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Beautiful trail the entire way!

Did this trail in November on a "light day" of hiking with my wife. I absolutely loved it - high elevation makes for a magical, quiet surreal experience as you trek upwards towards the mountain. Upon reaching May Lake, I was blown away - the isolated lake on the mountain top is something out of a fantasy book. Great spot to stop for lunch before heading up Hoffman. If youre going doing later months, bring an extra sweater - it's cold by the lake!

on Parker Lake Trail

10 days ago

Fairly easy hike with a beautiful small lake at the end

on Crystal Lake Trail

10 days ago

10 days ago

I am a seasoned hiker for sure, having hiked much longer and harder trails than this one, down into the Grand Canyon, up to Wheeler Peak, as well as Grinnell Glacier and other tough hikes, so this hike wasn't very hard on me as far as switchbacks were concerned. But what got me was that the trail wasn't in good of shape as I would have liked it to be, up towards the 3/4 mile point. The trail is very narrow there and right by a very steep drop off. If you weren't careful and made a wrong move or slipped on the loose sandy terrain, you could potentially fall to your death right there. Way too narrow for my taste. Not for people afraid of heights.

11 days ago

Beautiful short hike, the lake is stunning with its emerald color and I had the hike and lake all to myself when I went on 30 October 2018. I definitely recommend doing this hike if you're in the Mammoth Lakes area. One of the most beautiful lakes I have seen.


We planned to hike up to Crystal Lake but saw a sign up to the crest so we had to do it. It was well worth it. You can see many lakes in the area from the top. When you get toward the top you will see a trail to the left and onward to the top. A couple told us to keep going up to the crest and it loops at the top. You can see the back of half dome at the top. Beautiful hike!

Awesome hike to a beautiful lake. A must do hike- we continued up to the crest overlooking so many lakes.

We only did about 4 miles of the trail. Really cool waterfalls. Didn’t think it was hard at all.

Great hike with panoramic views and fall colors.

18 days ago

Just beautiful!

20 days ago

Great hike with spectacular views of several lakes! The crystal lake by itself has amazing reflections!

21 days ago

As of Oct. 21, in some spots, the Autumn colors were past their prime. In other spots, they were still in full glory. Gorgeous hike. Can’t wait to come back next year with my friends.

Did this hike for my 60th birthday. I’m in decent shape and did not think it was very hard at all. My husband is not in shape and he thought it was hard. So, we only went as far as the Upper Falls and not all the way up to the lake. But it was still a very satisfying hike. Go, and take your time with your slow-going friends because there’s plenty of beauty to drink in while you wait for them to catch their breath!

25 days ago

Although the path itself is not very pretty, you will get an epic view of Mount Conness and North Peak. Highly recommend for a day long stroll. Bring supplies for a picnic and lots of sunscreen!

27 days ago

Like others have mentioned, the beginning of this hike is a little steep, but isn’t too bad. I haven’t hiked in a year and was able to hike the incline in the beginning just fine while carrying my newborn in the baby carrier. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the lake. In my opinion the Mountain View and the creek that you hike along are much more beautiful than the lake itself. With that being said, the lake does look pretty good during sunset.

Great little hike, with some good small brookie fishing

Very well maintained trail, breathtaking fall colors!

Great trail

Road marked closed at entrance as of 10/9.

30 days ago

Pretty unique!

Loved this trail! There is a bit of an incline in the beginning, but after that it is smooth sailing. Be advised there are no bear lockers at the trailhead (though we were told it wasn’t a problem during the day). This time of year was especially pretty with the changing leaves. Would have loved to stay longer! Next time we will pack a picnic.

Nice pit stop. The tufa rocks were interesting to look at but the flies and smell was a little off putting. $3/person cash

Beautiful Terrain and crystal clear water. Loved every minute.

Easy to moderate hike, about 5.14 miles long. Started at Red Meadows Resort (stop 10), hiked to Rainbow falls, than to Devils postpile and returned to stop 10. The trails are maintained very very well.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail. Did Lake Mary loop, went to Lake George and than continued to Cristal Lake. All in all, 10km of amazing views. Physical not to much demanding but not very easy as well.

1 month ago

good hike, go to mammoth Crest for great views, then finish up at crystal lake for lunch


Gorgeous hike! Especially in the Fall. I was there today and noticed the rock slide cutting through the first part of the trail (I’ve hiked this before) but had no trouble at all keeping to the trail. No ribbons or cairns needed, IMO.
The first part is stupid easy. Almost anyone with working legs can do it. After getting to the rocky part, it does get slightly steep, but it is nowhere near “extremely difficult” (as others have rated it) provided you’re at least in decent shape. Past the Falls and the pond, keep going another mile or so until you get to the Cascades. Super beautiful.
Speaking of that, some hikers (myself included) completely missed the left turn across the logs (before the cascades) and assumed to the empty river bed to be the trail. Don’t be dopes like us. Lol. Right where the trail appears to go down into the empty river bed stop and look left. You’ll see two logs going across the river bed. Cross them and you’ll be back on the trail on the other side.

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