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Lower Buffalo National River Map

Beautiful hike! Fantastic lookout points, fallen trees, bluffs, and rock formations which provide a true AR backdrop for a photo shoot. The old homestead is another attraction. Very nice visitor's welcome center.

Such a gorgeous hiking trail. definitely my all time favorite

Nice little trail with a great view at the river overlook.

Great late fall hike. moderately difficult but not bad. veiws were outstanding.

I consider this more of a walk than hike. Quick, easy, and informative historic sites.

One of my FAVORITE trails this far! Numerous rock formations, waterfalls, and caves! What else could you ask for?!

Nice hike. Cave is really open and has amazing features. Trail is easy to follow with water running through from time to time. We’ll bring my grandkids at Christmas time -although it’s moderate they’ll have no problem.

Really enjoyed this hike. Most of it was smooth, prime place for fall foliage. We got off track according to the app and climbed a very steep ridge to find the primitive trail. That section is everything that previous posters have said. There is an 8ish foot drop off a bluff that was covered in moss and very slick. We made it, and had a good time, but I’d advise treating this hike as an out and back. Hike to the turn off to the river, then turn around and head back to the trail head.

Great hike! Relatively short but packed with stuff to see. Really beautiful in the fall. Trail is well marked and well maintained throughout. Some slippery rock in a couple spots but no big deal. I'd recommend bringing a flashlight for the rock house, some cool areas you can explore in the back corners if you've got one.

Disappointed that almost everyone I saw out there had one or more dogs, there are other trails at Buffalo Point that you can bring your dogs on, no reason for this.

As a novice hiker,this was an awesome experience for me. Starting with the ranger who warned me to bring plenty of water because of the uphill return, to the lovely solitude of the light rain after leaving the quarry, the trail was an amazing experience for me. I’ll definitely be back.

As a novice who is also an old guy, I did have a few reservations on the way out as to whether I was still on trail because the blazes were a little sparse. But the trail itself was visible throughout, and the blazes were more numerous on the return. The fall color is just beginning, and I am wishing I could get back here in a couple weeks.

It was a nice hike with my kiddos. Definitely going to go back again!

Great trail. Rockshelter is amazing.

Nice easy hike. Good trail to start your hiking season on.

Attempted to make a 2 mike hike in and set up for the night but had to get hundreds of deer ticks off immediately after stopping to set up. Not exactly the trails fault but I don’t think it is traveled enough for there to not be a problem with ticks. Had good hills right away which seemed very promising!

Gorgeous Rock House at the end of the loop. Amazing views on this moderate hike!

What a wonderful hike! Varied terrain, views, more little creeks/brooks than you can count. All of this leading to and from an amazing destination that is the Indian Rock House. Not once does the trail become monotonous or mundane - there is so much to see!
Make sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp if you want to explore the small cave within the rock house. If you go after a rain you will most likely get your feet wet as the trail crosses over the creek several times.
Really enjoyed it!

This hike had it all! Great views, rock formations, views, a waterfall, creek side parts, an old mine and quarry, and the cave is amazing! Definitely will go back! It was more strenuous that I thought, there was a LOT of uphill portions, but definitely worth it!

This hike is truly a marvel!!

Expose to nature at It's finest with waterfalls, caves, underground rivers, creeks.

I've walked this trail 3 times and plan on going back for more! Love seeing the mine and waterfall. I take my 7 yr old daughter with me everytime and plan on taking my 3 yr old son next time. Although I would advise that if you want to see the extended cavern in the rock house, do not go after a heavy rain. The spring fills to the brim making it impossible to pass to get to the inner caverns. Quite disappointing since us my favorite part of the trail. Overall it's an amazing hike full of beautiful views and great memories to make.

so pretty during sunset

Pack a lunch and stay a while at the rock house. Nice outing.

My first hike and the reason I am addicted to hiking. Strenuous for a novice on the way out but doable. loved it!

One of the best sections of the Buffalo River Trail, due to access to river bank, view of historic railroad bridge piers and Red Bluff. Thanks to local citizens who adopt this trail and keep in good shape.

This was a beautiful trail. There were waterfalls and the cave was pretty neat. When I did this trail there was a nice mist coming off the rocks.

Beautiful in the fall!

Spring is best. Before the ticks come out. When you arrive at the enormous open cave and sit and listen you can feel the history of the place. There is a fast moving clear stream that enters into the cave from the back left corner and exits the left front corner. It is beautiful. The trail up and back is well marked. Pick up a map at the Ranger station at Buffalo Point as you go by. The "Bathtub" in the creek is awesome any time of year. Jump right on in! The flowers in Spring and the butterflies are amazing.

Great hike. Nice area with a waterfall and a few caves to explore.

wonderful trail! lots of caves and points of interests including a natural "bath". the Indian rock house is amazing! it's huge! It has a few sub caves along with a stream flowing through a little drop down hole on the side that you can get into. The cave is the halfway point on the loop and worth it!

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