springs are bad for dogs.

Great Hike. White Rock Trail is mostly soft gravel/sand. It takes you through the canyon vs. the Spring Trial which takes you up and over. Both beautiful routes. We took White Rock in and Spring out, whichever route would be fine tho! Colorado River is beautiful, we spent a lot of time there. Kid friendly.

Just did the trail today. haven't done any real hiking in quite some time.. This trail is moderate for seasoned hikers, it was closer to hard for me and the wife. river views are awesome, finding the trail to the springs was a little tricky, gotta climb thru a tiny steep crack to get to rest of trail. the pools are awesome. the ladder is sketchy but pretty safe. we went the same way we came out thru the wash. made it a longgg hike but still was a great day.

Beautiful! Went with my hubby and two kids and we all had a blast. I highly recommend!

Moderately easy trail. If you take the left route it will lead you to the springs with elevation gains and drops throughout the canyon and is dog friendly. However once you reach the springs , the pools themselves are too hot in temperature for the dog and you’ll have to carry them across. There is a sandy shore type next to the lower pool where they can chill. If you take the right side route it’s a beautiful scenic route along the river that is dog friendly as well but there is no way to get the dog up to the hot spring while climbing a 20ft ladder. You would have to leave the dog tied up at the bottom.

I did the trail to the west. I didn’t actually go to the “hot springs”. The slot canyon to the west is gorgeous. It leaves you on the banks of the Colorado. Beautiful! Highly recommended!

Did the White Rock trail first. Beautiful and pretty easy to navigate. The trail leads you to the Colorado River and there’s plenty of scenic places to stop and enjoy. We came up the ladder and enjoyed the pools. On the way back- we took the Hot Spring Trail and that’s was extremely difficult to navigate. We got lost a couple times and ended up practically running back to make it before dark. There’s some steep areas in the Hot Trail. Would definitely have given the hike 5 stars if we hadn’t gotten lost a couple times on the way back. Keep the AllTrails app open for sure! Bring water shoes or flip flops and small towel to dry off.

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